[Verse 1]
Record spins, Iím going in
I donít shoot to kill, I play to win
Stay catching up with the cutthroats
Some men shoot a nigga, throw Ďem off the tugboat, no floats
The body sinks to the bottom
Or left off the side of the road to smell rotten
The murder sprees, random killings
Ghostface Killahís back attacking villains, hanging from the ceilings
Godfather motives, gangsta mentality
Black superhero with the immortality
Forever, I be creeping in a black mist
Ill night vision with the militant tactics
I glide through the air like a swarm of bees
Shake niggas off quick like a dog with fleas
Raw meat, leave bodies slumped in the street
Revenge is the spice of life, itís so sweet
Ay yo, pipe bombs blowing they souls to Jesus
Donít need nothing but the puzzle glue for the pieces
Meat cleaver cut finger tips like rib tips
Home invasions, cars gonna flip, the mucous lose
Pair of cement shoes, tossed in the ocean
Popped until they brain ooze, I wonít lose
Blood all on my apron, hog tie Ďem up while they try escaping
Peeped the visual, tied Ďem up individual,
Took their clothes off, season Ďem like sausage
Let the pits out to eat Ďem, thatís the remedy
Attack, kill, bite off their extremities
Blood bath splash my name on my wall
Call it piece delivery, leave a tip on the stall
With an arm, leg, a head
Iím coming for you all

[Verse 2]
Itís the sure shot
Heart of a lion
King of the jungle
Iím a humble killer bee
You as soft as a bumble
I donít crumble, I strike back hard with a vengeance
Attack through these killer words I spit in a sentence
Iím a menace, the black card cape, caped crusader
The face of a ghost, I disappear in the vapors
You could murder my flesh and bone, soulís invincible
Revenge my death, paybackís the main principal
Protect ya neck when you move, I be lurking in the shadows
Starks, the gangsta nigga, I never lose battles
Pimp nigga, with a superhero logo on my chest
Big Gucci link, GFK on the crest
Icy arm for the eagle with the eight carat ruby eyes
Piss on your motherfucking arm while Iím stupid high
All black down, royalty purple and some ice chips
Two Glock 9s pointed at you in a hype flick

[Verse 3]
Now Iím alone in the room, and I just stare at the wall
Revenge my death but Iím going through with yours
My lost niggas, I miss them
This new power and wisdom
Got me thinking Iíve made a whole lot of bad decisions
Got locals still to deal with
Should I kill her?
Throw her ass in a cage with a gorilla
Or let her live and treat her like scum of the Earth
Iíve got goons to feed and babies to birth
Iím the God now, plus Iím a super rich nigga
Do more help than harm, either way you figure
Should I protect and serve
Or cock and aim destruction?
Let the enterprise take over the force of production
Corruption, my mind state is unpredictable
Iím bulletproof now, back from the dead, Iím invincible

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