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Away In A Manger chords – Christmas Carol

Away in a Manger – Traditional Christmas Carol This version is best for singing to by a choir or congregation as it suits many people vocal range Hope you enjoy just as my Church will at this Christmas Mass F F D7 Gm Away in a manger, no crib for a bed C7 F Gm […]

A Very Merry Christmas chords – Buck Owens And The Buckaroos

A Very Merry Christmas:Buck Owens And The Buckaroos. Album – Christmas Shopping – on CAPITOL Records in 1968. INTRO: Eb #1. Eb Ab Bb Snowflakes fallin' everywhere, Christmas Eb Carols fill the air. Ab Bb Santa Claus is almost here, it's a very Eb very merry Christmas. #2. Ab Bb Children playin' in the lane, […]

Less Of Me Let Me Be A Little Kinder chords – Glen Campbell

Less Of Me (Let Me Be A Little Kinder) Glen Campbell Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Intro: G C G C G D C D G Verse 1 G C G D Let me be a little kinder let me be a little blinder C D To the faults of those around me let me praise […]

Love Is A Lonesome River chords – Glen Campbell

Love Is A Lonesome River Glen Campbell Intro D Verse 1 D On a street in some big city Bm lives the girl I love so well D She left me for another Bm now there's nothing much to tell G As I try to fit my life A A7 in a different mode I […]

Love Is Not A Game chords – Glen Campbell

Love Is Not A Game Glen Campbell Intro G# Cm C# G# little riff in G# is E__4____________________4__| B__4___4________________4__| G__5_____6______________5__| D__6_______h4_h4_4______6__| A__6_______________8_6__6__| E__4____________________4__| Verse 1 G# Cm Love is like a warm and tender rain C# G# splashing on the roof, beatin' on window pane. Cm She was like a soft and gentle breeze C# […]

Lightning In A Bottle chords – Glen Campbell

Lightning In A Bottle Glen Travis Campbell Written by Jimmy Webb Light Years album from MCA Was Glen’s 44th Album Capo 1st fret INTRO D Dmaj7 G D Dmaj7 G Verse 1 D Dmaj7 G Bm Well I’ve never believed in the luck of the draw, or depended F#m G D F#m G too much […]

Jamaica Farewell chords – birds on a wire

Birds On A Wire (Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena) – Jamaica Farewell (Harry Belafonte cover) A Bm Down the way where the nights are gay E A The sun shines daily on the mountain top F#m Bm I took a trip on a sailing ship E E7 A And when I reached Jamaica I […]

Take My Hand For A While chords – Glen Campbell

Take My Hand For A While Glen cambell Intro D# A# D# G7 Cm G#m D# Verse 1 D# A# D# G7 Cm G#m D# A# A#7 Take my hand for a while, explain it to me once again, just for the sake of my broken heart Verse 2 D# A# D# G7 Cm G#m […]

3 Libras Tabs – A Perfect Circle Vsion 8

OK so this is my first tab to please give me some slack on my writing abilities. I've seen a lot of weird tuneings that people use to play this song but im lazy and do not like to tune. SO here is how you play 3 libras in standard. Listen to the song for […]

Once A Day chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

Once A Day Glen Campbell Intro F C F C G C G Verse 1 C G When you found somebody new I thought I never would. C Forget you for I thought then I never could. C7 F But time has taken all the pain away. C G C Until now I'm down to […]

You Or A Ghost chords – The Brobecks

Seriously one of my favorite songs. The * means to hit it twice. G Bm Is that you or a ghost? Am Bm D 'cause I can't tell. G Bm You've been such a gracious host, Am Bm D But it's time to go. G Bm I take my show on the road, Am Bm […]

On A Goodnight chords – Glen Campbell

On A Goodnight Glen Campbell 1990 album Walin' In The Sun Intro E A7 E G#m A Verse 1 E A Some nights I come home a worn out from working all day E A And I walk through that door I see that you feel the same way C#m B A Oh almost dead […]

A Song Of Peace chords – Jean Sibelius

G C Em D G This is my song for people of all nations, G C Em D G A song of peace for lands afar and mine. G Em G Bm Am This is my home, the country where my heart is. Am Em G Am B Here are my hopes, my dreams, my […]

Oh What A Woman chords – Glen Campbell

Oh What A Woman Glen Campbell written by Jerry Hubbard (Jerry Reed's Real Name) 1969 album Galveston Intro is a Riff Verse 1 G7 C G7 Oh what a woman, she treats me uncommonly good Yeah she does C G7 My My woman she treats me like my woman should Yeah she does Chorus 1 […]

A Girl Like You chords – Cliff Richard

A Girl Like You – Cliff Richard and the Shadows Jerry Lordan Label: Columbia Original key: D Reached #3 in 1961 in the UK. In the original: In the first verse only single arpeggio chords are played where marked. The chords are marked on the second line but are not played. #1: D A7 D […]

Ill Touch A Star chords – Terry Stafford

I'll Touch A Star:Terry Stafford. #4 AC and #25 on BB Hot 100 on CRUSADER Records in 1964. INTRO: Eb Cm Eb Fm Abm7 Eb #1. Eb Cm Eb Fm I'll touch a star when your lips touch mine. B Fm Eb The first I see, in the twilight time. #2. Eb Cm Eb Fm […]

Into A Dream chords – Shannon and The Clams

Into a Dream – Shannon and the Clams (Dreams in The Rat House, 2013) Chords: F# Bb B Bm C# D#m F e|—9——–6——–7——–7——–9——–6——–8—-| B|—11——-6——–7——–7——–9——–7——–10—| G|—11——-7——–8——–7——–10——-8——–10—| D|—11——-8——–9——–9——–11——-8——–10—| A|—9——–8——–9——–9——–11——-6——–8—-| E|————6——–7——–7——–9———————-| Chords in Bridge: B E A F# e|—7——–7——–5——–9—-| B|—7——–9——–5——–11—| G|—8——–9——–6——–11—| D|—9——–9——–7——–11—| A|—9——–7——–7——–9—-| E|—7—————–5————-| Intro/Riff: e|—————————————————-| B|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| OR D|—————————————————-| A|—-9–999-999-999-999–9———8–9–8———–| E|—————————9–11———–11–9—-| e|—————————————————-| B|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| D|—————————————————-| A|——-6–8–9–8–6——————————–| E|—-9—————–9—————————–| […]

A World Without You chords – Marty Stuart

G C G There was a time I held you in my arms E7 A7 D7 Life was perfect complete through and through G G7 C Now you're gone and it's shattered all to pieces G D7 C G I'm learning to live in a world without you C D7 C G A world without […]

A Front Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing chords – Shel Silverstein

G Now you know some fellas they want fame and fortune D7 Yeah and other fellas they just wanna swing G But all I wanted all my life C Was a TV set and a truck and a wife D7 G And a front row seat to hear ole Johnny sing D7 G Yeah the […]

Youve Got A Cold chords – 10cc

Intro E riff E You're nose is runnin', and your eyes are red. You're head is achin', you'll be better in bed. A G F#m F From the bottom of your fever to the throbbin' in your tongue. G You've got a cold, you've got a cold. E You're searchin' madly, to find a cure. […]