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A Very Merry Christmas chords – Buck Owens And The Buckaroos

A Very Merry Christmas:Buck Owens And The Buckaroos. Album – Christmas Shopping – on CAPITOL Records in 1968. INTRO: Eb #1. Eb Ab Bb Snowflakes fallin' everywhere, Christmas Eb Carols fill the air. Ab Bb Santa Claus is almost here, it's a very Eb very merry Christmas. #2. Ab Bb Children playin' in the lane, […]

Dark As A Dungeon chords – Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea – Dark As A Dungeon CAPO: 3rd Fret C F G Come and listen you fellows, so young and so fine C F C And seek not your fortunes in the dark dreary mines F G It will form as a habit and seep in your soul C F C 'Til the stream […]

You Or A Ghost chords – The Brobecks

Seriously one of my favorite songs. The * means to hit it twice. G Bm Is that you or a ghost? Am Bm D 'cause I can't tell. G Bm You've been such a gracious host, Am Bm D But it's time to go. G Bm I take my show on the road, Am Bm […]

On A Goodnight chords – Glen Campbell

On A Goodnight Glen Campbell 1990 album Walin' In The Sun Intro E A7 E G#m A Verse 1 E A Some nights I come home a worn out from working all day E A And I walk through that door I see that you feel the same way C#m B A Oh almost dead […]

A Song Of Peace chords – Jean Sibelius

G C Em D G This is my song for people of all nations, G C Em D G A song of peace for lands afar and mine. G Em G Bm Am This is my home, the country where my heart is. Am Em G Am B Here are my hopes, my dreams, my […]

Oh What A Woman chords – Glen Campbell

Oh What A Woman Glen Campbell written by Jerry Hubbard (Jerry Reed's Real Name) 1969 album Galveston Intro is a Riff Verse 1 G7 C G7 Oh what a woman, she treats me uncommonly good Yeah she does C G7 My My woman she treats me like my woman should Yeah she does Chorus 1 […]

A Girl Like You chords – Cliff Richard

A Girl Like You – Cliff Richard and the Shadows Jerry Lordan Label: Columbia Original key: D Reached #3 in 1961 in the UK. In the original: In the first verse only single arpeggio chords are played where marked. The chords are marked on the second line but are not played. #1: D A7 D […]

Ill Touch A Star chords – Terry Stafford

I'll Touch A Star:Terry Stafford. #4 AC and #25 on BB Hot 100 on CRUSADER Records in 1964. INTRO: Eb Cm Eb Fm Abm7 Eb #1. Eb Cm Eb Fm I'll touch a star when your lips touch mine. B Fm Eb The first I see, in the twilight time. #2. Eb Cm Eb Fm […]

Into A Dream chords – Shannon and The Clams

Into a Dream – Shannon and the Clams (Dreams in The Rat House, 2013) Chords: F# Bb B Bm C# D#m F e|—9——–6——–7——–7——–9——–6——–8—-| B|—11——-6——–7——–7——–9——–7——–10—| G|—11——-7——–8——–7——–10——-8——–10—| D|—11——-8——–9——–9——–11——-8——–10—| A|—9——–8——–9——–9——–11——-6——–8—-| E|————6——–7——–7——–9———————-| Chords in Bridge: B E A F# e|—7——–7——–5——–9—-| B|—7——–9——–5——–11—| G|—8——–9——–6——–11—| D|—9——–9——–7——–11—| A|—9——–7——–7——–9—-| E|—7—————–5————-| Intro/Riff: e|—————————————————-| B|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| OR D|—————————————————-| A|—-9–999-999-999-999–9———8–9–8———–| E|—————————9–11———–11–9—-| e|—————————————————-| B|—————————————————-| G|—————————————————-| D|—————————————————-| A|——-6–8–9–8–6——————————–| E|—-9—————–9—————————–| […]

A World Without You chords – Marty Stuart

G C G There was a time I held you in my arms E7 A7 D7 Life was perfect complete through and through G G7 C Now you're gone and it's shattered all to pieces G D7 C G I'm learning to live in a world without you C D7 C G A world without […]

A Front Seat To Hear Ole Johnny Sing chords – Shel Silverstein

G Now you know some fellas they want fame and fortune D7 Yeah and other fellas they just wanna swing G But all I wanted all my life C Was a TV set and a truck and a wife D7 G And a front row seat to hear ole Johnny sing D7 G Yeah the […]

Youve Got A Cold chords – 10cc

Intro E riff E You're nose is runnin', and your eyes are red. You're head is achin', you'll be better in bed. A G F#m F From the bottom of your fever to the throbbin' in your tongue. G You've got a cold, you've got a cold. E You're searchin' madly, to find a cure. […]

I O U A Heartache chords – Dean Ray

Capo 1 D Dsus2 G A D G D G Don't say you're ready A Bm A G To love me when you're not D A Cause people get hurt D G Maybe you don't know A Bm A G That I gave all I got D A And watched it … burn Bm G […]

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas chords – Michael Bublé Vsion 2

This version is extremely accurate to the recorded version on Bublé's album, "Christmas." The chords are taken directly from the sheet music. The intro goes along with the slow string part at the beginning of the song. The transitions to the dim chords can be quite difficult, but practice will make it smoother! Good luck […]

Less Of Me Let Me Be A Little Kinder chords – Glen Campbell

Less Of Me (Let Me Be A Little Kinder) Glen Campbell Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Intro: G C G C G D C D G Verse 1 G C G D Let me be a little kinder let me be a little blinder C D To the faults of those around me let me praise […]

Love Is A Lonesome River chords – Glen Campbell

Love Is A Lonesome River Glen Campbell Intro D Verse 1 D On a street in some big city Bm lives the girl I love so well D She left me for another Bm now there's nothing much to tell G As I try to fit my life A A7 in a different mode I […]

Love Is Not A Game chords – Glen Campbell

Love Is Not A Game Glen Campbell Intro G# Cm C# G# little riff in G# is E__4____________________4__| B__4___4________________4__| G__5_____6______________5__| D__6_______h4_h4_4______6__| A__6_______________8_6__6__| E__4____________________4__| Verse 1 G# Cm Love is like a warm and tender rain C# G# splashing on the roof, beatin' on window pane. Cm She was like a soft and gentle breeze C# […]

Lightning In A Bottle chords – Glen Campbell

Lightning In A Bottle Glen Travis Campbell Written by Jimmy Webb Light Years album from MCA Was Glen’s 44th Album Capo 1st fret INTRO D Dmaj7 G D Dmaj7 G Verse 1 D Dmaj7 G Bm Well I’ve never believed in the luck of the draw, or depended F#m G D F#m G too much […]

Jamaica Farewell chords – birds on a wire

Birds On A Wire (Rosemary Standley & Dom La Nena) – Jamaica Farewell (Harry Belafonte cover) A Bm Down the way where the nights are gay E A The sun shines daily on the mountain top F#m Bm I took a trip on a sailing ship E E7 A And when I reached Jamaica I […]

Take My Hand For A While chords – Glen Campbell

Take My Hand For A While Glen cambell Intro D# A# D# G7 Cm G#m D# Verse 1 D# A# D# G7 Cm G#m D# A# A#7 Take my hand for a while, explain it to me once again, just for the sake of my broken heart Verse 2 D# A# D# G7 Cm G#m […]