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Fallin All In You piano chords by Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes – Fallin’ All In You [Verse 1] Ab Sunrise with you on my chest Ab No blinds in the place where I live Fm Daybreak open your eyes Fm ‘Cause this was only ever meant to be for one night Db Still, we’re changing our minds here Eb Be yours, be my dear […]

All Of Me chords by John Legend

[Intro] Em C G D x2 [Verse 1] Em Cmaj7 G What would I do without your smart mouth D Em Drawing me in, and you kicking me out C G D Em Got my head spinning, no kidding, I can’t pin you down Cmaj7 G What’s going on in that beautiful mind D Em […]

All I Want chords by Kodaline

[Verse 1] C F C All I want is nothing more G/B Am To hear you knocking at my door F C Cause’ if I could see your face once more F C I could die a happy man I’m sure C F C When you said your last goodbye G/B Am I died a […]

Afterglow chords by All Time Low

[Intro] D G [Verse] D A G Step outside in the midnight rain G A D King and queen of the streets again D A G Got young love running through our veins G A D And it keeps us numb like novacaine [Pre-chorus] G D G D Alright, we can go all night G […]

Drugs And Candy chords by All Time Low

Intro and verse riff: e|—————–|————–|————–|————-| B|—————–|————–|————–|————-| G|—————–|————–|————–|————-| D|——–8—-10–|——8—10–|——8—10–|——8—7–| A|–10-10—10—–|–6-6—6—–|————–|–8-8—8—-| E|—————–|————–|–6-6—6—–|————-| [Intro] Gm Eb Bb F Gm Eb Bb F [Verse 1] Gm Eb Bb I can’t take another hollow point conversation F Gm It’s getting hard to fake Eb Bb The sound of you, an outlasting vibration F Gm Is something I can’t shake [Pre-Chorus […]

Dark Side Of Your Room chords by All Time Low

[Intro] F Bb [Verse 1] F This moment feels like an echo Bb We’ve done this dance a thousand times F You say that I need a refill Bb And twist me up ’til we blur the lines [Pre-Chorus 1] F Oh-oh-oh Bb Girl you make a fool of my heart F Oh-oh-oh Bb You […]

Ground Control chords by All Time Low ver 2

[Intro] Bm D F#m E [Verse 1] Bm D Ground control F#m E What do the books say about this one now? Bm D I think we’ve lost it all F#m E Bm There’s nothing to explain the distances any more D All systems are critical F#m Can’t find my way back to you E […]

Ground Control chords by All Time Low

[Intro] Bm D F#m E [Verse 1] Bm D Ground control F#m E What do the books say about this one now? Bm A D I think we’ve lost it all F#m E There’s nothing to explain the distances any more Bm A D All systems are critical F#m Can’t find my way back to […]

Nightmares chords by All Time Low

[Verse] Am G There’s a little house on a perfect little hill G F Just short of a fairytale Am G There’s a little child with a million ways to feel G F Caught up in a hurricane C Am Paper thin walls G F Angry words from down the hall C Am Something changed […]

Coffee Shop Soundtrack Acoustic Tabs – All Time Low Vsion 3

Coffee Shop Soundtrack (acoustic version) Artist: All Time Low Put Up or Shut Up (2006) Tuning: D#A#F#C#G#D# Given that this song is played a little different in every acoustic performance done by the band, I put this tab together using bits and pieces of several of their performances, including some addition of my own, to […]

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You chords – Heart Vsion 2

Intro: G C G C G Bm 1. It was a rainy night when he came into sight, C G standing by the road, no umbrella, no coat. Bm So I pulled up along side and I offered him a ride, C D he accepted with a smile, so we drove for a while. G […]

All I Know chords – Art Garfunkel Vsion 3

I play it with capo @ 6 intro % G C D G G C D G D C D Cmaj7 G C Bm D G G C I bruise you D G You bruise me G C D G We both bruise too easily D C D Cmaj7 % G Too easily to let […]

Sick Of It All chords – Matt York

C#sus2 C#5 Asus2 A5 B5 Bsus2 C#sus2 C#5 C#sus2 C#5 C#sus2 C#5 Well I'm sick of it all and I'm tired of you Asus2 A5 B5 Bsus2 and I don't want you around here no more C#sus2 C#5 C#sus2 C#5 C#sus2 C#5 Sick of it all and I'm tired of you Asus2 A5 B5 Bsus2 […]

All We Sinners chords – Crowder

Artist: Passion (Crowder) Salvation's Tide Is Rising Song: All We Sinners Key: A | Capo: 2 Verse 1: G C2 G On yonder hill, the darkness flew G Dsus4 The morning broke in light and dew G C2 G When day had come again anew Em Dsus4 G All we sinners sang Verse 2: G […]

The End Of All Things Tabs – Panic! At The Disco Vsion 3

: jcameronp Tuning: standard, capo on 1 (notes relative to capo, so fret 7 with capo on 1 is actually played at fret 8) Intro: (make sure to emphasize the high e of every chord) e|-0~-3-5-7~-2~-0~-3-5–10~-5~-3~-3-5-7~-2~-0~-3-5-10-5-3~——————-| B|-0~—–0~-3~-0~——7~–x~-0~—–0~-3~-0~———-0~——————-| G|-0~—–0~-2~-0~——7~–4~-0~—–0~-2~-0~———-0~——————-| D|-2~—–5~-0~-2~——7~–4~-2~—–5~-0~-2~———-2~——————-| A|-3~—–7~—-3~——9~–5~-3~—–7~—-3~———-3~——————-| E|—————————————————————————| Verse: Whether near or far… e|-3-5-7~-2~-0~-3-5-10~-5~-3~-3-5-7~-2~-3-5-7~-7-7-5~————————| B|—–0~-3~-0~—–7~–x~-0~—–0~-3~—–0~—–x~————————| G|—–0~-2~-0~—–7~–4~-0~—–0~-2~—–0~—–4~————————| D|—–5~-0~-2~—–7~–4~-2~—–5~-0~—–5~—–4~————————| A|—–7~—-3~—–9~–5~-3~—–7~——–7~—–5~————————| E|—————————————————————————| Prechorus: Lay us […]

All Of Me chords – Fifth Harmony

——————————————————————————- All Of Me – Fifth Harmony (John Legend cover) ——————————————————————————- : Rebecca CAPO 2 Em C G What would I do without your smart mouth D Em Drawing me in, and kicking me out C G D Em Got my head spinning, no kidding, I cant pin you down C G Whats going on […]

All For You Tabs – Liveloud

All For You : Rodino Sim of SFC CC3 Words and Music by: Dexter Suban Intro Guitar 1 Riff 1 E|————————————————————-9-9-9-10p9———-| B|-10-10-10-9-9-9-5-5-5-10-10-10-9-9-9-12-12-12–10-10-10-9-9-9———–12-12-12-| G|———————————————————————————| D|———————————————————————————| A|———————————————————————————| E|———————————————————————————| Riff 2 E|————————————————————9-9-9-10p9—-| B|-10-10-10-9-9-9-5-5-5-10-10-10-9-9-9-12-12-12—10-10-10-9-9-9———–12-| G|————————————————————————–| D|————————————————————————–| A|————————————————————————–| E|————————————————————————–| then E|—————–| B|-101010-999-9s7v-| G|—————–| D|—————–| A|—————–| E|—————–| Guitar 2 E|———————————|———————-|————–|———-| B|———————————|———————-|————–|———-| G|———————————|———————-|——6v–6v–|-99999999-| D|———————————|———————-|—-76–76-9–|-99999999-| 2x A|—–4/5—–4/5—–4/5—–4/5-|-999–777-444-555-777-|-00———–|-77777777-| E|-2-2—–2-2—–2-2—–2-2—–|———————-|————–|———-| PM|. . . . . […]

Angry All The Time intro Tabs – Tim McGraw

——————————————————————————- Angry all the time- Tim McGraw ——————————————————————————- :Jébb Tuning: Standar e|—————————–2——-0————0————————–| B|———3/5—5—3/5\3—–2h3—–0—-3/5\3—2————————–| G|———4/6—6—4/6\4—–2——-4—-4/6\4—2————————–| D|———0—–7————-2h4—–2————2————————–| A|—–0———————–2——-2————0————————–| E|-0h2———————————0—————————————| Here's the intro! Enjoy ************************************ | \ slide up | / slide down | h hammer-on ************************************

All He Aces solo Tabs – Motörhead

——————————————————————————- ALL THE ACES – Motörhead ——————————————————————————- : sezar keanu-rimedorf@hotmail.com Tuning: ½ Step Down e|-12–12—————————————————————–| B|-15b-15b-15b-15-12h15p12—-12h15p12—-12——————————| G|————————-14———-14—-14-12h14p12—-12h14p12——| D|——————————————————-14———-14—| A|————————————————————————| E|————————————————————————| e|————————————————————————| B|——————-15—————————————————| G|-12-14-12-14b-14b—–14b–12h14p12—-12-14b–12h14p12—-12h14p12—–| D|————————————14——————14———-14–| A|————————————————————————| E|————————————————————————| e|————————————————————————| B|————————————————-10———————| G|-12-14-12-11-12-11-9-11-9-7-9-9b–9b-9b-9pbr7-9b—-9pbr7-7h9p7—7—–| D|—————————————————————-9—9—| A|————————————————————————| E|————————————————————————| e|————————————————————————| B|———————————-10————————————| G|———————7h9p7—7-9b—-9pbr7—7h9p7—7~/—————-| D|-5—5-5h7p5—5h7/9——-9—————9——-9——————–| A|—7———7———————————————————-| E|————————————————————————| 1:56 e|—————————————14—–14——–14——–14—-| B|————————————14—–14——–14——–14—-16b| G|-16b-16b-16b-16b-16pbr14-16-14–16b————–16b——-16b———-| D|————————————————————————| A|————————————————————————| E|————————————————————————| e|-14———————————————————————-| B|—-17-14h17p14—-14—————————————————-| G|—————-16—-16-14h16p14—-14h16p14—-14-16-14-13–11–9——| D|———————————-16———-16————————-| A|————————————————————————-| E|————————————————————————-| ************************************ | / slide […]

All In One Night chords – Johnny Duncan

C Em F All in one night I caught a star and touched the moon G7 C And fell in love with you Em F All in one night I found a dream when I found you G7 C I felt my life begin F G7 C My love is yours forever F G7 C […]