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Catch And Release Tabs – Matt Simons V2

——————————————————————————- Catch And Release – Matt Simons ——————————————————————————- : Psycow janbrust@freenet.de Tuning: Standard / Capo 4th fret Intro + Verse e|———0——–0——–0——–0————–|——-0——–0——–0——–0————–| B|——1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1–|—-1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1–| G|o -0—————–0—————–0———–|-2—————–2—————–2———–| D|o ———-2—————–2————–2—–|———-2—————–2————–2—–| A|—————————————————|————————————————-| E|—————————————————|————————————————-| E|——-0——–0——–0——–0————–|——-0——–0——–0——–0—————-| B|—-1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1–|—-1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1—-| G|-4—————–4—————–4—–4—–|-4—————–4—————–4———– o| D|———-2—————–2——————–|———-2—————–2————–2—– o|x4 (2+2) A|————————————————-|—————————————————| E|————————————————-|—————————————————| Pre-Chorus E|———0——–0——–0——–0————–|——-1——–1——–1——–1————–| B|——1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1–|—-1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1–| G|o ———-0————————–0———–|———-2—————–2————–2—–| D|o ——————-2———————–2—–|-0—————–0—————–0———–| A|—3————————–3——————–|————————————————-| E|—————————————————|————————————————-| 1st ending E|——–3—–5p3——–3——–3————–|——-0——–0——–0——–0—————-| B|—-0—————–0——–0——–0—–0–|—-1——–1——–1——–1——–1—–1—-| G|———-0—————–0————–0—–|———-2—————–0——————– o| D|-2—————–2—————–2———–|-3—————–3—————–3—–2—– o|2x A|————————————————-|—————————————————| […]

Roll Me Away chords – Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band

Roll Me Away – Bob Seger And the Silver Bullet Band (Bob Seger, 1982) Chorded By: Skidaddy, Esq., G.Q. 4/4 TIME @ 128 and 132 BPM (4 Min. 42 Sec.) in 'G'. Chords Used: ———– GUITAR KEYBOARD E A D G B e Bass| Chord —————— ————– C – x 3 2 0 1 0 […]

Liquere And Drugs Tabs – Peer Günt

notation legend: ~ vibrato Intro: 16x E|——————| B|——————| G|———2——–| D|————-4—-| A|-0–0–4———-| E|——————| Verse: 6x E|——————-| B|——————-| G|———2———| D|————-4—–| A|-0–0–4———–| E|——————-| E|——————-|——————–| B|——————-|——————–| G|——————-|——————–| D|———2———|———2———-| A|————-4—–|————-4——| E|-0–0–4———–|-0–0–4————| E|——————-|——————–|———————| B|——————-|——————–|———————| G|———2———|———2———-|-2——————-| D|————-4—–|————-4——|——–3————| A|-0–0–4———–|-0–0–4————|——–3————| E|——————-|——————–|——–1————| E|——————-|——————–| B|——————-|——————–| G|———2———|——————–| D|————-4—–|———2———-| A|-0–0–4———–|————-4——| E|——————-|-0–0–4————| E|——————-|——————–| B|——————-|——————–| G|———2———|———2———-| D|————-4—–|————-4——| A|-0–0–4———–|-0–0–4————| E|——————-|——————–| Solo1: E|————-|———————-| B|————-|———————-| G|————-|-4b–4–2—–2-2-2—| D|—-2——–|———–4———-| A|-4———–|———————-| E|————-|———————-| E|———————|——————–| B|———————|——————–| G|-4b–4b–4b-4–2—–|-2–2–2–2–2–4~–| D|——————4–|——————–| […]

I Take Your Money And Honey Tabs – Peer Günt

notation legend: / – slide up \ – slide down ~ – vibrato Intro: E |—————————|———————————-| B |—————————|———————————-| G#|—————————|———————————-| E |—————————|———————————-| B |—-/5–3–5—5-5-5–/8—|————–6 / 11\—/3-/3-0—| E |-0————————-|-7–5–3–0———————–| E |—————————|———————12~————| B |—————————|———————12~————| G#|—————————|————–11/12–12~————| E |—————————|————————————| B |—-/5–3–5—5-5-5–/8—|————————–/3-/3-0—| E |-0————————-|-7–5–3–0————————-| E |———————|———————–| B |———————|———————–| G#|–/5—-3–0—/12—|–/5—-3–0—/12 \–| E |–/5—-3–0—/12—|–/5—-3–0—/12 \–| B |———————|———————–| E |———————|———————–| Verse: E |——————————|——————————| B […]

Untitled Tabs – Mumford And Sons V4

——————————————————————————- UNTITLED – Mumford & Sons ——————————————————————————- : Aidan Staines ajs_chess97@hotmail.com Tuning: DADF#AD First tab but don't be discouraged. I have spent a lot of time watching Marcus play and have critiqued on a lot of other tabs before. After playing Mumfords songs for almost a year now I am certain this tab is the […]

Lovers Eyes chords – Mumford And Sons V4

Lover’s Eyes – Mumford & Sons Standard Tuning (no capo) Intro TAB: E—————————————————–| B—————————————————–| G—————————————————–| D–0h2-0-2/4—4h5-4-5/7—5-4-2-2-2h4-4-2-0———-| A—————————————————–| E—————————————————–| Verse 1: N/C D G D Love was kind, for a time G A D Now just aches, and it makes me blind G D G D This mirror holds my eyes too bright G A D […]

Life Is Strange – End Credits Max And Chloe Tabs – Misc Computer Games

——————————————————————————- Jonathan Morali – End Credits (Life Is Strange) ——————————————————————————- : Marta Mayer After releasing my set of covers on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waY8jaL-3Es), many people asked for tutorials or tabs for particular songs. So here you are, here is the wonderful music that can be heard in the end of the game! This tab is obviously […]

Old Time Rock N Roll chords – Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band

Old Time Rock N Roll – Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band (1977) Written By: George Jackson and Thomas Earl Jones, III. Chorded By: Skidaddy, Esq., G.Q. 4/4 TIME @ 124 BPM (3 Min. 20 Sec.) in 'F'. Chords Used: ———– GUITAR KEYBOARD E A C F B e Bass| Chord —————— ————— F5 […]

Mainstreet chords – Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band

Mainstreet – Bob Seger And The Silver Bullet Band (Bob Seger, 1976) Chorded By: Skidaddy, Esq., G.Q. 2/4 TIME @ 70 BPM (3 Min. 39 Sec.) in 'D'. Chords Used: (CAPO 1 to match Orig. in 'Eb') – ———– GUITAR KEYBOARD E A D G B e Bass| Chord —————— ————– D – x x […]

Shes Fresh guitar chords by Kool And The Gang

Repeat theese chords: Bm Bm G A Conversation is going ’round People talking ’bout the girl who’s come to town Lovely lady pretty as can be No one knows her name she’s just a mystery I have seen her maybe once or twice The one thing I can say thought she’s very nice She’s a […]

Spiritualized – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space Chords

capo 2nd fret – repeat chord pattern throughout. C Em Am C All I want in life’s a little bit of love to take the pain away F C F G Getting strong today, a giant step each day I’ve been told only fools rush in, only fools rush in But I don’t believe, I […]

This Wont Happen To Me chords – Ian And The Zodiacs

Ian and the Zodiacs 1965 B Side single This Won't Happen To Me Intro: Em A B Em A B Em Em A B B People say that you're a runa-round Em A B B You're never happy with a boy you've found B Em C You led them all when you let them fall […]

Our God Reigns chords – Israel And New Breed

========================================================================================== Title: Our God Reigns Artist: Israel and New Breed Covered: Alive in Asia [2015] ========================================================================================== CAPO 4 (Key: B) [Intro] G – C G D – C G G – C G D – C G [Verse 1] G D Our God is great and glorious D C G We put our trust in […]

Caterpillars chords – Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra

Capo on 2 Intro: | E | Eadd9 E | C#m | A Amaj7 A Amaj7 | x2 E Caterpillars in the cracks of my head C#m A fvcked up but functioning fine E I'm still unsure if your dead C#m A Still tell your jokes like they're mine. Intro E C#m A Here in […]

Beneath The Skin album chords – Of Monsters And Men

Of Monsters and Man – Beneath the Skin Released: June 9, 2015 Record Company: Republic Records Duration: 56:34 The Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir – Lead Vocals, Guitar and Piano Ragnar Þórhallsson – Lead Vocals and Guitar Brynjar Leifsson – Guitar Kristján Páll Kristjánsson – Bass Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson – Drums and Percussion Track List: Nr. Name […]

Backyard chords – Of Monsters And Men

Of Monsters and Men – Backyard From the Beneath the Skin (2015) Comment for any corrections and please rate Intro: Am G Dm Am G Dm Am G I live the life of love Dm Am Hold me down, hold me down G Dm I live the life of letting go Am G Until the […]

Feels Like Forever Acoustic**********Of Mice And Men

Okay, this isn't the exact chords, this is something I've come up with myself so I'm not really sure if it will work for you guys. this is an experiment. also my first tab XD intro – EM , EM , open top 5 strings (open) , G x8 – on the last one go […]

When I Ran Off And Left Her chords – Drive-By Truckers

When I Ran Off And Left Her Performed By: Drive By Truckers Written By: Vic Chesnutt D C G When I ran off and left her, she wasn't holding a baby D C G But she was holding a bottle, and a big grudge against me C Bm I tried to learn from a psychiatrist […]

Wounded chords – Hunter And The Bear

Original is half step down. D A D Oh brother, you're wounded G D A Never known a fallen son Bm A G Saw you laid on the table A Nothing I could've done D A D Cut down, we are lonesome G D A There's no more trees in the wood Bm A G […]

Everything And Nothing Less Live chords – Chris Mcclarney

t**le: Everything and nothing less Key: A Intro F#m A2 E Bm7 F#m A2 Bm7 Verse 1 F#m A2 E Bm7 Humbly I stand, an offering F#m A2 E With open hands, Lord I bring everything Pre Chorus D Everything and nothing less F#m E My best, my all D You deserve my every breath […]