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A Love So Beautiful piano chords by Ysabelle Cuevas

[Verse] Eb I like your eyes, you look away Cm when you pretend not to care Fm I like the dimples on the corners Bb of the smile that you wear Gm I like you more the world may know C but don’t be scared Fm ’cause I’m falling deeper, Bb baby be prepared Eb […]

Everything Is Beautiful chords – Ray Stevens Vsion 2

C F C Jesus loves the little children G7 C G7 All the little children of the world C Red and yellow black and white F C They are precious in his sight F G7 C Jesus loves the little children of the world Am D7 Everything is beautiful in its own way G7 C […]

Beautiful With You chords – Halestorm Vsion 3

Intro(rythym): D A D A E||———————–|———————-|| B||–9–9–9–10———-|–12-12-12-10—-9—-|| G||—————-9——|———————-|| D||———————–|———————-|| A||———————–|———————-|| E||———————–|———————-|| Verse 1: D A I stare at the girl in the mirror D A T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen F#m But the way that you see me E You get underneath me D And all my defences just fall away Fall away […]

Beautiful God chords – Lindsay McCaul

If you want to play more like the recording play the G6 like a passing chord. So you would have the pointer finger on the B string 1st fret, and your middle finger A string 2nd fret and play it all open. The A7 may be wrong through together this chart in just a couple […]

Sadly Beautiful chords – Glen Campbell

Sadly, Beautiful Glen Campbell Album Meet Glen Campbell written by Paul Westerburg Intro D# Verse 1 D# G# From the very first day that you were born D# G# To the very last time you waved and honked your horn Bb Bb7 Bb I had no chance at all to watch you grow Chorus 1 […]

Beautiful Birds solo Tabs – Passenger

——————————————————————————- Beautiful birds – Passenger ——————————————————————————- Hi everyone, hope y'all having a happy holiday. This is an easy version of tabbing the song that I've created and it sounds accurate. Enjoy! Capo on 7th fret Intro: e|—3-2—0———————–3-2—0————-3-2——————-| B|——-3——-3———————3——-3—–3———————–| G|–0———-0—2—2-4—–2-0———–0—2-0————————-| D|——————-0——-0———————————————–| A|———–3—————————–3———————————| E|-0———————–3————————————————-| e|-3-2—0——————————————————————-| B|—–3——-3—————————–0-3—1-1h0———————| G|———–0—2—2-4—–2-0——-0—0—–0—————————| D|—————–0——-0——-0h2—2———————————–| A|———3———————3——————————————-| E|———————–3—————————————————| Second tabbing (between the second and third […]

Beautiful The Blood chords – Fee Band V2

This song is tabbed in a different key. I hope you like this version! Standard tuning: (E, B, G, D, A, e) INTRO: Em D C G (x2) V1: Em D C G I never knew death could be so sweet Em D C G I never knew surrender could feel so free Em D […]

Youre So Beautiful chords – Terrance Howard

You're So Beautiful [Empire Cast] [Verse 1] Am Fmaj Sometimes you feel insecure C E7 Trust me girl I understand Am Fmaj But even with no manicure C E7 Baby girl I'll hold your hand Am You look so good when you walking by Fmaj C Sexy comes in every size keep wearing that E7 […]

Jesus What A Beautiful Name chords – Hillsongs V2

Verse 1: G Em G Em Jesus, what a beautiful name. C G C G Am D Son of God, Son of Man, Lamb that was slain. D G C G Joy and peace, strength and hope B Em C Grace that blows all fear away. G D C G Jesus what a beautiful name. […]

So Beautiful chords – Ungu

[Intro] E F#m C#m A E F#m C#m B E F#m Tak pernah ku sesali dalam hidupku C#m A akhirnya kau yang pantas ku katakan E F#m C#m B ku cinta kau sepenuh hati dalam jiwaku E F#m C#m Kau pemberian Tuhan yang B E F#m C#m B terindah di hidupku, oh.. oo.. o.. [Intro] […]

Soapstone Mountain chords – Its A Beautiful Day

Intro D A C G D A C G E Verse 1 D When I was just a boy A We lived on the side of a mountain G A A Right near the vale of a waterfall D When I was just a boy A A G# G We lived in a one-room cabin […]

This Beautiful Day chords – Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson – This Beautiful Day Gm/Eb Life goes on and on, like your favorite song Gm/C What we feel inside on this wayward ride Ab Ab6 Abmaj7 Ab6 If we could find a way, if you would only stay Ab/F If we could hold onto this feeling Ab/Bb And this beautiful day Instrumental: Gm/Eb […]

Beautiful Words Of Life chords – Hymnal

Wonderful Words Of Life Words & music by Philip P. Bliss, 1838-1876 G:320003 D7:xx0212 Verse 1: G D7 Sing them over again to me G Wonderful words of life G D7 Let me more of their beauty see G Wonderful words of life G Words of life and beauty G Teach me faith and duty […]

Beautiful Savior chords – One Sonic Society

Intro: Em (8counts) Em (4counts) C/E(4counts) G/D(4counts) D(4counts) Verse1 Em C/E For those who will stand G/D Stand and believe D You are the faithful God of all Em C/E For those who will come G/D Those who'll receive D Em You are the faithful God of all C/E G/D D God of all Chorus […]

Beautiful In My Eyes chords – Joshua Kadison V3

Standard Tuning (No Capo) Dm – Em – F C You’re my piece of mind Em In this crazy world Am F You’re every thing I’ve tried to find C G Your love is a pearl F You’re my Mona Lisa G You’re my rainbow skies Em7 Am And my only prayer is that you […]

Beautiful In My Eyes chords – Jericho Rosales V6

Standard Tuning (No Capo) Dm – Em – F C You’re my piece of mind Em In this crazy world Am F You’re every thing I’ve tried to find C G Your love is a pearl F You’re my Mona Lisa G You’re my rainbow skies Em7 Am And my only prayer is that you […]

Buzzkill chords – Luke Bryan V5

We made this one because none of the tabs were 100% correct with what he plays. Standard Tuning – Capo 2 Intro: A E B x2 C#m A You're like a screen flashin', insufficient funds, B C#m B A Cops knockin' when the party's just begun. E B You're a big rain cloud parked over […]

Beautiful chords – Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen – Beautiful Set up to be very simple to play. Standard Tuning G – (3 2 0 0 3 3) Dsus2 – (2 0 0 2 3 3) Csus2 – (x 3 2 0 3 3) Am – (x 0 2 2 1 0) Em – (0 2 2 0 0 0) Dsus […]

Life Is Beautiful chords – Keb Mo V3

Keb Mo’ Life is beautiful Capo 2 fret !!! Intro : C Am C G Fm C C Let's go drifting, through the trees C C Am7 Let's go sailing, on the sea F Let's go dancing, on the juke joint floor C G And leave our troubles all behind, and have a party F […]

Song For Whoever chords – Beautiful South V2

Intro: D Em C D Em C D I love you from the bottom, of my pencil case Em C D I love you in the songs I write and sing Em C D Love you because you put me in my rightful place Bm Em C D And I love the PRS cheques, that […]