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Broken Clocks chords by SZA

[Verse 1] A#m Run fast from my day job F# Runnin’ fast from the way it was D#m Jump quick to a pay check Fm Runnin’ back to the strip club A#m I’m never going back, never going back F# No you can’t make me D#m Never going back, never going back (nah) Fm They […]

Bring The Broken Home chords – Vous Live

"Bring the Broken Home" – Vous Live Chords by: ajangelia Intro – G A Bm A (2x) Verse 1: G A Jesus let me see Bm Glimpses of eternity A G What you're calling me to be G A Changing all my doubt Bm A G Letting go and reaching out to the broken and […]

A Broken Heart A Wedding Band chords – Stonewall Jackson

C G7 C F C One more kiss before you go there'll be no harm in that I know G7 And the kiss will help so much to heal the pain C G7 C F C I've tried so hard to make you see just how much you mean to me G7 C But the […]

Edge Of A Broken Heart chords – Vixen V2

Name: Mike M Artist: Vixen Title: Edge of a Broken Heart Vixen Year: 1988 Capo on First Fret (All chords relative to capo) Intro x4 F#5 B5 A5 E-|-x———-x-x–x—–| B-|-x———-x-x–x—–| G-|-x———-6-6–2—–| D-|-4———-6-6–2—–| A-|-4———-4-4–x—–| E-|-2–0–2-2–x-x–0—–| VERSE 1 F#5 I can't believe I could have been so blind Dsus2 But love is strange F#5 I thought about […]

Rules Broken Tabs – ¡All-Time Quarterback!

——————————————————————————- RULES BROKEN – All-Time Quarterback ——————————————————————————- : Pat Malavi pat.malavi [Verse 1] Bm G D Em Riff 1 e|——|———|———|———|—————–|——————-| B|——|-3—3-3-|—–3—|-5-5-5—|-/12-10—-10—-|-12-10—–10——| G|-4–4-|-0—0-0-|—–2—|-0-0-0-0-|—-0–0-11–9—|—0–0-11—-9—-| D|-4–4-|———|-0-0—–|———|—————0-|—————-0–| A|-2–2-|———|——-0-|———|—————–|——————-| E|——|———|———|———|—————–|——————-| Bm G D Em Riff 1 They had a bad case of nostalgic blues Bm G D Em Riff 1 And started a group just to cop the tunes, bad […]

Broken Doll chords – Richard Thompson

Broken Doll Dm Am You called for me so here I am Dm Am Not a boy and not a man Gm Dm Gm Am Man enough to know the odds are long Dm Am They dress you up and keep you clean Dm Am Like courtiers around a queen Gm Dm Am7b5 Show you […]

Broken Home chords – 5 Seconds Of Summer V4

5 Seconds of Summer – Broken Home NO CAPO A# ( Bb ) They would yell, they would scream, they were fighting it out Ab She would hope, she would pray, she was waiting it out F# F#m Holding onto a dream while she watches these walls fall down A# Sharp words like knives, they […]

Bullet For A Broken Heart chords – Dillon Hodges

Dillon Hodges – Bullet For A Broken Heart Standard CAPO 2 Intro Em C D Em Verse Em I caught my woman with him Em He’s a judge from the city Em C D Em I’ll trade a bullet for a broken heart Em I chased him on up the road Em And when he […]

A Broken Jar Tabs – La Dispute V2

——————————————————————————- A BROKEN JAR – La Dispute ——————————————————————————- : ICantEven Tuning: E Standard This is the studio version, the version on wildlife is similar but in a different key. I'm almost 100% that this is correct aside from the number of times he hits each chord as he switches it up a bit and you're […]

Broken Together chords – Casting Crowns V4

Broken Together Casting Crowns Capo 1 Intro: E D A/E E D A/E E Verse 1: D A/E E What do you think about when you look at me D A/E E I know were not the fairytale you dreamed we'd be G A/E E You wore the veil, you walked the aisle, you took […]

Only A Broken Heart solo Tabs – Tom Petty

————————————————————————————————————— Artist – Tom Petty ******************** Song – Only A Broken Heart **************************** Album – Wildflowers (1994) **************************** – Ayreon77 ********************** ————————————————————————————————————— Tuning = Standard Played on A 12 string Acoustic. s e|————-|———-|——————-h—–|—-h—8–8-|-8-8-10-10–10-10-8-10-10\12-| B|———-h–|———-|———-s–8–8-8-10-8-|-8-8-10——|—————————–| G|—-h–5-5-7-|-5—5–7-|–s—-5-5\7————-|————-|—————————–| D|-5-5-7——-|—7——|-3\5-7——————-|————-|—————————–| A|————-|———-|————————-|————-|—————————–| E|————-|———-|————————-|————-|—————————–| s s e|——h—–|—-h——|—-8-10-10–10-10-8-10-10\12–10\8——-12-10-8-|————————–| B|-8-8-8-10-8-|-8-8-10-10-|-10———————————-10-8———|———–s–8-8———| G|————|———–|————————————————–|–s—-5–7\9—–9-7-7-5-| D|————|———–|————————————————–|-5\7-7——————–| A|————|———–|————————————————–|————————–| E|————|———–|————————————————–|————————–| e|—————–8-|———–s—8-| B|—-s–8-8-10-8—-|—-s–8–8\10—| G|-5-7\9————-|-5-7\9———–| D|——————-|—————–| A|——————-|—————–| E|——————-|—————–| ENJOY………

Glimpse Of A Time chords – Broken Twin

Hello Guys! I have been listening to this song for sooo long, and I have completely fallen in love with it. So here it is, great day out there! This is how the original is played. No capo Verse: || E | E | C#m | B || x2 Chorus: || A E | B […]

Stronger In The Broken Places Acoustic chords – Mark Harris

INTRO Cadd9 ———————————- Cadd9 Light shines the brightest F6 In the moment of our desperation Cadd9 Hope somehow rises F6 Through the rubble of our desolation Am G There's a calm in the storm Cadd2 Though the winds around us rage Am G So I hold to the truth Cadd2 You will bring me through […]

Dairybeat – How Can You Mend A Broken Heart – Bee Gees – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART (B. & R. Gibb) 4/4 – 70 Trafalgar & Single (1971) |./. |: Repeat the previous Chord and/or Measure of 4-Counts. INTRO: | E | Emaj7 |: 2x VERSE 1: | E I can think of younger days, | Emaj7 when living for my life, | F#m […]

Memories Of A Broken Heart Acoustic chords – Crown The Empire V3

From what I can tell this is the way Crown The Empire plays it in their live acoustic version. The video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkOaQdVD2Yg (The Bridge, "you think this is the end your wrong," part of the song and 3rd chorus after aren't actually played in the live acoustic version so that part […]

Broken Wings chords – Anastacia

BROKEN WINGS ANASTACIA RESURRECTION (2014) Intro | D# A# | Cm G# | D# A# Cm G# D# A# Cm G# Wings of an angel, replaced by beautiful scars, well hidden in the dark. D# A# Cm G# D# A# Cm G# Time seems to stand still, the world is falling apart, so heavy on […]

Birds With Broken Wings chords – Ben Caplan

Birds with Broken Wings by Ben Caplan These are Chords and Tab to this version of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6byMJHNrBQ Im pretty sure that this is 99,9% accurate. Have fun! 🙂 (Intro) Em (Verse) Em Am Bring me birds with broken wings, Men with all the answers, B Em People who have killed,Give me incurable cancers. […]

The Remains Of Rock Roll solo Tabs by Broken Bells

————–Broken Bells, "The Remains of Rock & Roll"——————— This is for the orchestrate instrumental at 0:25 in "The Remains of Rock & Roll". It's not originally played on guitar but it's pretty nifty to play, I played it a few times by ear and it sounds pretty spot on. e|——————————————————————| B|-10-8-10-8———————-10-8-10-8————————-| G|————7/9–9p8p7–9p8p7————–7/9–9p8p7–9-7-5——| D|————————————————————–7—| A|——————————————————————| E|——————————————————————| […]

Medicine chords – Broken Bells

E D G A This ordinary room is turning E D G A into something of a prison oh E D G A and the only thing we know for certain is that E D G A don't nobody know C D You think none of this real that's G A why you never try […]

A Perfect World intro Tabs by Broken Bells

This is the part which is played by synthesizer e|-17-16-14—-12–14-12—————12———————-9–| B|———-14———–14–12–14—-12–14–12–14–10–12—–| G|—————————————————————-| D|—————————————————————-| A|—————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————-|