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Not Broken Anymore chords – Blue October V5

INTRO Am F C G Am C I know how to let you leave Dm C G How am I supposed to let you go? Am C Now you stand in front of me Dm C G And all the rain is turning into snow Em Can you tell me that you're real F So […]

God Bless The Broken Road chords – Rascal Flatts V3

This should be a lot easier than all the other tabs of this song with all the uncalled for chords It's my first tab so be easy on me –no capo– –standard tuning– C F G C I set out on a narrow way many years ago C F G C Hoping I could find […]

Broken Sles chords – Austin Britnell

No Capo Or Capo 1 Broken Smiles Writenn and composed by Austin P.Britnell Verse 1 C G AM he walked alone in the dark hoodie on and steady foot pace drenched in rain and torn apart if only youd had seen his face he could not scream he could not bark as the blood dripped […]

Broken Wings Tabs by Flyleaf V2

Broken Wings – Flyleaf Tuning: Drop D Level: Easy : notgonnadie This song is really fun to play (with both rhythm guitar and lead) and I thought I’d put up a tab on here so you guys can play it. This song is really easy, and it sounds good, about 99.9% correct. So, I hope […]

Bless The Broken Road chords – Selah V4

Bless the Broken Road (D#) Capo 1 D Map of song: I-V1-C1-I-V2-C1-S-C2 Intro: D/F# G A Bm G A D Verse: D/F# G A Bm G A D I set out on a narrow way many years ago D/F# G A Bm G A D Hoping I would find true love along the broken road […]

Treasure Of The Broken Land chords – Chagall Guevara

"Treasure of the Broken Land" By Chagall Guevara http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chagall_Guevara Written by Mark Heard http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Heard G C G I see you now and then in dreams G C G Your voice sounds just like it used to G D Em I know you better than I knew you then C D G All I can say […]

Bethan Mary Leadley – Left The Broken chords

This song moves around the frets and I'm self taught so I'm not sure how to go about this, so I'll make a short key. F(5)= F chord on the fifth fret F(7)= F chord on the seventh fret – Standard Tuning No Capo F F Lost in a tiderwave F See it all fall […]

Leader Of The Broken Hearts chords – Papa Roach

Intro : D#m C# B D#m C# B All the lies, I told you now the truth D#m C# B Here I am with nothing left to lose D#m C# And now that I’m crawling in my skin B Maybe it’s time I just give in D#m C# B I’ve become the leader of the […]

Broken Hallelujah chords – The Afters

SONG: BROKEN HALLELUJAH ARTIST: THE AFTERS TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM BROKEN HALLELUJAH THE AFTERS INTRO: D Bm A G D PIANO ARRANGED FOR GUITAR: D Bm E ——–5—3—2-|——–5—3—2-| B –3-5-3—3—3—|–3-5-3—3—3—| G ——————|——————| D ——————|——————| A ——————|——————| E ——————|——————| A G D E ——–5—3—2—-|——–5—3—2-| B –3-5-3—3—3—3-5|–3-5-3—3—3—| G ———————|——————| D ———————|——————| A ———————|——————| E ———————|——————| […]