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Remember chords – Passion

Remember (the empty grave) Melodie Malone and Brett Younker Passion 2016 C#m7 B/D# E My heart hangs on every word that You speak B I need You now Lord come find me F#m7 Holy Spirit breathe C#m7 B/D# I've been walking through deserts I need more than Your presence B F#m7 I'm weak, Savior be […]

You Cant Run Away From Your Heart chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – You Can't Run Away From Your Heart INTRO: D When you said you love me A G F I believed it was true D It was true And now you say you're leaving A G F Now you got me needing you D You go and say we're through PRE-CHORUS: G Bb […]

Boy Without A Car chords – The Vamps

[Brad:] E Hey pretty face, I wanna tell you something But I'll just wait while you keep me hanging A E On and on and on Your every word E It's 3 AM and we're just sat here talking About your friends but we don't care about A E Them at all, I just wanna […]

Snapback chords – Old Dominion

Snapback- Old Dominion ***Capo 3*** [Verse 1] D A Strictly outta curiosity A Em What would happen if you got with me? Em G Kissing you would hit the spot with me G Come on skip a couple rocks with me [Pre-Chorus] D A Give me any of your heart tonight A Em Ain't no […]

If This Is Love chords – Glen Campbell

If This Is Love Glen Campbell written by Glen Campbell and Bill Ezell album The Capitol Years Capo 2 Intro Am G Am G Verse 1 Am G The palpitating beast that beats within my battered breast, Am G Burning and bedeviling not allowing any rest C Em7 The thunder in my mind reflects the […]

Moves chords – The New p***ographers

Capo 1st fret "()" chords inside parenthesis can be played but don't need to be. F Bb C (D#) I believe you've had some-thing that's mine, all this time. F Bb C Start to sing along, come. Fork it over. F Bb C F I live among the alarms. Where I trip, where they say: […]

Cant Stop Myself From Loving You chords – Patty Loveless

G D7 C G E7 Raindrops fall from the sky teardrops fall from my eyes Am D7 G D7 Can't stop myself from loving you G D7 C G E7 Your heartaches found a home I walk these streets alone Am D7 G C G Can't stop myself from loving you D7 G I know […]

You Saved Me chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – You Saved Me CAPO: 2nd Fret INTRO: G Em C D7 G D/F# Em C D G C G Bm For so long I've been on my own C D G Em Trying to find my heart a new home C D I'd almost given up G Em Attempt to spend the […]

All We Sinners chords – Crowder

Artist: Passion (Crowder) Salvation's Tide Is Rising Song: All We Sinners Key: A | Capo: 2 Verse 1: G C2 G On yonder hill, the darkness flew G Dsus4 The morning broke in light and dew G C2 G When day had come again anew Em Dsus4 G All we sinners sang Verse 2: G […]

Everything Is Beautiful chords – Ray Stevens Vsion 2

C F C Jesus loves the little children G7 C G7 All the little children of the world C Red and yellow black and white F C They are precious in his sight F G7 C Jesus loves the little children of the world Am D7 Everything is beautiful in its own way G7 C […]

Change Of Heart chords – Tops

Change of Heart by Tops Listen to the song for the strumming pattern. Note the last chorus is different from the previous two. Intro: A G#m B A (x2) Verse: A G#m All a sudden change of heart B A You don't see what you used to see A G#m A girl you've known forever […]

I Spoke Too Soon chords – Venus

Song: I spoke too soon Venus the Red Room Year: 2006 Tabber: beranger80@hotmail.com Intro (0:00) Bm G e—–2-0-2-3-2-0-2–|———————| b——————–|——3-1-3-4-3-1-3–| g——————–|———————| d——————–|———————| a–2—————–|———————| e——————–|–3——————| x2 x2 Verse (0:15) Bm I spoke too soon Bm I spoke too soon Bm What wrong advice Bm Nothing to do G I failed, I got trapped G I chose too […]

There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood chords – Norton Hall Band

There Is A Fountain Verse 1 G C G D There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel's vein Em C G D G And sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains G C G D Lose all their guilty stains lose all their guilty stains Em C G D […]

Ill Be Waiting chords – Michael Franti & Spearhead

This is the full album version. The radio edit clips the intro, the first part of pre-chorus 1, and condenses the outro. The C chord during the verses is actually "Csus4 C Csus4 C", but writing that in messes up the formatting of the lyrics. CAPO 2 —————————————- INTRO: G C VERSE 1: G The […]

Simple Pursuit chords – Melodie Malone Vsion 2

Simple Pursuit Passion 2016 by Riley Anne C G Em D God take us back, the place we began C G Em D The simple pursuit of nothing but You C G Em D The innocence of a heart in Your hands C G Em D God take us back, God, take us back C […]

Joe Victor – Days chords

DAYS Verse Am7 Days D Where trouble seems away Bdim/D Em7 Life is a furious game Em6 Dm Drink lover, drink again C Days C/C# C/D There’s trouble everywhere Fm C Am My love ma – chine Gm7 That daddy is mending C Am – A When years go by Verse 2 Am7 Days D […]

Quien Te Entiende chords – Virlan Garcia

G Am Como si nada pasara nunca te despides ya cuando te marchas C Am G D Dices que yo soy el que te rechaza, dime quien te entiende G Am Sabes que me estoy muriendo por besar tu boca y entregarte todo C Am G D Como tu orgullo me hace tocar fondo, quedo […]

Tonight Carmen chords – Marty Robbins

Tonight Carmen – Marty Robbins M. Robbins Label: Reached #1 on the country chart in 1967 Intro: G G G7 C Carmen Carmen Car-m -e -en #1: C Tonight I am aching my body is shaking C G Tonight Carmen's coming back home G Tonight there'll be no room for tears in my bedroom G7 […]

If These Old Walls Could Speak chords – Glen Campbell

If These Old Walls Could Speak Glen Campbell written by Jimmy Webb Intro F Bb F C F Bb F C Verse 1 Bb C Bb C F If these old walls, if these old walls could speak. Bb F C Dm F C Bb What a tale they have to tell, hard headed people […]

You Belong To Me chords – Bryan Adams Vsion 3

Cracking, simple song but very nice to play. Capo 2 Intro [G] G I'll take the night train – I'll take an airplane Em D G Cuz you belong to me G I just wanna to say – ain't gonna let you get away Em D G Cuz you belong to me Em D G […]