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Radical Love chords – Victory Worship V2

RADICAL LOVE Victory Worship INTRO:D#m7 B2 F# C#2 2x VERSE 1: D#m B You found me in my darkest hour F# C# You gave me hope and gave me life D#m B You give a love that’s greater F# You lead me out the darkness C# And into your light D#m B I was blind […]

What Do You Know chords – Left Banke

The Left Banke – What Do You Know song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4f7j1ksXdM CAPO II VERSE 1 E And now you tell me that we're through I gave my better time to you A How can you say that I'm to blame? E You're the one that isn't quite the same A B Think on it girl, think […]

One Track Heart chords – Elvis Presley

One Track Heart – Elvis Presley Del Bradley CAPO on 3 ____________________________________________________________________ Please don't forget to rate and comment, Your feedback would be much appreciated, Thank you 🙂 ____________________________________________________________________ OPTIONAL SUBTLE INTRO C Am C Am C Am C Am Fmaj7 C C Just like an old grandfather's clock that won't stop run-ning C Fmaj7 […]

Im Alive chords – The Wild Feathers

Artist- The Wild Feathers Song- I'm Alive Intro Riff: A G D e——————–3———2——————-| B——————–3———3——————-| G——————–0———2——————-| D–2–2——–2—–0———0——————-| A–0–0–3–4–0—–2—————————–| E——————–3—————————–| A Riff Don't drag me down, just set me free A Riff I was thrown off the rails of a dead-end street E I'm a thousand miles from anywhere E Kicked to the curb, but I don't […]

Happy Hour chords – Cheryl Cole

Capo 1 Intro: Am F Am F Am F Em G Verse 1: Am F How can I know what you mean when you never ask Am F How can I drive you crazy when I've got no gas Am F How can we be together when we're so far apart Em G You tell […]

Whatever You Like chords – Ti V6

Intro: Dm Bb F C [Chorus:] Dm Stacks on deck Patrone on ice Bb And we can pop bottles all night F Baby you can have whatever you like (you like) C I said you can have whatever you like (you like) Yeah Dm Late night s**, so wet and so tight Bb I'll gas […]

Dairybeat – Droomland – Paul De Leeuw En Andre Hazes – Cover chords

DAIRYBEAT: DROOMLAND (Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere – US 1897) 3/4 – 98 (L: J. Brown-Pounds/M: J.S. Fearis/Dutch: J. Ditch) |./. |: Herhaal het vorige Akkoord en Maat van 3-Tellen. Intro: | G | Am | G7 | C | G |./. | D7 | G | Couplet 1: G |./. | Am7 | D | […]

Cry Like A Man chords – Christy Moore

G G D G Take a look around you, how much longer can you live this way C G C G C G D trash on the floor, from weeks before, just gets deeper by the day, Em D G C Am cant let go of that foolish pride, you keep it locked up in-side […]

Again chords – Melanie Safka

Melanie Safka – Again INTRO: D G D Nothing for me to do G D But be alone tonight G D Maybe I'll sit and write G 'Cause if I don't A The ones I met won't G D Be my friends for life G A Where did I put my paper and pen? G […]

Maggie Mahoney chords – Seabird

Maggie Mahoney-Seabird Tuning: Standard CAPO 1 VERSE D A Em G D Love isn't always the way to a place we all know A Em G Making up for lost time can be hard B I know this girl named Maggie Mahoney G Stole the dance and left me so lonely D A B Maggie […]

Omission Acoustic chords – John Frusciante

Artist: John Frusciante Song: Omission (acoustic) Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JyW5pqkDs8 Transcription: SCA, kostya.levin.sca Tuning: standard Capo: NO capo Chords used: C: x. G7: Am: x. Fadd9: x.x. Fmaj7: x. D9: x. Intro: C G7 Am Fadd9 x4 Verse: C G7 Am Fadd9 Omit myself C G7 Am Fadd9 Omit myself C G7 Am Fadd9 Omit myself […]

Big Eyes chords – Lana Del Rey

NOT MY TAB, FROM CHORDS TV CAPO 3 Am C G D With your big eyes And your big lies With your big eyes F Am G D And your big lies D I saw you creeping around the garden Am What are you hiding? E Am I beg your pardon don't tell me "nothing" […]

Prsti Zapleteni chords – Jelena Rozga

Capo: 2. freet Intro: G D Bm G Em7 A D D Em7 Ljubav ima lipe rici Bm A da bar zna sam jednu rec G D lipa ric da te izlici Em7 A ne bi mogla ti utec D F#m da si samo tija cuti Bm A sto ti sapce srca glas G D […]

Kid chords – Pretenders

{title:KID} {Subtitle:Pretenders} [C]Kid what [Am]changed your mood You've [F]gone all sad so I [G]feel sad too [C]I think I [Am]know some [F]things we [G7]never outgr[C]ow [C]You think it's wro[Am]ng [Am]I can tell you do [F]How can I explain When [G]you don't want me to [C] [Am] [F] [G] [C]Kid my [Am]only kid You [F]look so […]

Gardakvarnar Och Skit chords – Hakan Hellstrom V2

Capo på 2:a bandet Em D/F# Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 e——–7-7-7————————————————————– B——-8-8-8———10-10-10———————————————- G——9-9-9———11-11-11—–16-16-16—14-14—12-12—12-12-12h14-14- D-/9–9-9-9—-/12–12-12-12—–17-17-17—16-16—14-14—14————– A——————————/15-15-15—14-14—12-12—12————— E————————————————————————— Em D/F# Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 livet förändras, var jag än går Em D/F# Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 & det kommer kanske, inte alltid va vi två C G/B Am7 bara så länge det finns stjärnor över oss C G/B D Em […]

Christmas Time Is Here chords – Daniela Andrade

——————————————————————————- CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE – Daniela Andrade ft. Cutest Dog in the Galaxy ——————————————————————————- : Ndermawan ndermawan Tuning:Standard Capo 9 All chords relative to capo (so capo = 0) Love this simple version, so intimate and candlelight-y 🙂 Chords used: C Am7 F Em Dm Cmaj7 A#maj7 e|———-0—0—1————| B|–1—1—1—0—3—5—3—-| G|–0—0—2—0—2—4—2—-| D|–2—2—3—2—0—5—3—-| A|–3—0—3—2——-3—1—-| E|———-1—0—————-| Picking […]

Silent Night chords – Misc Christmas V8

This is my version of Silent Night. Its a bit of a combination of using the chords as well as a tab. Most of the song uses chords, but with slight variations on the fingerings. I am listing the names of the base chords above the tab for a reference, but follow the fingerings in […]

Ach Spij Kochanie chords – Various Artists

Akordy: A7/5+ (x05665) lub (x03021) D#dim (xx1212) D/C (x3x232) Bb/5+ (x10332) F#dim (234242) Bm6 (x20102) D Em7 A7 D Em7 A7 D Em7 A7 D D7 W górze ty–le gwiazd, w dole ty–le miast, G Em7 D Bm E7 Em7 A7/5+ Gwiazdy miastu dają znać, że dzieci muszą spać. D D#dim Em7 A7 D D#dim […]

Tsunami chords – Southern All Stars

============================================================================================================ Tsunami – Southern All Stars ============================================================================================================ VERSE 1: D A/C# Bm Kaze ni tomadou yowaki na boku A G A F#m Bm Toori sugaru ano hi no kage G A F#m Bm Em A Hontowa mitame ijou namida moroi kakoga aru VERSE 2: D A/C# Bm Tomedo nagaru sayaka mizuyo A G A F#m […]

Vivo Estás chords – Hillsong United V3

Vivo Estás (Alive) – Hillsong Young and Free INTRO (2 veces): C#m – E/G# – A A – C#m – B I ESTROFA C#m E/G# A Roto estaba mi corazón A C#m B Pero tu mano me rescató C#m E/G# A Del polvo yo volví a nacer A C#m B La salvación en ti encontré […]