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Will You Remember Me Tomorrow chords – Margaret Berger

ORDER: I V1 C INT V2 C B C C O [INTRO] E | | | | [VERSE 1] E C#m Deep inside you always were my sweet – heart E C#m But I never thought you taste so sweet E So hold me tight and don't let go C#m Till we see the sunrise […]

Half Over You chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – Half Over You CAPO: 2nd Fret INTRO: C G F C G C Bb F C Cadd9 C I've seen rock bottom F C And I've sailed to the top G Now I'm somewhere in between C Believe that it's over Cadd9 C F But sometimes still blue C There's no place […]

Surrender chords – Jimi Cravity

Artist: Passion (Jimi Cravity) Salvation's Tide Is Rising Song: Surrender Key: E Intro: E ||| F#m ||| A ||| B ||| Verse 1: E F#m Lord, every beat of my heart A B And every breath in my lungs is Yours E F#m Lord, every day of my life A B And every dream in […]

Left Undone chords – Jars Of Clay Vsion 2

There were some annoying parts to do, so if something sounds wrong, I am open to all suggestions. Intro: F# G#m B A#m F# G#m D#m [Verse I] F# G#m B A#m F# I can hear the choir singing from the top of their lungs G#m D#m Standing outside in the cold wondering which way […]

Big Midnight Special chords – Wilma Lee Cooper

C F C Big midnight special shine your light on me G7 C Big midnight special shine your ever loving light on me F C Woke up this morning heard the whistle blow G7 C The jailer said come boy it's time to go C F C Big midnight special shine your light on me […]

Please Come Home For Christmas chords – Eagles Vsion 3

(play open string or Capo 2 for a higher pitch) D+ 000332 or x3345x G Bm/F# Em G7 Bells will be ringing, the glad glad news C Gdim 345353 Oh, what a Christmas, to have the blues G C G Bm/F# Em My baby’s gone, I have no friends A D To wish me greetings, […]

For Sentimental Reasons chords – The Cleftones

For Sentimental Reasons:The Cleftones. #60 on BB Hot 100 on GEE Records in 1961. INTRO: Ab Fm Ab Fm #1. Ab Db Gm7 Eb Ab I love you (I love you) for sentimental reasons. Db Eb Ab Bbm Eb Bbm Eb I hope that you (believe in me, believe in me) Ab Fm I've given […]

Highway Prayer chords – Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll – Highway Prayer G C G For those who the road is all that matters
 C G For them who have lived on borrowed time 
G C G For those whose seeds in life are scattered
 C D For them that are too far down the line For those who have lived on […]

Luomo A Metà chords – Enzo Jannacci

G Sotto la pioggia e' inutile il freno Passano i giorni ci si parla sempre D7 B7 G6 A di meno Finisce il lavoro non c'entra l'eta' di un uomo pulito D7 G G9 diviso a meta' Chissa' se da giovane ha avuto un amore Chissa' D7 B7 se qualcuno gli ha spezzato il cuore […]

All I Know chords – Art Garfunkel Vsion 3

I play it with capo @ 6 intro % G C D G G C D G D C D Cmaj7 G C Bm D G G C I bruise you D G You bruise me G C D G We both bruise too easily D C D Cmaj7 % G Too easily to let […]

Foolish Heart chords – The Mavericks

G7 F C G7 Foolish heart you made me weep C Foolish heart I'm yours to keep C7 F You're the one that's still with me G7 C F C Foolish heart don't set me free G7 C There was a time when you said to me G7 C Don't fall in love so easily […]

Mystery Train chords – Glen Campbell

Mystery Train Glen Campbell Glen Campbell GoodTime Hour INTRO E Verse 1 A E Train ar..rive..sixteen coaches long. A G E Train ar..rive..sixteen coaches long. B7 A E Oh Well, that long black train, Done took my baby and gone. Riff A E B7 A E Verse 2 A E Well Train, train..comin' 'round, the […]

Menunggumu chords – Noah Vsion 2

[intro] Em D (2x) Em Di dalam sebuah cinta D Terdapat bahasa Em Yang mengalun indah D Mengisi jiwa Em Merindukan kisah D Kita berdua C Yang tak pernah bisa Akan terlupa [chorus] Cadd9 G Cadd9 Bila rindu ini masih milikmu G Cadd9 Kuhadirkan sebuah tanya untukmu G Cadd9 Harus berapa lama aku menunggumu Aku […]

As We Go Along chords – The Monkees Vsion 3

Written By Carole King & Toni Stern Performed By The Monkees for "Head" Performance Notes: Singing and playing this can be a little tricky if you're not comfortable with phrasing in 5/4, such as the intro and verses for this song. It shifts to a swinging 3/4 for the choruses, but most of the song […]

Face A La Mer chords – Calogero

Tonalité : F# | G | G# | A | A# | B | C | C# | D | D# | E | F | F# Bm A2 On choisit ni son origine, ni sa couleur Em de peau comme on rêve d'une vie de château Gbm Bm quand on vit le ghetto naître […]

Showdown chords – Electric Light Orchestra Vsion 2

Showdown – Electric Light Orchestra, from 1973’s On The Third Day Written by Jeff Lynne. I’m not sure about the lyrics in the fade-out. If anyone has any idea, let me know. Also not 100% sure if there's a chord change after Gm7 in the chorus. Cello Riff: D|——–1—-| A|-3-3-1h3-h3-3| Played over some of the […]

Bring The Broken Home chords – Vous Live

"Bring the Broken Home" – Vous Live Chords by: ajangelia Intro – G A Bm A (2x) Verse 1: G A Jesus let me see Bm Glimpses of eternity A G What you're calling me to be G A Changing all my doubt Bm A G Letting go and reaching out to the broken and […]

Coracao chords – The National Parks

CAPO III INTRO: C G F C G F C G x4 C Am F Running barefoot on the dusty ground C G The street is alive as the sun goes down Am F C G ohh ohh oh I could never let you go Am F When you're tired awake but you feel awake […]

Big Wheel Cannonball chords – d*** Curless

C F This great and mighty nation will sing forever more G7 C Of the pioneers brave engineers and heroes by the score F But the world of transportation has its own breed just as great G7 G It's the men of steel behind the wheels of the big rigs haulin' freight F Listen to […]

What I Wouldnt Give chords – Glen Campbell

What I Wouldn't Give Glen Campbell Intro G# C G# C Verse 1 G# C What I wouldn't give to make you stronger G# C What I wouldn't give to see you smile again G# C What I wouldn't give to erase that fear in your eyes G# C F Dm What I wouldn't give […]