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Fare Thee Well Dinks Song chords – Oscar Isaac Vsion 9

This is the version that Llewyn begins to sing at the Gorfein's dinner. It sounds nice with a bit of harmony but it's better for going solo when you don't have a partner to sing along. This version differs slightly in the chord progression than the recorded version of the song. No capo originally, but […]

Chains chords – Patty Loveless Vsion 2

Patty Loveless – Chains CAPO: 2nd Fret INTRO: C F Bb F C F Bought a ticket to Seattle, but I can't get to the plane C G Every time I leave you, I keep running out of chain C F My hunger for your loving never gives me any slack G But if I […]

When I Stop Dreaming chords – Glen Campbell

When I Stop Dreaming Glen Campbell live Performance Hee Haw Intro A A7 D A E E7 A Chorus 1 A A7 D When I…… stop dreaming A E E7 A That's when I'll stop loving you Verse 1 D A E The worst that I've ever been hurt in my life E7 D A […]

New To You chords – Matt York

E A B E A B C#m E C#m E A B B A B B Gonna fall down again from end to end til I'm new to you. E Til I'm new to you. E A B E A B B B5/A B5/G B5/F# E A B I know all there is about crying […]

En Cloque chords – Renaud Vsion 2

ALBUM Morgane de toi – 1983 Paroles & musique Renaud Séchan ——— C Elle a mis sur l' mur Am Au dessus du berceau G7 Une photo d'Arthur C Rimbaud C Avec ses cheveux en brosse Am Elle trouve qu'il est beau G7 Dans la chambre du gosse C Bravo F Déjà Les p'tits anges […]

Outside chords – Tops

Outside by Tops Intro: D D / D F#m Bm A Verse: D Outside, you don’t know why F#m Tell each other in the middle of the night Bm Talk about it like you really want to know A What she running around for? D Rat-tat the door unlatch F#m Someone here to take you […]

The Last Letter chords – Glen Campbell

The Last Letter Glen Campbell Intro D F#m Bm A Verse 1 D F#m D D7 Em A Why do you treat me as if I were only a friend Em A Em A7 D What have I done that's made you so distant and cold A D F#m G Sometimes I wonder if you'll […]

Everything That Rises Must Converge chords – Venus

Song: Everything that rises must converge Venus The Red Room Year: 2006 Tabber: beranger80@hotmail.com Unusual chords: In the intro: Dm: x 5 7 7 6 5 Dsus4: x 5 7 7 8 5 In the verse: D: 10 12 12 10 x x Gm: x 10 12 12 11 x Gsus2: x 10 12 12 […]

Youre Laughing At Me chords – Ella Fitzgerald

YOU'RE LAUGHING AT ME – ELLA FITZGERALD "Ella Swings Gently with Nelson"(1962) ClassicalfreaK Gm GmM7 Gm9 Gm6 Eb9 F7 Cm7 F7 BbM7 Gm7 I love you which is easy to see Cm7 F7 But I have to keep guessing BbM7 Bb9 How you feel about me EbM7 Eo7 Bb/F Go7 You listen to the words […]

The Checking Out chords – Steve Brooks

Steve Brooks – The Checking Out CAPO: 2nd Fret INTRO: G D Em D C G D Em I heard the word this morning, it came as no surprise D C D You bought a one-way ticket, we could see it in your eyes G D Em But you left a great impression as you […]

Till I Fall Asleep chords – Jayme Dee Vsion 3

Capo 1 C F Am If you would just slow down you would see F We were meant for something C F Am Lay your armor down and stay with me F Aren't you tired of running? G F G Can we go back before the storm came raging? F And everything we built was […]

Wandering Star chords – Portishead

Am C F E7 Please could you stay awhile to share my grief, G E For it's such a lovely day, Am E To have to always feel this way, Am C F E7 & the time that I will suffer less, G E Am ( E7 ) Is when I never have to wake […]

The Devils Right Hand chords – The Highwaymen Vsion 2

C About the time my daddy left to fight the big war G7 I saw my first pistol in the general store In the general store when I was thirteen C Thought it was the finest thing I ever had seen So I asked if I could have one someday when I grew up G7 […]

Hullaballoos – Did You Ever chords

Did You Ever:The Hullaballoos. #74 on BB Hot 100 on ROULETTE Records in 1965. INTRO: Ab Gb Ab..Eb Ab Gb..Ab Eb Ab #1. Ab Db Eb Ab Db Eb Did you ever long to kiss me..did you ever really miss me? Ab Db Eb Ab Eb Ab Gb Ab Eb Ab Gee, it's funny, listen, […]

Jeune Jai Envie chords – Louane

Louane – Jeune (j'ai envie) : anderssoncaro —————————– No Capo Intro: F Am C G F Am C G Verse: F Am J'aimerais en suivant le soleil C Avoir le vertige G Perdre le sommeil F Am Je voudrais au plus prêt des falaises C G Sentir le danger et que ça me plaise F […]

Head Over Boots chords – Jon Pardi Vsion 4

Head over boots C G D Em F D# Cm G I wanna sweep you off your feet tonight D I wanna love you and hold you tight Em Spin you around on some old dance floor C Cm Act like we never met before for fun, G Cause you re the one I want, […]

Go On chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – Go On INTRO: C G C N.C. C G C Maybe in time, it'll get easier F G When there's been enough time between us F G C F Right now it seems so hard to face that we're apart C G C And to believe one day we'll put these years […]

Strong chords – Glen Campbell

Strong Glen Campbell Intro C# B C# B C# Verse 1 C# G#m C# G#m C# As I look into these eyes I've known for all these years G#m C# G#m F# I see for the first time in my life fear E A B C# This is not the road I wanted for us […]

Lets Go To The Beach chords – Matt York

Intro G (with an occasional slide up to a B Flat G I don't know but I've been told that watching TV can make you old and I don't wanna be old. Em Lets go to the beach, lets go to the beach Lets go to the beach, lets go to the beach G I've […]

Here We Go Again chords – George Strait

G7 C F Here we go again she's back in town again G7 C I'll take her back again one more time G7 C F Here we go again the phone will ring again G7 C C7 I'll be her fool again one more time F C I've been there before and I'll try it […]