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So Sweet chords – Jason Chen

Hey ūüôā Hope you enjoy this tab! If there are any mistakes, sorry, this is my first tab :P. P.S. For the Ooooo part, each o represents a different note. A F#m The way you make me feel you just dont know Bm E You always pick me up when I feel low A F#m […]

Shine In Your Mind chords – The Apples In Stereo

The Apples In Stereo "Shine (In Your Mind)" from Electronic projects for Musicians Derek and Joe intro: D E D E D E D E A F#m Here I come A D C#m A A marigold for you to hold A F#m Now one on one A D C#m A There's something there for us […]

By The Sea chords – Easyworld

By the Sea So this is a predominantly piano part, transcribed for the guitar. A/C is probably not the right name for that chord but its a nice one. A/C x30210 Fmaj7 x33210 A D Bmin E A D Bmin E A D hey its been a while Bmin since we took yr car E […]

Voices Acoustic chords – Jim Johnston V2

First tab here so dont hate to much!!! this is my own acoustic version of the song so not sure if its to everybody's liking but I think it sounds alrigh, please leave feedback WWE Randy Orton – Voices C I hear voices in my head G They talk to me They understand Em They […]

Blind And Unwise chords – Gregory And The Hawk

C Am You say ‚Äėso, convince me to stay‚Äô F Dm C Am F Dm i luckily am trained and say ‚Äėstay‚Äô C Am F Dm you say ‚Äėbaby, don‚Äôt toe the line. C Am don‚Äôt you think that love should F Dm be blind and unwise?‚Äô you‚Äôve been going, going gone if only in […]

Let It Be Christmas chords – Alan Jackson V3


Body Out Of Bed chords – Quietdrive

SONG: BODY OUT OF BED ARTIST: QUIETDRIVE TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM BODY OUT OF BED QUIETDRIVE VERSE: F It seems colder yet, Bb F the longer the seasons pretend to get Bb F The long now the days with the snow and rain Bb F I try to look out at my window […]

I Dont Wanna Die Anymore chords – New Radicals

I Don't Wanna Die Anymore New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too (1998) *Intro: F – Bb (x2) D#5 – Bb – F (x2) D#5 Bb F Two months of fun, two years of pain D#5 Bb F Add it up and get a life of rain D#5 Bb F Need to scream but too […]

National Anthem chords – The Gaslight Anthem V2

Capo 4 Intro : C Am G F C I never will forget you my American love Am G F C And Ill always remember you, wild as they come F G Am And though if I saw you Id pretend not to know F G Am The place where you were in my heart […]

Sleepwalker chords – The Parlotones

C G D Ah UUUUU ah ah ah Ah UUUUU C G Silver eyes, a golden smile D Hey, man you are the ghost C G D Silver roads it can not grows C G A lantern gliss in the same old sea D C G D And I know now that it won't get […]

The One You Feed chords – Crown The Empire

Chords for The One You Feed by Crown The Empire. Standard tuning, no capo. Tabbed by lafawafa, hope you all enjoy! Chords used: Bm – 224432 G – 320003 A – 002220 E – 022100 ———————– Intro: Bm G A (x2) Verse 1: Bm In the wake of my broken dreams G A In the […]

Let It Go chords – Casual Way

Intro A G E F# (x2) A G E F# Sometimes, I cry A G E F# Your love, hurts me A G E F# Now I'm not, your guy A G E F# Can you, believe me? A D G C I'm gonna let it go, where I've never been A D G E […]

Tonight Matthew Im Going To Be With Jesus chords – Half Man Half Biscuit

E I've been up to no good A I've been dissed in the 'hood B E I've been locked in the Rock City, Notts I got stars in my eyes A I told thousands of lies B E When arrested at Cowes robbing yachts. B7 A E Yesterday Matthew, I was a Factory completist B7 […]

Tranquil Queen chords – Gina Barkey

TRANQUIL QUEEN (words & music by GINA BARKEY) D , Am , D , Am D Am 1)She's a Tranquil Queen D Am She's quite a dream D Am She shines just like white snow D Am She doesn't talk G Am She only walks G Am with those she's come to know. –INSTRUMENTAL– D,Am,D,Am […]

To Be A Christian chords – Jonathan Pierce

To Be a Christian – Jonathon Pierce G To be a Christian G/B C Is to bear another's load G/B Am To carry what they hold D D7 When they can't walk another day G To be a Christian G/B C Is holding out a hand G/B Am G To help another stand F D […]

Are You Happy Now chords – Ellie Goulding

Gm I saw your picture in the paper today. Dm C I didn't know the eyes, but I recognized your face. Gm I read what you're doing and doing it in style. Dm C Last year I might have cried, but tonight I'll try to smile. C Gm Are you happy now? Am I let […]

Un Viejo Blues chords – Pappo

D7 F#7 G7 No sé porque, imaginé, que estábamos unidos G#dim y me sentí mejor.. D7 B7 E7 Pero aquí estoy, tan solo en la vida A7 D7 G7 D7 A7 que mejor me voy. (verse 2 same chords) Y un viejo blues, me hizo recordar momentos de mi vida, mi primer amor, pero aquí […]

Still chords – Hillsongs V8

Still ‚Äď Hillsong Try In Key of E for high pitch male voice Christian Estoesta of British School Manila January 2014 E E/D# C#m Hide me now A F# B Under your wings E E/D# C#m Co…ver me A F# B Within Your mighty hands Refrain E A When the ocean rise E B and […]

Walking Blind chords – Aidan Hawken

INTRO: A , C#m , F#m A , C#m , F#m , A VERSE: A C#m Don't tell me the truth F#m Tell me that it didn't happen A C#m There's been a mistake F#m There's been a misunderstanding BRIDGE: C#m A Dirty your hands F#m E Tearing my heart into pieces C#m F#m If […]

Chiquita Banana Obama chords – The Eric Andre Show

C Chaquita Banana x2 Dm7 Obama G Chaquita Banana X2 C ( A# G ) Osh Kosh B'Gosh C Chaquita Banana X2 Dm7 Obama G A Simple Suppertime S'Bout a Dime C ( A# G ) Of Love C Of Love (of love) Dm7 Of Love (of Love) G C ( A# G ) Love […]