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Refree – Un Buen Tio chords

G C D G C D G Tardes y tardes sentado así soñando con descubrir C D G C D G centímetros de rodilla blondas de color gris. C D G Em C D G Se sabe unas frases en latín y cree que embauca a todas las mujeres C D G C D G […]

Somewhere chords – Casual Way

Intro A G D E (x4) A G D E The weather is fine, no clouds in the sky A G D E Miami's behind me, I'm making a fresh start Bm A E E A new place, somewhere, to go Bm A E E A new place, somewhere, to go A G D E […]

Backflip chords – The Front Bottoms

B E F# B E F# I don't see me mad at situations, B E F# I see me turn and walk away B E F# I see a tattoo on my right thigh that I will B E (hi) probably regret one day B E (hi) Yeah, I will probably regret one day B […]

Coyotes chords – Matt Poss

http://www.mattposs.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matt-Poss-Band/292012160837970 Intro: D A G x2 D A G There was a cowboy I knew in south Texas D A G His face was burnt deep by the sun D A G Part history, part sage, part Mexican D A G He was there when Poncho Villa was young D A G And he'd […]

Farther Than Your Grace Can Reach chords – Jonathan Pierce

Farther Than Your Grace Can Reach – Jonathan Pierce C Dm7 Em F C Dm7 Em F C G/B Am F I lie awake at night and wonder C G/B Am F How You can still put up with me C G/B Am G I know I push You to the limits D/F# F G […]

Pony With A Golden Mane chords – Every Mothers Son

Pony With A Golden Mane:Every Mother's son. #41 RPM Canada and #93 on BB Hot 100 on MGM Records in 1967. (Simillar message to that of 'Puff The Magic Dragon'..about childhood lost. And, no, neither was about smoking marihuana/drugs.) INTRO: E #1. D A E Once, was a boy and he rode through the meadows […]

This Is Where I Stand chords – Easyworld

This Is Where I Stand unusual chords Cmaj9 x32033 Cmin9(?) x31033 Verse 1 G D The ache of a thousand nearly nothings Emin Bmin Like unrequited love C Doesn’t mean Cmin A single f***ing thing G D The ground has shifted crazy Emin Bmin This is where I stand C And here I’ll stay Cmin […]

Marilyn chords – Rosenstolz

C G Willst du mich küssen Am D Küssen kann ich noch G Und es kann gut sein F D Dass dieser Kuss mein bester wird Du bist Marilyn Monroe Ist für mich okay Und kann es nicht sein Dass von uns zweien die Welt noch hört G Am Und wir zünden einander an G […]

King Of Broken Hearts chords – Carolina Liar

intro: Gm Eb Bb x2 Gm Eb Bb My lungs lay still but I'm breathing out Gm Eb Bb I know your name but it won't come out Gm Eb Bb If there's a way to believe I can't feel a thing Gm Eb F Bb I'm free as a bird with a broken wing […]

Love Your Friends Die Laughing chords – Man Overboard V4

I like playing it this way , tell me what you think! 🙂 D , G (X2) D Well the night gets old so Im back again. G The day just started because Im up with my old friends, D the fat smoke and funny joke. G Sitting like a sponge, letting everything soak. D […]

Breathe chords – Alexi Murdoch V2

Capo 1 Am G F C In the quiet of the shadow Am G F C In the corner of a room Am G F C Darkness moves upon you Am G F C Like a cloud across the moon Am G F C You're a-wearing all the silence Am G F C Of a […]

Feel chords – Robbie Williams V6

FEEL – Robbie Williams INTRO (x2) – Dm Am/D F/D G/D Verse – Dm Am/C Come and hold my hand…… A/C# A I wanna contact the living…… Gm Dm/F Not sure I understand A/E A This role I've been given Dm Am/C I sit and talk to God A/C# A And he just laughs at […]

White Odious – Round The Block chords

A Bm C#m Bm A Just like the summer felt you coming round real slow Just like a mystic you were naked in the cove D F#m D E F#m D You told me you had secrets and I followed you inside My feet above Golgotha While you robed yourself in night E ( A […]

What Do You Want With Me chords – Chad And Jeremy

What Do You Want With Me:Chad And Jeremy. #9 A.C. and #51 on BB Hot 100 on WORLD ARTISTS? COLUMBIA Records in 1965. INTRO: E B E F #1. E Abm F#m Ab What do you want with me..oh, baby, can't you see.. Dbm My love and I were happy before you came along.. F# […]

Believing chords – Lennon And Maisy

Capo 2nd Intro: G C G C G C G Verse 1: C G C G I don't remember how I got here D C G When my rose colored glasses disappeared C G C G Sometimes my fingers, they can lose touch D C G And start letting go of everything I love Chorus: […]

Bounce chords – Cho Yong Pil

Tuning: standart No capo. Intro C , Dm , Am , G (x4) Verse C , Dm , Am , G (x8) Chorus F , Am , G (x3) F C , Dm , Am , G (x2) Verse 2 C , Dm , Am , G (x4) Chorus C , Dm , Am , […]

Under The Knife chords – One Man Romance

Dear Ultimate-Guitar: Here's a link to their website: http://www.ramshackleglory.com/bands-onemanromance.html Intro (lots of downstrumming, only the first two strings or so): D/F# G (4x) First verse (same style as intro): D/F# G D/F# G I got a phone call from Lake Worth D/F# G D/F# G That you were coming back today D/F# G D/F# G […]

Bud Tucker – Without You chords

Info: This is an original song I wrote back in 1995. Capo the 3rd fret. Finger pick the chords slowly in 4/4 time. Very sad bluesy melody. This is my 1st tab so I apologize if I mess it up. lol 1st Verse. G Another long lonely night, C Is just around the bend. G […]

Im Not Down chords – The Clash

This is my first chord tab for a guitar cover and I'm pretty sure it's 100% accurate. I figured why not since nobody else has uploaded the chords for this awesome song. So here it is: Intro: A C#m F#m B (x2) e|————————————————————————————| B|————————————————————————————| G|————————————————————————————| D|-9-9-9-9-9–7-7-7-7-7–6-6-6-6-6–4-4-4-4-4–12-12-12-12-12–11-11-11-11-11–14-14–| A|-9-9-9-9-9–7-7-7-7-7–6-6-6-6-6–4-4-4-4-4–12-12-12-12-12–11-11-11-11-11–14-14–| E|-7-7-7-7-7–5-5-5-5-5–4-4-4-4-4–2-2-2-2-2–10-10-10-10-10–9–9–9–9–9—12-12–| A F#m E If it's true that […]

Right Thing chords – Easyworld

Right Thing Intro Play with these chords e-9–10-9—2-3-2———————————————| B-10-10-10–3-3-3———————————————| then after a few times G-9–9–9—2-2-2- G-4-2-| A D G A x4 Verse 1 Play the intro chords on the 9th and 2nd frets purple lights were flashing, oh i got a 20 says your thinking of me oh these eyes you made all night if […]