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Christmas Lullaby chords – John Rutter

If you want to use a capo then simply place it on the third fret and transpose this to D major. Enjoy Verse 1 F Bb F C Clear in the darkness a light shines in Bethlehem: F Bb F C Angels are singing, their sound fills the air. Dm Gm Bb F Wise men […]

Dad chords – Neele Ternes Vsion 4

Intro: Bb I never told you how Dm How much you mean to me Gm What in the world I would do Eb Gm F Eb Eb I just never made it through to you, oh, to you Verse1: Bb There goes a day, there goes a week Dm So many goals I had to […]

Salvations Tide chords – Kristian Stanfill Vsion 3

Salvation's Tide Passion 2016 by Riley Anne C There is no limit to Your power Am There is no stopping what You plan G You give us faith to move the mountains F And hope to dream again C We see the fires of revival Am The darkness giving way to light G The glory […]

Bonnie George Campbell chords – Traditional

C Hie upone Highlands, F C and lay upon tay. C Bonnie George Campbell G rode out on a day. C He saddled, and bridled, F C so gallant rode he. C And hame cam his guid horse, G C but never cam he. C Out cam his mother dear, F C greeting fu sair. […]

Zwei Komma Acht Kilometer Bier chords – Götz Widmann

Intro: G / C7 / D7 / C7 / G G Neulich bin ich mal zum Altglascontainer gelaufen, C7 Hab' ich länger nicht gemacht, ich war übel am schnaufen, D7 C7 und als ich dann erschöpft zurück gelaufen bin, G kamen mir die ganzen leeren Flaschen in den Sinn, die ich bemitleidenswerter Knabe, C7 in […]

The House Weve Been Calling Home chords – David Allan Coe

"The House We've Been Calling Home" by D.A.C. Capo 1st fret E A E Jessie she stares like a cat with a bird that has fallen and broke its wing E A B Terri she puts on her make-up and wonders what promise the new day will bring A B E A B E Debbie […]

I Love My Truck chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

I Love My Truck Glen Campbell A side single 1981 Intro D Verse 1 D Well, it'll just get you down G If you let life get to you D Cause everybody's saying something A None of it's true D Well, I just don't care G When them times get hard D Cause I got […]

I Aint No Nice Guy chords – Motörhead Vsion 4

I Ain't No Nice Guy by Motörhead Máirt This version is with the musically correct chord shapes and names taking into account that the tuning is down a Half-Step. Version 2 is my work too and may be less confusing for beginners. For the sake of accuracy though, here's this one. Tuning: Down a half […]

Im Gonna Knock On Your Door chords – Billy Crash Craddock

G I'm gonna knock on your door ring on your bell D7 Tap on your window too G C If you don't come out tonight when the moon is bright G D7 G I'm gonna knock and ring and tap until you do I'm gonna knock on your door call out your name D7 Wake […]

Frosinone chords – Calcutta

G C Am G C Mangio la pizza e sono il solo sveglio in tutta la città Am bevo un bicchiere per pensare al meglio G Am per rivivere lo stesso sbaglio E F a mezzanotte ne ho commessi un paio Am che ridere che fa E F G C mangio la pizza e sono […]

The Weekend chords – Dave Rawlings Machine

"The Weekend" – Dave Rawlings Machine – Nashville Obsolete – 2015 wranglingoutlaw C I hit the weekend G Just like a freight Am I got there early F I couldn’t wait C I made a friend or two G Along the way Am You want the detail F But what can I say Am There’s […]

A Thing Or Two chords – The Beach Boys

A Thing Or Two:Beach Boys. Album – Wild Honey – #7 on UK Albums and #24 on BB Hot 200 on CAPITOL Records in 1967. INTRO: B #1. B E B E When I see my baby, when I see my little girl. B E When I see my woman. BRIDGE: A F#m I'm gonna […]

Before I Found The Wine chords – Tommy Cash

C F Yesterday I had a future and I was happy G7 C I had your love and the whole wide world was mine F I had money to spend and a woman who called me darling G7 C Yes but that was before I found the wine F C Before I found the wine […]

Roter Mond chords – Herbert Groenemeyer

Song: Roter Mond Artist: Herbert Grönemeyer Dauernd jetzt Year: 2014 Tabber: beranger80@hotmail.com Intro (0:00) Cm Cm\Bb Ab Ab Cm Cm\Bb Ab Ab Verse (0:16) Cm Die Tage drehen bei Cm\Bb Ab Bb Sind bereit für den weiten Weg zurück Cm Cm\Bb Der rote Mond bewegt sich klar Ab Reist mit, verfolgt mich stetig Gm Stück […]

Beyond The Sunset For Me chords – Doyle Lawson

C My soul is now thrilling with joy He is filling F C When I think of what's over life's sea Our loved ones are waiting they're now congregating G7 C Beyond the sunset for me Beyond the sunset in that better home F The sunset angels are waiting to carry me home C G7 […]

Sunday Candy chords – Donnie Trumpet And The Social Experiment Vsion 4

This riff is the same for the entire song. There are probably some minor differences between the verses and chorus, but I've found this to be pretty accurate. The barre chord version sounds better than open chords in my opinion, but they open chords also work great if you're not as comfortable with barring. Enjoy! […]

The Day You Stop Lookin Back chords – Thomas Rhett Vsion 2

Intro: G , Em , Cadd9 , Am Verse 1: G Stop starin' at the rear view Em You ain't checkin' your hair Cadd9 That wheel has spun and them lights are out Am There ain't nothin' for you back there G Em Stop holdin' on so dang tight, 'bout time you let go Cadd9 […]

Philosophy chords – Ben Folds Five Vsion 2

INTRO C Cmaj7 C7 C6 Dm7 G Dm7 G C Cmaj7 C7 C6 Dm7 G Dm7 G C F Won't you look up at the skyline C Em At the mortar, block, and glass F D/F# G And check out the reflections in my eyes C F See they always used to be there C […]

Vision Of Love chords – Mariah Carey Vsion 2

C Treated me kind Bb Sweet destiny F Carried me through desperation E To the one that was waiting for me C It took so long Bb Still I believed F Somehow the one that I needed E Would find me eventually Eb D I had a vision of love F G And it was […]

Someone To Give My Love To chords – Glen Campbell

Someone to give my love to Glen Campbell Intro E D Verse 1 E D A Well, I could search from now to the end of the time E Never find another you D A Well I'm so glad because that I know you're mine E Someone to give my love to Verse 2 D […]