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4 Chords Of The Apocalypse Tab by Julian Casablancas

A 2 part guitar solo in the key of F. Part 1: s^13–13–13-13-13——————————–17p16h17–13p12h13-| ——————–15–13–15s^17–17-17-17-15———————-| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ————13—————-13————————————-| -15p14h15——16—————————————————-| ——————15b16b15p13—-15b16b15p13-14-15-16-15b17-17-17-17-| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————13—-17h13–18——17-| ———————-13—————-13h15–15——————–| 17-17———–12h14————–12h14——————–19s17—-| ———-12h15—————12h15———————————-| ——-15—————-13h15—————————————| ———————————————————————| ——-15————————————————————| ———————————————————————| 17s15——15b17–15b17-15-14-14b15-14b15-14–12-14b15-14b15-14-12—| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ——————————–| ——————————–| 14b15~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| ——————————–| ——————————–| ——————————–| Part 2: ———————————————————————| ———————————————18p17h18–15p14h15——| s17–17-17-17-17–15-13h14-s17-17-17-17-15—————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ———————————————————————| ————13—————-13————————————-| —————16—————————————————-| 14p13h14———-15b16b15p13—-15b16b15p13—-12-13-15-13—-15-13-| ———————————————15————-15——-| ———————————————————————| […]

My Love Is Here Chords – Erik Santos

Intro: A-E/G#-F#m-D-E-; A-E/G#-F#m-D- A E/G# F#m Words, nothing but words A/E D From me to show A/C# Bm E A How much my love for you unfolds E/G# F#m Through trouble and fears A/E D A/C# This love feels so free Bm E And I need you to know C#m D Even though we’re far […]

The First One Chords – Boys Like Girls

Intro: Bm G D A Verse1: Bm G D Even though you’re gone and far away, A I feel you all around. Bm G D I think about it every single day, A You got away somehow Pre-Chorus: G I can’t sleep, A It’s hard to breath, Bm D And i still feel you next […]

By The Time Chords – Mika

C Em Don’t wake up, won’t wake up, can’t wake up, no, don’t wake me up (Repeat) C Em It’s the early morn’ Am Lights flick on Dm G C Sleepy eyes peek through the blinds at something wrong Em Motionless remains the mess Am Dm G Shame, such a beautiful, beautiful, young life C […]