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Animal chords by Troye Sivan

how i play it – https://youtu.be/qBxAQemIyMY [Verse 1] G I told you something safe C Something I’ve never said before Em C And I, I, I can’t keep my hands off you G While you lie in the wake C Covered all in the night before Em C I’m high, high, high, no one’s got […]

Love Someone chords by Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham – Love Someone Tabbed by Mathias Vestergaard [Intro] C Em Am G F [Verse] C Em There are days Am I wake up and I pinch myself G F You’re with me, not someone else C Em And I am scared, yeah, I’m so scared Am G F That it’s all a dream […]

Apple Juice chords by Jessie Reyez

[Verse 1] F Broken home baby I can never blame you Gm No one ever taught you how to love right No one ever taught you how to stand by Bb When it’s uphill F And more times this love is just uphill [Verse 2] F You’re always fighting something You never stop running Gm […]

Dont Leave Me Alone chords by David Guetta

[Intro] G Am Em C D Em [Verse 1] G Am Em I don’t wanna lie, can we be honest? C D Em Right now while you’re sitting on my chest G Am Em I don’t know what I’d do without your comfort C D Em If you really go first, if you really left […]

Better Off chords by Ariana Grande

[Intro] G C G C G C Am D [Verse 1] G You keep me in your orbit C Well, I know I’m a hard one to please G Give it too much importance C My love’ll have you fall to your knees G I tell them this too often C Know better than to […]

If We Have Each Other chords by Alec Benjamin

[Verse 1] Am She was 19 with a baby on the way G On the East-side of the city, she was working every day Em Cleaning dishes in the evening, she could barely stay awake F G She was clinging to the feeling that her luck was gonna change Am G And, ‘cross town she […]

Promises chords by Calvin Harris with Sam Smith feat. Jessie Reyez

[Verse 1: Sam Smith] F Are you drunk enough? G Not to judge what I’m doin’€™ F Are you high enough? G To excuse that I’m ruined G ‘Cause I’€™m ruined F Is it late enough? G For you to come and stay over F Cause we’re free to love G So tease me, hmmm […]

Goodnight N Go chords by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande “goodnight n go” Standard tuning. Capo 1st fret. [Intro] C Dm Am F [Verse] C Dm Tell me why you gotta look at me that way Am You know what it does to me F So baby, what you tryna say? Ayy C Dm Lately, all I want is you on top of […]

Postcard chords by Troye Sivan feat. Gordi

[Verse 1] C F I sent you a postcard from Tokyo baby C F You never picked it up C F I even wrote it in Japanese, baby C F You didn’t give a f*** [Pre-Chorus] C ‘Cause I don’t sleep like your body’s on me F I won’t feel right until we can be […]

Rem chords by Ariana Grande

Stadard tuning. Corrections welcome. Cm7 Fm7 Dbm7 Ebm7 e|——————–| B|——————–| G|3—-8—-4—-6—-| D|1—-6—-2—-4—-| A|3—-8—-4—-6—-| E|——————–| [Verse 1] Cm7 Mhm Cm7 Fm7 Last night, boy, I met you Cm7 Dbm7 Yeah, when I was asleep (slee-eep) Cm7 You’re such a dream to me Mmm, woah Fm7 And it was on a day like this Yeah, if you […]

Never Alone chords by Tori Kelly

Capo 1 [Intro] F F7 C#7 C7 [Verse 1: Tori Kelly] F F7 In my time I’ve travelled some roads C#7 C7 A rolling stone, nowhere feels like home F F7 And I’ve seen people come, then they go C#7 C7 Life is just a story of some highs and some lows [Pre-Chorus 1: Tori […]

The Dark Side chords by Muse

[Intro] Em D Am Am Em D Am Am [Verse 1] Em Bsus4 B I have lived in darkness C F#7 For all my life, I’ve been pursued Am Em You’d be afraid if you could feel my pain D Am And if you could see the things I am able to see [Chorus] Em […]

Mantra chords by Bring Me the Horizon

MANTRA – BRING ME THE HORIZON (Guitar & Vocal Cover) -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zSW6MN-SIY [Verse 1] Intro] D5 C5 (x4) F5 C5 D5 (x4) [Verse 1] Dm Do you wanna start a cult with me? Dm I’m not vibrating like I ought to be Bb I need a purpose, I can’t keep surfing Dm Through this existential […]

Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw chords by December Avenue feat. Moira Dela Torre

[Verse 1] E G#m Kung hindi rin lang ikaw ang dahilan Amaj7 B Pipilitin ba ang puso kong hindi na masaktan? E G#m Kung hindi ikaw ay hindi na lang Amaj7 B Pipilitin pang umasa para sating dalawa [Pre-Chorus] Amaj7 B Giniginaw at hindi makagalaw G#m A – B E Nahihirapan ang pusong pinipilit ay […]

Di Na Muli chords by Janine Teñoso

DI NA MULI (JANINE TENOSO) Transcribed by Aumanology Capo on 1st Fret [Special Chords] C X32013 (Play this chord version on intro & every 1st note of verses) Am7 X02013 D9/F# 2X023X G 320033 [Intro] C [Verse 1] C Am7 Nung araw kay tamis ng ating buhay F Puno ng saya at ng kulay Fm […]

Natural chords by Imagine Dragons

[Intro] Dm A7 [Verse 1] Dm Will you hold the line When every one of them is giving up or giving in, tell me A7 In this house of mine Nothing ever comes without a consequence or cost, tell me Dm Will the stars align? Will heaven step in? Will it save us from our […]

Jangan chords by Marion Jola feat. Rayi Putra

[Intro] C [Verse] C Hanya dengan sepatah kata C kau buatku larut dalam cinta F Buat hati menutup mata F hingga tak melihat kau buaya C Buatku mudah percaya C walau ternyata berbahaya F Tersadar aku kini F tak mau ku dibodohi begini Dm Em (jelas sudah diriku kau dekati) Bb G namun bukan cinta […]

Eastside chords by Benny Blanco (Benjamin Levin) feat. Khalid and Halsey

[Verse 1] F#m E A When I was young, I fell in love D E We used to hold hands, man, that was enough (yeah) F#m E A Then we grew up, started to touch D E Used to kiss underneath the light on the back of the bus (yeah) F#m E A Oh no, […]

Breathin chords by Ariana Grande

Standard tuning. Capo 1st fret. Em7 G Cadd9 D/F# G/B D e|——————————| B|3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-3—-| G|0—-0—-0—-2—-0—-2—-| D|2—-0—-2—-0—-0—-0—-| A|2—-2—-3—-0—-2———| E|0—-3———2————–| [Intro] Em7 G Cadd9 [Verse 1] Em7 D/F# G G/B Cadd9 Some days, things just take way too much of my energy G/B Cadd9 D I look up and the whole room’s spinning Em7 D/F# G You take […]

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser – Sunflower chords by Misc Soundtrack/Shannon Purser

Note: this is for the short version of the song, which is not exactly the same musically or lyrically as the longer one. [Intro] C F x2 [Verse 1] C F Rose girls in glass vases C F Perfect bodies, perfect faces Am F They all belong in magazines C F Those girls the boys […]