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Happy Judgement Day chords by Neck Deep

[Intro] Ab Eb Ebm B Ebm Ab B Ebm Ab B [Verse 1] Gb E Gb Ebm Oh what a time to be alive B Gb B Wake up and smell the dynamite Gb E Gb And keep your eyes locked tight to that screen Abm And don’t believe everything that you see E Gb […]

Kicker Album Chords by Zella Day

Zella Day – Kicker 1. Jerome 2. High 3. Ace of Hearts 4. 1965 5. East of Eden 6. Hypnotic 7. Mustang Kids 8. The Outlaw Josey Wales 9. Jameson 10. Shadow Preachers 11. Sweet Ophelia 12. Compass ————————————————————————————————————– 1 – Jerome ————————————————————————————————————– Tab author: iClaremont Capo 3 ~ [Intro] Em Bm Em Bm [Verse […]

The Day You Stop Lookin Back chords – Thomas Rhett Vsion 2

Intro: G , Em , Cadd9 , Am Verse 1: G Stop starin' at the rear view Em You ain't checkin' your hair Cadd9 That wheel has spun and them lights are out Am There ain't nothin' for you back there G Em Stop holdin' on so dang tight, 'bout time you let go Cadd9 […]

End Of Me Tabs – A Day To Remember Vsion 4

Intro-Verse (Clean Guitar) E—————————————————————————————————- B–3—–3——————————————————————————————- G—-4-2—4–2—2-2—-1—2-1—1—2-1———————————————————– D—————4—–4—-2—–2—2—–2——————————————————— A–2————————————————————————————————- E————-2———-0—————————————————————————(6x) Chorus (1st Guitar) E—————————————————————————————————- B—————————————————————————————————- G—————————————————————————————————- D–4444–4444–2222———————————————————————————- A–2222–4444–2222———————————————————————————- E–2222–2222–0000———————————————————————————-(3x) Chorus (2nd Guitar) E——————————————————————————————————- B——————————————————————————————————- G–16-16-14-14-13-14/14——————————————————————————— D——————————————————————————————————- A–14-14-12-12-11-11/12——————————————————————————— E——————————————————————————————————-(3x) Oh, You'll be the end of me…(2nd Verse) (1st guitar) Clean Guitar E—————————————————————————————————- B–3—–3——————————————————————————————- G—-4-2—4–2—2-2—-1—2-1—1—2-1———————————————————– D—————4—–4—-2—–2—2—–2——————————————————— A–2————————————————————————————————- E————-2———-0————————————————————————— Solo-2nd Verse (2nd Guitar) (Delay) Pre Chorus E—————————————————————————————————– B—————————————————————————————————– G–6/7-9-7-6-11-9-9———————————————————————————– […]

Dj For A Day chords – Jimmy C. Newman

C You won't answer when I call you F C You won't answer when I write F C You're out in someone else's arms D7 G7 In a new place every night C So here is what I would like to do F C If I could have my way F C G7 C C7 […]

Once A Day chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

Once A Day Glen Campbell Intro F C F C G C G Verse 1 C G When you found somebody new I thought I never would. C Forget you for I thought then I never could. C7 F But time has taken all the pain away. C G C Until now I'm down to […]

The Best Day intro Tabs – Atmosphere

——————————————————————————- The Best Day – Atmosphere ——————————————————————————- : SamBrolo sam.chaos@live.co.uk Tuning: Standard Funky Atmosphere track from "To All My Friends…" This is the little riff that is played throughout. e|————————13~~———————————————–| B|—-14b15–14————————————————————–| G|—————-14–13—————————————————–| D|—————————————————————————| A|—————————————————————————| E|—————————————————————————| …And the chords C# C#7th F# F#m e 4 4 2 2 B 6 6 2 2 G 6 4 […]

Grey Foggy Day chords – Eddie Coffey V2

‘Grey Foggy Day’ ♪♪♫ Eddie Coffee♪♫ F C G C F C F It's been some years ago C Since I left from my island G To go to the mainland G7 C F C Like the old folks would say C7 F As I walked up the gangway C And I stood on the […]

Forever And A Day chords – Michael Learns To Rock

FOREVER AND A DAY By : Michael Learns To Rock Album : Nothing To Lose A , A/G# , A/F# , A/E , D , E , A A A/G# When the night has come A/F# A/E and the day is done D A Esus E I'm always thinking of you A A/G# You are […]

I Fought The Law chords – Green Day V3

Chord by:DN Rate and leave some comments behind Enjoy~ Drop 1 Tone: 1st string- E to D 2nd string- B to A 3rd string- G to F 4th string- D to C 5th string- A to G 6th string- E to D CAPO on the 7th fret(Its fine without capo too) * = 1 Strum […]

Start Of The Day chords – Ocean Colour Scene V2

12.Start of the day – Ocean Colour Scene – An hyperactive workout for the flying squad —————————————- A7sus4 x00030 D/F# 254232 A5 577655 Intro: G A7sus4 x2 D A7sus4 D A7sus4 I wanna know how it feels to be alone as it appears to me D A7sus4 As the start of the day is the […]

Soapstone Mountain chords – Its A Beautiful Day

Intro D A C G D A C G E Verse 1 D When I was just a boy A We lived on the side of a mountain G A A Right near the vale of a waterfall D When I was just a boy A A G# G We lived in a one-room cabin […]

This Beautiful Day chords – Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson – This Beautiful Day Gm/Eb Life goes on and on, like your favorite song Gm/C What we feel inside on this wayward ride Ab Ab6 Abmaj7 Ab6 If we could find a way, if you would only stay Ab/F If we could hold onto this feeling Ab/Bb And this beautiful day Instrumental: Gm/Eb […]

The One I Love chords by Third Day

The One I Love – Third Day Capo 2 Verse 1: D Oh, you of little faith Bm G Why do you let the wind and the waves distract you D Oh, you of little faith Bm G Don’t you know that when you’ve fallen I’ll be there to catch you A G And when […]

Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge Tabs – Marilyn Manson

——————————————————————————- Marilyn Manson – Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge ——————————————————————————- Guitar 1 Intro/Chorus/Main Riff 0:17 – 0:36 U D U D U D D U D D U D D -0———0~—0-0~—0-0~—-|-2-2-2-2-0~—0-0~—0-0~—0-0~~0-0-0~—0-0~—0-0~—0———0~-| -0-1-1-1-1-0~—0-0~—0-0~—-|-3-3-3-3-3~—3-3~—0-1~—1-1~~1-0-0~—0-0~—0-0~—0-1-1-1-1-0~-| *0-0-0-0-0-0~(x)0-0~(x)0-0~(x)*|-2-2-2-2-0~(x)0-0~(x)0-2~(x)2-2~~2-0-0~(x)0-0~(x)0-0~(x)0-0-0-0-0-0~-| -2-2-2-2-2-2~(x)2-2~(x)2-2~(x)-|-0-0-0-0-2~(x)2-2~(x)–2~(x)2-2~~2—2~(x)2-2~(x)2-2~(x)2-2-2-2-2-2~-| *2-3-3-3-3-2~(x)2-2~(x)2-2~(x)*|———3~(x)3-3~(x)–0~(x)0-0~~0—2~(x)2-2~(x)2-2~(x)2-3-3-3-3-2~-| -0———0~—0-0~—0-0~—-|————————————-0~—0-0~—0-0~—0———0~-| || Guitar 2 Intro/Chorus/Main Riff 0:23 – 0:36 Unison Bends (sounds like sirens) ————————————————————————————————| -10~~~10~10~~/11~~~11~11~~/12~~~12~12~~/13~~~13~13~~/14~~~14~14~~\10~10~10~10~——————| -12b~~12b12b~/13b~~13b13b~/14b~~14b14b~/15b~~15b15b~/16b~~16b16b~\12b12b12b12b-11brbr~~———| ——————————————————————————-12brbr~~———| […]

Perfect Time Of Day chords – Howie Day V3

HOWİE DAY – PERFECT TIME OF DAY Hello everyone. I'm not quite sure about chords names. Howie, however, played like this at some live performance of his. I found two even three different lyrics for this particular song. That one is the best i could. I hope you like it. If you have any question […]

Basket Case chords – Green Day V7

: Fabio BlenderBR – Give your rating and help others users to find the best versions of the songs – * Standard Tunning Verse: Eb Bb Do you have the time C G To listen to me whine G# Eb Bb About nothing and everything all at once Eb Bb I am one of those […]

Lazy Day chords – Left Banke

The Left Banke – Lazy Day song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry-qJvjGlnw CAPO I INTRO Gm7 MAIN RIFF (2x, played throughout the verses) Dm Gm7 e|——————| B|——————| G|——————| D|—-7—-5——–| A|-5———-7-7br-| E|——————| VERSE 1 Dm Gm7 Dm Gm7 My life is one big lazy day Dm Gm7 Dm Gm7 My mother taught me not to pray F Gm7 Dm Find […]

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day Tabs – Casting Crowns

: Javen Tuning: Standard Key: Bb Capo 3 (played in G) *chords in parenthesis are with capo 3 This is the tab (for the piano part transposed for guitar)and the chords for the song. Intro: Gm (Em) Eb (C) e|———————————————-)—————————————————-| B|-(measure 1)———————————-)-(measure 2)—————————————-| G|———————————————-)—————————————————-| D|——0———–0———–0———–0—)——–1———–1———–1———–1——-| A|-1———-1———–1———–1———)–1———–1———–1———–1————-| E|—-3—-3—–3—–3—–3—–3—–3—–3)—–3—–3—–3—–3—–3—–3—–3—–3—-| Bb (G) D7/A e|———————————————–)————————————| B|-(measure 3)———————————–)-(measure 4)————————| G|———————————————–)————————————| […]

Velvet Mornings chords – Demis Roussos

Capo II D C G D C G La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la G C G Velvet mornings will come every new day G C Am Golden sunrise and the scent of rain […]