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Free Realms Ost Briarheart Tabs – Misc Computer Games

These are the three themes played throughout THIS OST, the themes should follow through the other 2 songs from the Briarwood area. e|———————————-| B|———————————-| G|———————————-| D|7—6—7—8—7—————–| A|——————-8-7-5-7——–| E|———————————-| e|———————————-| B|———————————-| G|——————-7————–| D|7—6—7—8—7—————–| A|———————8-7-5—–5–| E|—————————8——| e|———————————-| B|———————————-| G|7—–7——10-9-7–9-10-9—7—| D|–8—–7————————-| A|———————————-| E|———————————-| e|———————| B|———————| G|7———–7——–| D|–10-9-9-10—-7–6-7| A|———————| E|———————| e|———————| B|———————| G|———————| D|———————| A|5-7-8-8-7-5-7——–| E|———————| //Original tabbing – […]

Free Of The Blues chords – Webb Pierce

G D7 G Gone are all my miseries that were caused by memories C D7 G No more bitter tears for me since the blues have set me free D7 G Blues you finally set me free blues you finally let me be C D7 G Though I know why you haunted me another took […]

Finally Free chords – Rend Collective Experiment V2

INTRO- C D E Am C Am C D C D E Am C Am C Em D C B C VERSE 1 C Your mercy rains from heaven F C Like confetti at a wedding F C And I am celebrating G In the downpour C Your heart is wild with color F C […]

Free chords – Kenneth Alvares

——–FREE——– By: Kenneth Alvares *Use simple plucking of the chords* Intro: Am C Am C =VERSE 1= Am I feel under C Weight pulls me down Am We were tied to each other C Now I'm chained to the ground Am It's almost over C The end is near Am But I'm not alone yeah […]

I Feel Free solo Tabs by Cream V2

—————————————————————– I Feel Free – Cream —————————————————————– : Aeonoptic Tuning: EADGBe E|——|—————————-|———————–| B|——|————–12b14———|12b14~-14p12p10——–| G|14~~~~|–14p12p11-13——-13pbr14~|—————-14-13~~| D|——|—————————-|———————–| A|——|—————————-|———————–| E|——|—————————-|———————–| E|———|———————–|——————————| B|———|————-20——–|——————————| G|17b19~~~~|-19p18p16-18—-18br20~|12b14~–14p12p11-12-11-9h11-9~| D|———|———————–|——————————| A|———|———————–|——————————| E|———|———————–|——————————| E|———————————-|10h12-12~–12-17b19-17pbr19-15~| B|———————————-|——————————-| G|12b14~~–12pbr14-9—-9h11-9—-9~|——————————-| D|——————-11——–11—|——————————-| A|———————————-|——————————-| E|———————————-|——————————-| E|———-15h17-15b16| B|17-15-17~————| G|———————| D|———————| A|———————| E|———————| | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic […]

Free And Alone chords by Wingnut Dishwashers Union V2

this is danecook78's tab with the chords set to match the words Intro G B7 Em C B7 Em G B7 Em Well I've been working on becoming what I am C B7 Em In this bus terminal bathroom G B7 Em And these days I dream like I live C B7 Em Off trash […]

Two Beers In Tabs – Free Throw

——————————————————————————- TWO BEERS IN – FREE THROW ——————————————————————————- : Nick Holcman nick.holcman father-punk.tumblr.com Tuning: EADGBE INTRO: 0:00-0:25/ GUITAR 1 e|———————————————————————————————-| B|———————————————————————————————-| G|———————————————————————————————-| D|———————————–6———————————————————-| x2 A|——–9—-6—-9—-6—-9——–9-6-9-6-4——–4—-2—-4—-2—-4—–4-2-4-6-4-6—| E|—-777—77—77—77—77—77——————000—00—00—00—00—00—————-| GUITAR 2 (come in second time) e|———————————————————————————————-| B|—————-9—————————————————————————–| G|—11-8-11-8-11—11-8-11-8—————————8—-8———————————-| D|—————————-11—11-9-11-9-11-11-9-11—11————————————| x1 A|———————————————————————————————-| E|———————————————————————————————-| VERSE: 0:26-0:50/1:05-1:28 GUITAR 1 e|———————————————————————————————-| B|———————————————————————————————-| G|———————————————————————————————-| D|———————————–6———————————————————-| x2 A|——–9—-6—-9—-6—-9——–9-6-9-6-4——–4—-2—-4—-2—-4—–4-2-4-6-4-6—| E|—-777—77—77—77—77—77——————000—00—00—00—00—00—————-| GUITAR 2 e|———————————————————————————————-| B|—————-9—————————————————————————–| G|—11-8-11-8-11—11-8-11-8—————————8—-8———————————-| […]

Free Love Freeway Tabs – David Brent

——————————————————————————- Free Love Freeway – David Brent (featuring Noel Gallagher) ——————————————————————————- : Drew Davie dd326@bath.ac.uk Tuning: Standard Chords used: EADGBe C (x32010) F (x3321x) Am (x02210) G (3×0033) Verse 1 (Palm muted): C F Am G Pretty girl on the hood of a Cadillac, yeah C F Am G She's broken down on Freeway 9 […]

Slow Train Tabs – Rainbows Are Free

——————————————————————————- Slow Train – Rainbows Are Free ——————————————————————————- : VakiPitsi Tuning: Standard (eBGDAE) Intro (0:00) e|————————————————————————————————————| B|————————————————————————————————————| G|————————————————————————————————————| D|—————-2———2-4p2————4-4-4–7-7-7—————-2———2-4p2—2——-4-4-4–7-77| A|-h4-4-4-2-4-2-4—4-4-2-4——-4-4–4-2-4-4-4-4–7-7-7–4-4-4-2-4-2-4—4–4-2-4——4—4-2-4-4-4-4–7-77| E|——————————————-2-2-2–5-5-5——————————————2-2-2–5-55| Riff 1 (0:17) e|——————————————————-| B|——————————————————-| G|——————————————————-| D|——–4p2-4p2——————-4p2—2————–| A|-4–2h4—————2h4—4-2h4—–4—4-2———-| E|—————-2h3h4———————————-| Riff 2 ((0:43) Riff 3 (0:46) e|———————-|—————————————————————-| B|———————-|——————————————————–3——-| G|———————-|————————-2————————-2——-4—-| D|——–6-6-6–4-4-4–|-4-4-4-4-4-4———2—–4–4-4-4-4-4-4-4–2h3h4—-4———| A|-4-2h4–6-6-6–4-4-4–|-4-4-4-4-4-4—2h3h4—4——4-4-4-4-4-4-4———————| E|——–4-4-4–2-2-2–|-2-2-2-2-2-2——————2-2-2-2-2-2-2———————| Riff 4 (1:42) e|————————————–| B|————————————–| G|——————–11b—————| D|————–9-9-9—–11————| A|–11-11–9-9————————–| E|————————————–| Riff 5 (2:01) Riff […]

I Wanna Be Free Tabs by Uriah Heep

Artist – Uriah Heep ********************* Song – I Wanna Be Free ************************ Album – Look At Yourself ************************** – Ayreon77 ********************** INTRO ****** you can play normal chords if you prefer. A G D A G D A G D E A E [———-|———-|———-|———] [——–7-|——–7-|——–7-|———] [-6—4–7-|-6—4–7-|-6—4–7-|—-2—-] [-7—5–7-|-7—5–7-|-7—5–7-|-2–2–2-] [-7—5–5-|-7—5–5-|-7—5–5-|-2–0–2-] [-5—3—-|-5—3—-|-5—3—-|-0—–0-] —————————————————— VERSE 1 ********* A As […]

Back To Life chords – Hillsong Young And Free V2

Hey this is just an easy version to play for fun. Em G D Here in my heart you have found your place Em G D Replacing fear with your freedom Em C D You lift me up you lift me up Em G D When all seems lost in my brokenness Em G D […]

Embers chords – Hillsong Young And Free V2

Let me know if anything is wrong. Embers Hillsong Young and Free Capo 2 Intro: A // D / F#m — E — VERSE 1: A A spark in the night, a flame of hope D Spirit of God within my soul F#m Alive within my heart E The life in my bones A You […]

Alive chords – Hillsong Young And Free V3

Hillsong Young and Free-Alive (CAPO 2) Intro: B F# G G B A B F# G I was lost with a broken heart G B A You picked me up, now I'm set apart B F G From the ash I am born again G B A Forever safe in the Savior's hands B F# […]

Easy To Be Free chords – Ricky Nelson

Easy To Be Free:Ricky Nelson. Album – Rick Nelson In Concert – on DECCA Records in 1969. INTRO: Db F# (x3) Db B F# #1. Db F# Bbm F# Did you ever want to go….where you’ve never Abm Db been before? F# Db F# Did you ever want to know things you’ve never Db known […]

In A Newfound Land You Are Free chords – Villagers

F#7 can be played as F# if you prefer : ) D Gadd#11 – G x3 D F#7 Bm C G How heavy you are, my newborn child C G F#7 Bm So viciously free, so careless and wild C G F#7 Bm With the eyes of a saint and the soul of a thief […]

Break Free chords – Christian

Intro: F#m D VERSE 1 F#m D Would you believe me, would you listen if I told you that F#m D There is a love that makes a way and never holds us back F#m So won’t you break free won’t you break free D Get up and dance in His love F#m So won’t […]

Set Me Free chords – Praise And Worship

Intro: Am Fmaj7/A D2 Am Verse 1: Am Am7 Fmaj7/A It hasn't always been this way D2 I remember brighter days D2 Before the dark ones came Am Stole my mind Am Wrapped my soul in chains Am7 Fmaj7 Now I live among the dead D2 Fighting voices in my head Dsus Am Hoping someone […]

Free Tabs by Dark New Day

Dark New Day: Free : mysticguitar77 YouTube Channel: MysticGuitar77 Date last modified: January 20, 2014 Tuning: Modified Drop A# (A#,F,A#,D#,F,A#) Note: Only tabbed what I played in my cover which is enough for one guitar to play through the song and take note of the tuning which is standard Drop A# except the 1st and […]

Little Bit Of Love chords – Free

FREE – Little bit of Love C I believe F If you give C A little bit of love F To those you live with C A little bit of love G Oh oh oh F C Has gotta come your way. G Well in my mind F It's easy C To lose sight of […]

Live And Be Free chords – Tim Mcmorris

No one has done this song before I guess. So enjoy, folks! F A Life is good, it is good, to, me Dm Ab F C And it was meant, for you, to live and be free, to live and be free F A Walk the path, take some time to laugh Dm Ab F […]