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What Do You Want Chords – Jerrod Niemann V5

(Capo on 2) Rhythm pattern 8/8 time ( = 3/8+3/8+2/8 ) Intro.: | D / / / / / / / | D / / A / / / / | G / / D / / / / | Bm / / A / / Why'd you ( Bm )call me to-( A )day […]

Too Long In Exile Chords – Van Morrison

Too Long in Exile verse D A E B A E bridge B A E Too long in exile Too long not singing my song Too long in exile Too long like a rolling stone Too long in exile Too long in exile Baby those people just ain't, just ain't your friends Too long in […]

Dont Go To Strangers Chords – Amy Winehouse

I worked these basic chords out on piano, they may not be exactly 100% but as close as I could get playing along while listening. CMaj7 Em7 Build your dreams to the stars above, Am/C Gm7 A7 But when you need someone to love, Dm7 Fm G7 C Am Dm7 G7 Don't go to strangers, […]

Killing A Ghost Chords – Useless Id

Useless ID Killing A Ghost The Lost Broken Bones 2008 Kung Fu Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: E Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C#m – x46654 A – x02220 E – 022100 B – x24442 F#m – 244222 G#m – 466444 G# – 466544 G#/C – x365xx Intro: C#m-G#m-A-E-B-F#m-G#– x2 Verse 1: C#m A E […]

Go Down Easy Chords – Dan Fogelberg V2

C Linda lost her lover in the early part of autumn, and she F moved out to the country hoping all would be forgotten. The C last time that I saw her she was makin' sure the winter wouldn't Em F come through that old door frame where the door is several inches from the […]

I Saw The Light Chords – The Ryan Oreilly Band

Band: The Ryan O'Reilly Band Song: I Saw The Light & Elizabeth Tuning: Standard EADGBe I prefer to play with CAPO 2 Also, I was not able to find any kind of lyrics for this song, so I tried my best to understand what they are singing. Excuse my mistakes. ————————————————————————————- G G I saw […]

Lion Chords – Gentleman

Repeat: C | D# . intro: Yes me bredda Badmind we pass And the righteous ago last And stick to your task Nuh badda live too fast Chorus: The righteous Jah defend Like how him rescue daniel from the lion's den A lot of blessings he send Enough for me my enemies and all my […]

I Make The Same Mistakes Chords – The Echo Friendly

I Make the Same Mistakes by The Echo Friendly Intro: A A I make the same mistakes A Feels like I never learn Fm Always give way too much Fm For little in return D I haven't changed a bit E I'm still not over it Fm I make the same mistakes E I make […]

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone Chords – Paula Cole V2

WHERE HAVE ALL THE COWBOYS GONE (intro) F#m C#m F#m C#m F#m C#m D E Oh you get me ready in your 56 Chevy Why don't we go sit down in the shade Take shelter on my front porch the dandy lion sun scorching Like a glass of cold lemonade Gmaj7 A Bm C#m I […]

Too Many Friends Chords – Placebo V3

Capo III Em D My computer thinks I'm gay C I threw that piece of junk away ( C ) On the Champs-Elysées, as I was walking home Em D This is my last communiqué C Down the supper highway ( C ) All that I have left to say, in a single tome G […]

We Gathered In Spring Chords – Midlake V2

After watching them play live I noticed they change the guitars tuning to make it very simple to play. TUNING – DADF#Ad JUST PLAY THESE TWO CHORDS OVER AND OVER A9sus4 – 000000 [No frets held down] Esus4 – 033300 A9sus4 Esus4 I'm tired of being here A9sus4 On this hill Esus4 A9sus4 No-one lives […]

A Heart That Aint Ever Been Pure Chords – Cranford Nix

This is a tab based off his original recording CHORDS: D (000232) Dsus2 (000233) Dsus4 (000230) G (320003) A (002220) Bm (224432) INTRO: D – Dsus4 – Dsus2 – D (x2) VERSE 1: D G If I'm getting drunk, A D I'm getting drunk for the week; Bm A remember, I'm a freak. D G […]

We Own The Night Chords – The Wanted V2

Intro- F , C , G , Am F , C , G F C G Am May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight F C G May we sing and dance till we lose our minds F C G Am We are only young if we seize the night F G C […]

Your Life Is A Lie Chords – Mgmt

Intro : G Verse 1 : C G Here is the deal C G Open your eyes C G Your life is a lie F Don't say a word F C I'll tell you why F C You live in a lie F C Your life is a lie F But you deny F C […]

Under A Goodbye Chords – Nik Freitas

Nik Freitas – Under a goodbye (This song has melody notes) G Heavy is the sound Aiming eyes towards the ground Aminor C And this is how it feels under a goodbye G Pulling away from the curb Lines in the windshield are getting blurred Aminor C And this is how it looks Through a […]

Who Will Sing For Me Chords – Ralph Stanley

Verse 1: A Oft I sing for my friends D A As death's cold form I see A D When I reach my journey's end A E A Who will sing for me Chorus: E A I wonder (I wonder)who E A Will sing (will sing) for me A D When I come to the […]

All My Friends Are Getting Married Chords – Skyhooks

All My Friends Are Getting Married – Skyhooks Key C and A This one has quick little changes that you don't have to play if you can't change fast enough – let the lead make the changes. I've chosen intermediate because of the key change, but it's a simple change. Please rate if you enjoy […]

We Own The Night Chords – The Wanted

Am C May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight Am Em May we sing and dance till we lose our minds Am C We are only young if we seize the night Am G C Tonight we own the night Am G C Tonight we own the night (the chords are the same […]

Drive With Me Chords – I Set My Friends On Fire

Hey guys this is my first tab. Hope people find it useful. E B C#m A She left us, and now the roads open to new billboards, watch the windows pass the old ones by. E B C#m A She left us, switching lanes without checking the rear view, taking chances that we'll never die. […]

Ghost Of The Beast Chords – Kelli Schaefer

Tuning varies from: 3/4 step down (album version) to 1 step up ("Doe Bay" session)– relative to standard All chords except C, E and Em are barred on the E string 7/4 Time Bm A Bm (x2) (Verse) Bm A Bm Mother, you taught me good, Bm A Bm you made me want to do […]