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We Own The Night Chords – The Wanted

Am C May our hearts be full like our drinks tonight Am Em May we sing and dance till we lose our minds Am C We are only young if we seize the night Am G C Tonight we own the night Am G C Tonight we own the night (the chords are the same […]

Murder On The Airwaves Tabs by Zebrahead

Zebrahead-Call your friends-Murder on the airwaves Half step down All comments with improvements will be fully appreciated. Intro Guitar 1 eb————————————————| Bb——-13-15-17-15-13———13-15-17-15-13—-| Gb-14-14—————-14—14——————-| Db————————————————| Ab————————————————| Eb————————————————| eb————————————————| Bb——-13-15-17-15-13–18-18-17-17-15-15-17-17–| Gb-14-14——————————————| Db————————————————| Ab————————————————| Eb————————————————| Guitar 2 eb—————————————————————| Bb—————————————————————| Gb—————————————————————| Db–7-7——–5-5——-10101010-5-5-5-5————————| Ab–7-7——–5-5——-10101010-5-5-5-5————————| Eb–5-5——–3-3——-8-8-8-8–3-3-3-3————————| eb—————————————————————| Bb—————————————————————| Gb——-7-7-7-7-10101010—————————————-| Db–7-7–7-7-7-7-10101010–5-5-10101010-5-5-5-5——————| Ab–7-7–5-5-5-5-8-8-8-8—5-5-10101010-5-5-5-5——————| Eb–5-5——————–3-3-8-8-8-8–3-3-3-3——————| Guitar 3 slide up the neck eb—————————————————————| Bb—————————————————————| Gb—————————————————————| […]

With Friends Like These Who Needs Herpes Tabs by Zebrahead

Zebrahead- Call your friends- With friends like these, who need herpes? Half step down. Not 100% about the chorus lead but I think the rest is correct, comments for improvement will be fully appreciated! Bass notes to the piano part at the start, cool to distort on guitar 😉 eb———————————————————| Bb———————————————————| Gb———————————————————| Db—4—–3–6—4——-3-6——————————| Ab—–5-4———–5–4———————————-| Eb———————————————————| […]


Girl, don't play with me Don't play with me Don't do it, whoa, no Love me or leave me One of the two Don't try to deceive me Or away with you Love me or leave me One of the two Don't try to deceive me Or away with you When you're with me you […]

Taufik Batisah And Rui En – Reach Out For The Skies chords

Song : Reach Out For The Skies Artist : Taufik Batisah and Rui En National day theme song for 2005. Key : E Standard EADGBe tuning Intro E A E F#11 E / G# A Verse 1 E A2 At a time when hope was low B E/G# The journey seems unsure C#m F# But […]

Fix Me Chords – Erin Hayward

Verse 1: C G Its funny how they say i'm gonna be okay Am You see I've got this thing, where my hearts been broken F Too many times to handle C G Its funny how when you look at me Am F I can't tell what your thinking I cant even breathe (pre-chorus) C […]

Friends Are Dead Chords – Dresses

Song off their first EP t**led "Sun Shy EP." Jared picks the bass note and then palm mutes the chord. You can try playing an Fmaj7 if you think it sounds better than an F. Lyrics are probably off, but the timing of the chord changes is good, enjoy. [Intro x3] F C [Verse 1] […]

Your Mirror Chords – Simply Red

SONG: Your Mirror ARTIST: Simply Red ALBUM: Stars YEAR: 1991 CHART POSITION: 17 (UK) Whole structure: B I've got to stand up for myself A This society don't care about nobody else Bb B I've got to be strong Em Even if I know that this feeling is wrong B I've got to not care […]

You Spit When You Talk Chords – Jimmy Fallon

G G C G It's so hard to have a conversation with you G C D It's not what you say or what you do C G You're my real good friend yes that I must admit C D G That's why it breaks my heart to tell you this G You spit when you […]

The Season Chords – All Get Out

Artist: All Get Out Song: The Season Album: The Season Chords EADGBe ====== G x7x08x B x10x012x E x3x05x D x2x03x C x12x013x G/C 33201x Gmaj 320033 Am x02210 Em 022000 G B E I saw a bridge it pieced together two unlikely hearts. E D C I thought it must have been illusions or […]

Time And Again Chords – Whitesnake

Time and Again – Whitesnake (capo 3rd fret) E E Dsus2 (xx0230) Dsus4 (xx0233) D (xx0232) B7sus4 (x2425x) Bm7 (x24232) Gmaj7 (320002) G (320003) G6 (320000) Dsus2 D Dsus2 D B7sus4 Bm7 Late – ly, I realise that it's you B7sus4 Bm7 Gmaj7 G Gmaj7 G6 Dsus2 D You are the one who makes everything […]

Sometimes That Happens Chords – Never The Strangers

some times that happens – ace libre of never the strangers G Bm we had it all planned C everything had a place D i dont understand G Bm why we needed some space C until our hearts moved D far and far away Em Bm can’t talk about us in the same way again […]

I Dont Wanna Pray Chords – Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros V4

This should be the right chords. All chords are bar chords. Intro and outro chords are played with one downstrum, or just the bass note on the low E-string. Enjoy playing… F I love my God God made love A# I love my God God made love F I love my God God made hate […]

Open Up Your Heart Chords – The Rapture

F A Open up your heart (x3) F A When you're sad and lonely F A And your mind sees you only F A Take a chance you can fight it Dm Cm Bb Open up your heart F Bb (x2) F A When your sick incomplete F A Watch the stars not your feet […]

These Four Words Chords – The Maine V2

Intro: D# G Cm A# G# D# (Verse I) D# G Cm I really should just go home Cm A# G# D# And play with myself G Cm Better that than stay Cm A# G# D# And do something else D# G Cm Cause we can't be friends that much I know Cm A# G# […]

Untitled Chords – Eyes Set To Kill

Just noticed there's a lot of people searching for the chords, so here is it Not 100% sure about the B9, but I figured it out from this live video Alexia plays two variations of D9, Dm and C5 so I'll use a * to diferentiate them. Chords used: Dm – x79987 D9 – x79977 […]

So Sad To Be Alone Chords – Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin – So Sad To Be Alone Bm F# Bm x2 It's sad, so sad to be alone It's sad, so sad to be alone E Bm F# Bm No friends to help you, no family no home Bm F# Bm It's sad, so sad to be alone Bm F# Bm x2 The dusty […]

My Life Is In Your Hands Chords – Kirk Franklin

F Bb C F You don¹t have to worry and don¹t have to be afraid F Bb C F C/E Joy comes in the morning, troubles they don¹t last always F/D Bb/G C F C/E For there¹s a friend named Jesus, who will wipe your tears away, F/D Bb/G C Bb/D C/E F And if […]

Stay Away From My Friends intro Tabs by Pierce The Veil

Stay Away From My Friends – Pierce The Veil I couldn't find a tab anywhere for this so I thought I'd put one up. This is how I play it. All tabs are relative to capo. Standard Tuning Capo 2 e|–3-2————-|–3-2————-|–3-2————-|–3-2————-| B|——3-0———|——3-0———|——3-0———|——3-0———| G|———-0——-|———-0——-|———-0——-|———-0——-| D|————4-0—|————4-0—|————4-0—|————4-0—| A|—————-2-|—————-2-|—————-2-|—————-2-| E|——————|——————|——————|——————| Waking up… This same pattern repeats again after the […]

The Folk Singer Chords – Tommy Roe

The Folk Singer:Tommy Roe. #4 UK, #34 Canada and #84 on BB Hot 100 on ABC Records in 1963. INTRO: G #1. G Am Bm Am He used to sing his songs to his Sara Jane.. D G the folk singer. G Am Bm Am His songs filled with love made the mountains ring.. D […]