Pressure Chords - The 1975

Fireside Chords - Arctic Monkeys

You Were On Fire Chords – Keren Ann


I based this by watching an acoustic version of the song played by Keren Ann (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piRmUbgpGzM) CAPO ON 4th Chords used Eadd9 : 022102 G : 320003 (or 355433 for chorus like Keren in the video) Am : x02210 (or 577555 like Keren in the video) Am7 : x02213 Cmaj7 : x32003 Dm : xx0231 […]

Come Into My Life Chords - Martin Nievera

What You Want Chords – Eric Bellinger


It's all the same after the first verse and chorus. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚ D I would never hurt you A I would never do that no E But if I ever hurt you F#m Wouldn't be intentional ,no D All I wanna do is make you smile A All I wanna do is settle down E […]

A Love Like War Chords - All Time Low

Fireside Chords V2 - Arctic Monkeys

All For Love Chords V3 - Lady Antebellum

Whats On The Other Side Chords - Martin Nievera

Boomerang Chords – Eric Saade


Ab E H F# Eh eh, eh eh Ab E H F# Eh eh, eh eh Ab E H F# I think i need rehab from you 'cause you are addicted Ab E H F# Slowly you breaking me down so i am done with a trippin' Ab E H F# You're bad for my […]

No Parallels Chords – Hands Like Houses


Capo 1 A E C#m B This is happiness, to be everything at once. A E C#m B Be unblinded, be unlearned, be unbridled and unburned. A E C#m B A E C#m B Heavy on our heels, the rocky ground we leave behind. A E C#m B Tassels streaming from our necks, we cast […]

Fireside Chords V3 - Arctic Monkeys

Jfk Chords - Lana Del Rey

Loving You Chords – Matt Cardle V2


Turning Half-Step Down. Except the A and Am, all the other chords should be play in bar position. Intro: A Leave your door open, C I wanna come over D A The night is only young C I wanna get under your body D A Take you over, come undone C But why do we […]

Alone Together Chords V3 - Fall Out Boy

Satisfied Chords – Holly Starr


Satisfied Holly Starr Capo 2 Key: A Verse 1 G This world keeps telling me C Em It can be everything that Ill ever need D To be happy G C They try to convince me with their stuff Em Try to tell me that its enough D For a good life Chorus G D […]

I Wanna Be Yours Chords - Arctic Monkeys

Speak Life Chords V2 - Tobymac

Have I Forgotten Chords – Matt Papa


This is my first time doing this, please correct anything that needs fixing! Verse 1: C#m A E Have I forgotten the cross my Lord F#m E A When I carry not my own C#m A E Have I forgotten the crown You bore F#m E A Upon your sacred head F#m E A O […]

Wrap Your Arms Around Me Chords – Gareth Dunlop


Wrap Your Arms Around Me by Gareth Dunlop. From Safe Haven Note: This is just a rough sketch guys! if you can improve this its very much appreciated, more power and keep rockin' INTRO: D F#m with CAPO G D We’re all fragile underneath G D This coat of armour isn’t thick or deep When […]

Didnt Mean It Chords – Jasmine Villegas


Play Throughout Song: Em , C , G , D Capo:3rd Fret [Verse 1:] Do you see me and still feel love Or have I changed inside your heart To have only you is such a fuss To give all of me is not enough You left then, you came back Sorry don't make it […]

I Wanna Be Yours Chords V2 - Arctic Monkeys

A Car A Torch A Death Chords – Twenty One Pilots


One of my favorite songs ever by probably my favorite band. I figured it out on piano then transcribed it to guitar but I might need a little correcting or i could at least use some ideas of how to make it better so comment please! Capo on 3rd Not sure of either of these […]

Your Grace Is Enough Chords - Matt Redman

On We Go Chords – Gentleman


The song consists of two parts: Repeat: part I Bm | A x3 D | A part II E | Bm x3 A | Bm We should all open for Someone whos sad is by my store My heart is an open door yeah.. Youll be amazed what is in store It really seems that […]

True Friends Chords – Jerry Fish


Chords Used G – 320030 Gmaj7 – 3X0032 Em – 022000 Am – X02210 D – XX0232 D/F# – 2X0033 C – X35553 Cm – X35543 Bm – X24432 A#m – X13321 Verse ( G – Gmaj7 – G – Em – Am – D – G – Gmaj7 ) Day will break, Stars will […]

Little Blue Chords – Josh Garrels


Song Title: Little Blue Artist: Josh Garrels Tabbed by: Jumpstartertier Email: jonyoyoman@gmail.com (Feel Free to email with any questions) Capo: 4th fret, but only on bottom five strings Intro C G F C G C (2x) Verse 1 C G Who is like my child F C G Who's so lovely and wild C G […]

Say The Word Chords – Beth Croft V2


This is hopefully a more helpful version of 'Say the word' by Beth Croft. It is in the same key as the worship demo on Youtube so you can play along. If anything needs improving feel free to comment below ๐Ÿ™‚ ENJOY! ๐Ÿ˜€ CAPO 2 INTRO: Aadd9 , E , C#m , B VERSE 1: […]

Unchangeable Chords - Matthew West

Close To You Chords – Selina Smart


oh Hi guys i'm selina i am a christian i am a artrist that wants a record label and i'vebeen doing music since 13 years old and i have written these lyrics when i was 14 years old today i have just written this song on guitar in less than 10 minutes i hope you […]

Every Songs The Same Chords – Justin Currie


Capo 3rd fret – chords relative to capo C C2 C Am Asus2 Am C C2 C Am Asus2 Am F C Let me teach you how to write a song Gsus4 Am F C The first line must be brief but strong Gsus4 C Fmaj7 And the second line should rhyme Am Am7 With […]

There Is Nothing Chords – Laura Story


Tab by JoahG There Is Nothing by Laura Story Key of F Major Intro: F2 Fmaj9 Bb/D F/C Verse 1: C F Lord, I come before you Fmaj7/A Bb2 To honor and adore you F/C Csus C F2 Fsus For who you are and all that you have done F Dm7 Lord, I am not […]

Drake Chords – Beth Gibbons


Artist: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Song: Drake Tabbed by: DJ 28th Aug 2013 Tuning: Standard Time signature: 5/4 Capo: 1st fret Fret positions and chord names relative to capo: Amaj7 = x02120 G#m9 = 464446 Bmaj7 = x24342 F#m7 = 242222 G#m = 466444 *********************************************************************** Amaj7 | / / / / / | / […]

Rocketship Chords V4 - Shane Harper

You Are Chords – Kathryn Ostenberg V4


based on this video : http://vimeo.com/65758665 mostly corrected version of my old tab Am 002210 F 003211 C 032010 C7 032410 F ' 133211 * = single strum Intro Am F C C7 * C Am F C C7 * C You are the wind Am F C C7 * C here then gone again […]

St James Chords - Avenged Sevenfold

Alone In This Together Chords – Star Anna And The Laughing Dog


Alone In This Together (Acoustic) Star Anna & The Laughing Dog These chords are for the acoustic version but are pretty much the same for the normal version. I only put the stuff she plays, not the second guitar. I used this video where she plays acoustic: This is my first tab so I hope […]

God Of My Everything Chords V2 - Bebo Norman

103 Chords – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


I'm not sure how accurate it is. Power chords and major/minor chords both work. But this is the exact chords I use myself.      F ­5   C Bb Am Gm e|——————————| B|——————————| G|——(9)—(7)—(5)—(3)—| D|–10—10—-8—–7—–5—-| A|–8—-10—-8—–7—–5—-| E|–8—-8—–6—–5—–3—-| Intro is same as verse F5 C You can pray all day to Satan Bb C You can drive […]

Carry The Blessed Home Chords – Blind Guardian


G# F# Db E G# F# Pale faced, the innocent Db E Will drown in blood F# G# Hurt and withdrawn, F# Don't dare to steal my grief G# F# E F# G# In this haze of green and gold, he's gone F# G# Blind my eyes and I still can see through the mist […]

Fast Jabroni Chords – Surfer Blood


Surfer Blood Fast Jabroni Astro Coast Really easy tune. Basically the same two chords repeat throughout. Intro/Main riff: G5 C5 And here's the melodic line they play over the riff: D|-0–2–5–0—9-| (repeat accordingly) G5 C5 G5 C5 Come pick me up in the morning, I know you probably thought about it too G5 C5 G5 […]

Jessica Howard – Let Me chords


G Secret glances as we're walking down the hallway Cadd9 Em/G Dm/G Em/G Hiding smiles but I laugh at everything you say, yeah. G You think I'm funny, think I'm pretty and you think I'm smart Cadd9 Em/G Dm/G Em/G You're the only one I know that understands my heart, yeah. G The way you […]

Listen Chords – Stiff Little Fingers


All coments welcome, please rate INTRO D C D C G X2 VERSE 1 D C It seems so easy in the light of day, D C G And when we're there it always feels okay, but then again D C I'm so alone when I am by myself D C G And can I […]

Let Go Chords – Holly Starr


Let Go Holly Starr Capo 2 Key: E Intro | D | Asus | Bm | G D Asus I know that a new day is comin soon Bm G But alone I am not prepared D Asus You are the one who brought my dust to life Bm G Like a rose in the […]

Troubles Somehow Chords – The Audreys


A distinct lack of Audreys music here! This one is fun! A bit of a bluesy feel. Dont be afraid to swing it a bit. I find when it's just me without the band behind me, a bit of blues driver or overdrive goes a long way to fill the gap. Mute chords for verses […]

Rise And Sing Chords – Steve Fee V3


RISE AND SING (C) C C/E Am G F Whoa-oh-who-oh-oh-oha, Whoa-oh-who-oh-oh-oha C C/E Am G F Whoa-oh-who-oh-oh-oha, Whoa-oh-who-oh-oh-oha C F C/E F If you're alive and you've been redeemed rise and sing, rise and sing C F C/E F If you've been touched by the mercy King rise and sing, rise and sing C Csus4 […]

Me And You Chords – Holly Starr


Me and You Holly Starr Capo 5 Key: C Verse 1 C G God You are the one obsession in my life C G You were the first before distractions caught my eye Em C Why does passion disappear? Em C D Now that its gone its all so clear Chorus C G Ive gotta […]

In Like Flynn Chords – The Bunny The Bear


The Bunny The Bear In Like Flynn From "Stories" – 2013 Chords by blackoctober119 Intro/Chorus(x2): Em C G D Here's a little toast to you leaving me all alone (bleeding). Em C G D And here's another toast to you giving up all you own (dreaming). Verse: Em C Well you've made out on this […]

Jet Airliner Tabs by Steve Miller Band V5


JET AIRLINER STEVE MILLER BAND *Capo 3rd fret* p= pull off Just strum up and down. I also recommend if you hammer on the A chord like this: D U D U E -0-0-0-0—————-| B -2-2-3-2—————-| G -2-2-2-2—————-| D -2-2-2-2—————-| A -0-0-0-0—————-| E ————————| INTRO: 4x's RIFF: E ————————| B ————————| G -2-0-2-0—————-| D ———2p0————| […]

Alanna Chords – Izzy Miller


Am G F Her hair ain't as red as it used to be C G F And inside she's starting to fall apart Am G F She may not look like much these days C G F But she still takes away my heart Her green eyes are slowly fading But memories from back then […]

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