There Is Nothing Chords – Laura Story


Tab by JoahG There Is Nothing by Laura Story Key of F Major Intro: F2 Fmaj9 Bb/D F/C Verse 1: C F Lord, I come before you Fmaj7/A Bb2 To honor and adore you F/C Csus C F2 Fsus For who you are and all that you have done F Dm7 Lord, I am not […]

Drake Chords – Beth Gibbons


Artist: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man Song: Drake Tabbed by: DJ 28th Aug 2013 Tuning: Standard Time signature: 5/4 Capo: 1st fret Fret positions and chord names relative to capo: Amaj7 = x02120 G#m9 = 464446 Bmaj7 = x24342 F#m7 = 242222 G#m = 466444 *********************************************************************** Amaj7 | / / / / / | / […]

Rocketship Chords V4 - Shane Harper

You Are Chords – Kathryn Ostenberg V4


based on this video : http://vimeo.com/65758665 mostly corrected version of my old tab Am 002210 F 003211 C 032010 C7 032410 F ' 133211 * = single strum Intro Am F C C7 * C Am F C C7 * C You are the wind Am F C C7 * C here then gone again […]

I Hope You Dance Chords – Lee Ann Womack V5


Capo on 3 CHORDS: Em , C , G , D , Am SONG SEQUENCE: Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus Verse, Bridge, Chorus Chorus, Bridge Chorus then repeated to fade out INTRO/CHORUS: Strumming Pattern 1 – D, D, D, DU Em , C , G , D , Em , C , D , D (x2) […]

Should Be Loved Chords – Blue October V2


This works great as an acoustic cover. Enjoy! Artist: Blue October Album: Approaching Normal Song Title: Should Be Loved Capo 5 (key C) G : Em : D : Am7 : C : e|-3—–3—–3—–3—–3-| B|-3—–3—–3—–1—–3-| G|-0—–0—–2—–0—–0-| D|-0—–2—–0—–2—–2-| A|-2—–2—–x—–0—–3-| E|-3—–0—–x—–x—–x-| Intro: G // Em // D // G // Verse 1: G Em Stop staring, youre […]

Connect Chords - Sick Puppies

All Over The World Chords - Katie Melua

Back To The River Chords – Lily And Madeleine


D G D G D G If only my feet could fall as fast as a heart does D A I would be so long gone G D G D G But I'm stuck, stuck under your thumb D A I can't get up G D G D G D I can't get up, up, […]

Big Eyes Chords – Bouncing Souls V2


Bouncing Souls Big Eyes Ghosts On Boardwalk 2009 Epitaph Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com Key: A Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: A – x02220 E – 022100 F#m – 244222 D – xx0232 Bm – x24432 A/C# – x476xx Intro: A – E – F#m – D – x2 Verse 1: A E You left home […]

So Good Chords – Simon Brading


Me and my youth worker Peter Young worked this out at Newday 2013 after hearing it live. Verse 1: G C I lift my eyes up to Your goodness G C Em To my Father who is generous C Every morning, every night Em D You're doing good to me G C I look around […]

Its Not True Chords - Keane

Run This Town Chords – Lucy Hale V2


All Rights to Warner Bros. Records No Capo or Capo on 1st it's your choice which fits your voice better E C#m Hold on cause I'm letting go A B I'm gonna lasso your heart like a rodeo E A I'm gonna give you some till you want some more C#m B Cause all I […]

Push It To The Limit Chords – Corbin Bleu


Tabbed by Mcfly Cm Bb Ab G Yeah, come on now, here we go, let's do it Cm Fm Yeah push it, push it, to the limit, limit, cause we're in it to win it, in it to win it, oh yeah Cm I realize that this is where my heart is Fm Now is […]

Falling In Love Chords – Six Part Invention V4


Song: Falling in Love Artist: Six Part Invention Chords by: Jaypee Resada Intro: F# C#/F C#/A# G#/C (2x) Verse I C# G#/C F#/A# G# You and me, we got along just fine F# C#/F F#/Eb F#/G# But deep inside I know there is one C# G#/C Right next to you F#/A# G# I know you're […]

A Love Like War Chords V3 - All Time Low

Strange Weather Chords – Keren Ann


It's basically the same progression of chords during all the song : F# Bbm F But you can play it gently at first, then louder with effects (if you play it with an electric guitar) until the last verse you play gently to end the song NO CAPO (But you can put the capo on […]

Head On Chords – Man Man V2


Single for the new album, On Oni Pond, out September 10th, 2013. Chord progression is very basic and stays consistent throughout the song. You can play the bass notes and drop them down easily also, sort of like this: G F#/G Em D (riff) e|—————————————————–| B|—————————————————–| G|———————————2——————-| D|——–0————2—–0-2-4———————| A|——–2——2—–2——————————-| E|——–3——2—–0——————————-| or do whatever you like […]

Whatever Shes Got Chords V2 - David Nail

Pressure Chords - The 1975

Fireside Chords - Arctic Monkeys

You Were On Fire Chords – Keren Ann


I based this by watching an acoustic version of the song played by Keren Ann (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piRmUbgpGzM) CAPO ON 4th Chords used Eadd9 : 022102 G : 320003 (or 355433 for chorus like Keren in the video) Am : x02210 (or 577555 like Keren in the video) Am7 : x02213 Cmaj7 : x32003 Dm : xx0231 […]

Come Into My Life Chords - Martin Nievera

What You Want Chords – Eric Bellinger


It's all the same after the first verse and chorus. Enjoy! ūüôā D I would never hurt you A I would never do that no E But if I ever hurt you F#m Wouldn't be intentional ,no D All I wanna do is make you smile A All I wanna do is settle down E […]

A Love Like War Chords - All Time Low

Fireside Chords V2 - Arctic Monkeys

All For Love Chords V3 - Lady Antebellum

Whats On The Other Side Chords - Martin Nievera

Boomerang Chords – Eric Saade


Ab E H F# Eh eh, eh eh Ab E H F# Eh eh, eh eh Ab E H F# I think i need rehab from you 'cause you are addicted Ab E H F# Slowly you breaking me down so i am done with a trippin' Ab E H F# You're bad for my […]

No Parallels Chords – Hands Like Houses


Capo 1 A E C#m B This is happiness, to be everything at once. A E C#m B Be unblinded, be unlearned, be unbridled and unburned. A E C#m B A E C#m B Heavy on our heels, the rocky ground we leave behind. A E C#m B Tassels streaming from our necks, we cast […]

Fireside Chords V3 - Arctic Monkeys

Jfk Chords - Lana Del Rey

Loving You Chords – Matt Cardle V2


Turning Half-Step Down. Except the A and Am, all the other chords should be play in bar position. Intro: A Leave your door open, C I wanna come over D A The night is only young C I wanna get under your body D A Take you over, come undone C But why do we […]

Alone Together Chords V3 - Fall Out Boy

Satisfied Chords – Holly Starr


Satisfied Holly Starr Capo 2 Key: A Verse 1 G This world keeps telling me C Em It can be everything that Ill ever need D To be happy G C They try to convince me with their stuff Em Try to tell me that its enough D For a good life Chorus G D […]

Dont Wish Chords – Tonight Alive


CAPO 3 Bm Though nothingís changed on my end G Yet you think Iíll just give in D I know the game, Iíve been there A Come back and claim that I didn't care Bm You say itís always been you G We both know thatís far from the truth D I know itís cold […]

Relatively Easy Chords – Jason Isbell


Jason Isbell - Relatively Easy Capo 4 D2 D D D D2 D2 D4 D D2 G  ( G5 ) D2 D D D D2 D2 D4 D D2 G D2 D Are you having a long day D D D2 D2 D4 D D2 G  ( G5 ) Everyone you meet rubs you the wrong way                                   D2 D Dirty city streets smell like an ashtray D D D2 D2 D4 D D2 G  ( G2 ) […]

Shooting Star Chords – Amy Diamond


Tabbed by Mcfly Em D Sun's busting in through the drapes, I awake as a new day starts C D Feeling I am clear in my mind, I'm alive, I'm in love, feel it in my heart Em D The day opens up on the world like a dream, and I start to smile C […]

365 Days Chords V2 - Victoria Justice

Changing Of The Seasons Chords – Two Door Cinema Club


D E so it's over G D I didn't realize D E it's so much colder G D but it was no surprise D E did you ever G D get to know me? D E because it has never G D been so plain to see Bm F#m and when you say you won't […]

Sinner Chords V2 - Josh Thompson

Lost Chords – Anouk V4


G if roses are meant to be red D and violets to be blue C then why isn't my heart D meant for you G my hands longing to touch you D but I can barely breathe C starry eyes that make me melt D right in front of me G lost in this world […]

A Crush Is A Crush Chords – Victorian Halls


Victorian Halls A Crush Is A Crush From "Charlatan" – 2012 Chords by blackoctober119 Verse: G#m Scene swept along in a rush G#m Shudder to worry enough G#m F# I guess a crush is a crush. G#m You said your heart was a map G#m That I fold to fit paper bats G#m F# And […]

Too Hard To Say Goodbye Chords - Westlife

Count The Stars Chords – Soulfire Revolution


Http://Soulfirerevolution.com Intro: C#sus C# C#sus C# A#m G# F# C#/F F# D#m Verse 1: C# You were there in the void A#m At the sound of Your voice G# F# It all began C#/F F# D#m It all began C# C#sus God of all knelt down C# A#m With a kiss to the ground G# […]

My Heart Is On Fire Chords – Asta V2


Asta//My heart is on fire Capo 3 thats the way she plays it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGuxR3_CmUw ____ Em ________ E *______ G __ e|——-|——-|—3—| B|——-|——-|——-| G|——-|——-|——-| D|—2—|——-|——-| A|—2—|——-|—2—| E|——-|—2—|—3—| (just play the first 3 strings in the verse part) Em E * G Em E * G Out on the dusty road, your eyes flicker to […]

Sun Burns Chords - Alkaline Trio

Blame It On The Sun Chords V2 - Stevie Wonder

All Alone Chords – Attack Attack


Attack Attack! All Alone From "Attack Attack! – Deluxe" – 2011 Chords by blackoctober119 Intro: Am – F – C – G Verse: Am F I'm feeling this desperation, C G Your words are tearing me apart Am F With every last conversation, C G Not going anywhere from the start Am F You and […]

Dont Go To Strangers Chords - Amy Winehouse

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