The Cold One chords – Mike Ryan


Night Comes Falling Song: The Cold One Written by: Mike Ryan, Devin Kleinfelder, Wayne Foster Cadd9 G Em G Seeing things a little different 'round here C G D G Honey aint much changed since you left last year G Em G This town's still dead as it used to be C G D G […]

God Of The Universe chords – Vota


"God of the Universe" by Bryan Olesen VERSE 1 Em C G D The heavens declare Your glory Em C D The skies show what Your hands have made Em C G D Without words they're telling a story Em C G Am And no one can hide from what they say G D Am […]

You Put The Hurt On Me chords – The Steeldrivers


G Theres a light on in the kitchen, and I've been losing sleep C G It seems to me, since you've been gone the dark is twice as deep G C My mind trys to forget you, but my heart comes back for more C D G C G D G Cause you put the […]

Drinkin Dark Whiskey chords – The Steeldrivers


The Steeldrivers- Drinkin' Dark Whiskey G Drinkin dark whiskey, tellin' white lies D One leads to another on a Saturday night C G Don't you cross your heart unless you hope to die D G Drinkin dark whiskey, tellin' white lies G The first drop burns but the second one goes down smooth C G […]

Until We Bleed chords V3 - Lykke Li

Back To You chords – Micah Peacock


I really love this song so I decided to try and figure out the chords. I know some are wrong but can't quite figure out what it is supposed to be so leave a comment and I will edit it. CAPO 2 Am G Brokenness Your sacrifice Am D My pride still binds my hands […]

Stormy Days chords – Jacob Whitesides


Intro: Gm7 C F Am5+ Gm7 C F F7 Gm7 C A side is getting gray F Am5+ But baby, that don't mean anything Gm7 C So why don't you come over And I'll show you F Am5+ What a lazy day means Gm7 Am5+ In my arms, holding your heart Gm7 Beat to the […]

Speak O Lord Samuels Song – Highway 180 chords


—————————————————————————– Speak O Lord (Samuel's Song) – Highway 180 —————————————————————————– Capo 1 Verse 1: A2 Bsus Down on my knees at the end of the day A2 Bsus Don't know what to do or how to pray A2 Bsus There are a million words I'd like to say A2 Bsus But each is overshadowed when […]

Gust Of Wind chords – Pharrell Williams


Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind Tabbed/Chords by Chris Bailey ukguitarlessons.com and kadiaband.co.uk I have made my own simplified version of the song for more novice players here: CHORDS FOR REGULAR VERSION F7sus4 x 8 10 8 11 x Ebsus4 x6889x Eb x6888x A#m7 686666 Fm 122111 Eb xx1343 or x6888x Ab/Bb x1111x Bbmin x1333x […]

Guide Us Home chords – Bad Actress


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bad-Actress/297111880315014 http://www.reverbnation.com/badactress SONG: GUIDE US HOME ARTIST: BAD ACTRESS TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM GUIDE US HOME BAD ACTRESS INTRO: F Bb F F Bb F F Bb F VERSE: F Bb F You're Up Late In Your Empty Home Bb F You're Surrounded But You're All Alone Bb F Every Night, You Lie […]

In The City chords - Kutless

Jonatha Eng – Myling Lullaby chords


From the OST to the PC version of the Simogo game Year Walk. http://www.loudr.fm/release/myling-lullaby/tUB5x Should be finger picked. — Chorus 1 Dm Am Sleep now, my child Dm Am The day is almost done Dm , Am , Dm , Am Dm Am Sleep now, my child Dm Am There goes the sinking sun — […]

Tough Luck chords – Nina Nesbitt


This may be completely incorrect but it's a start so Capo4 Intro D Em D Em e|——-2——-5—–2—0—–2——-5—–2—0–| B|—-3——-3—–3——0—-3——-3—–3—-0–| G|–2——2——2——–0–2——2——2——0–| D|————————-2———————–2–| A|————————-2———————–2–| E|————————-0———————–0–| Em G She puts her pen to paper Em G Lines across their hearts Em G You did it all to erase her Em G You left her standing in the dark Em […]

Picking Up Pieces chords – Blue October


Capo 1 Standard Tuning There is an OK version of this song already on the site, but it needed several corrections and the title was wrong (there is no "the" in the title.) Here is my version, hope you like it. Comments and corrections are welcome. Note: If you aren't worried about playing along with […]

U chords – Austin Mahone


All the song goes like A B E A , like that: " A B E Cus I know that all my dreams A Are coming true yeah A B And I know-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow E A I'll never feel the way I feel girl " So, enjoy the song and any doubts,email me: lilicescalf Chords: | […]

Tonight We Have The Stars chords V3 - Bryan Adams

Take It Out On Me chords - Florida Georgia Line

Samuel Mendonca-amazed chords – Misc Your Songs


Amazed Samuel Mendon?a ——————————– Verse 1 Bm G In the waves of the ocean D F#m In the rays of the sun Bm G In my hopes and my failures D F#m When I'm trying to run Pre-Chorus Bm G D A I will stand, amazed, by You Bm G D A I will stand, […]

Virginia Calling chords – Sons Of Bill


Awesome song by an awesome band! It's best just to listen to get the strumming down. *CAPO 4* Chords used, relative to capo (not 100% sure on the names): -G- -Cadd9- -Dsus4- -D- -Em7- -Dadd4- e|–3—–3——-3—–2—-3——3—– B|–3—–3——-3—–3—-3——3—– G|–0—–0——-2—–2—-0——2—– D|–0—–2——-0—–0—-2——0—– A|–2—–3——————2——0—– E|–3————————0——2—– INTRO e|–3–3—3–3–3—3-| B|–3–3—3–3–3—3-| G|–0–0—2–0–0—2-|x2 D|–0–0—0–2–2—0-| A|–2–2——3–3—–| E|–3–3—————| VERSE (Same as INTRO) Ain't it funny […]

The Dreamer chords – Neil Sedaka


The Dreamer:Neil Sedaka. #47 on BB Hot 100 on RCA Records in 1963. INTRO: E Abm B E Hush-hush-A-bye..husha-husha-bye-bye.. Abm B E Hush-hush-A-bye..husha-husha-bye-bye.. Dbm F# Hush-hush-A-bye..husha-husha-bye-bye.. F# Dbm F# Hush-hush-A-bye..husha-husha-bye-bye.. #1. B F# B Db Dbm The dreamer..silly dreamer..they all call me, F# Dbm F# since I met you. F# B Every friend I have, […]

Healing Hands chords – Jonathan Pierce


Healing Hands – Jonathan Pierce Capo 3 Chorus: C Cmaj7 Em F Em Pick up your heart and carry it to healing hands Dm G C G There is no scar, no pain He won’t understand C Gm C – C /G Those broken dreams you've carried this far F Em Dm Need His touch […]

Some Kind Of Monster chords - Neon Trees

Snakes And Ladders chords – Scouting For Girls


Bm G D A x4 Bm G It's always up and down with you D A This game you play is kinda twisted, Bm G Trying to guess your next move D A Is all I do cause I'm addicted Bm G I could leave it all behind D A Trouble is I know Id […]

Trust chords - Neon Trees

Mountain Of Love chords V2 - Johnny Rivers

Permanent Marker chords V3 - Taylor Swift

Even Now chords – William Fitzsimmons


I watched his performance on YouTube and figured out the chords from there. It's probably not spot on, but close enough. Listen to the song to get the feel of the strumming. capo on 2 C F C F C F G F C F C F How long should I wait before I let […]

Kiss chords – Scout Niblett V2


C G A kiss could've killed me Am E7 If it were not for the rain C G A kiss could've killed me Am F Baby if, if it were not for rain C G Am E7 & I had a feeling it was coming on C G & I felt it coming Am F […]

Run With You chords – Keren Ann


NO CAPO Chords used: C : 332010 G : 320033 G7 : 320001 A *: x02223 Bbm : x13321 Dm : xx0231 Intro: C C C G G7 Let alone the breath of wind that you're bringing G A * It's to the chords of your guitar that I'm singing Bbm Dm It hits me […]

It Must Have Been Love chords V5 - Roxette

Sorry chords V8 - Jonas Brothers

The Remains Of Rock And Roll chords – Broken Bells


[Intro] Am C Em Bm Bbm Am Am C Em G Am C Em Bm Bbm Am It's too long to wait around for everyone to decide Am C Em G I'm off to the promised land if anyone needs a ride Am C Em Bm Bbm Am it's a small car but we'll fit […]

At The Heart Of All This Strangeness chords – Jape



Keep Your Heart Right chords – Terry Callier


Intro … Same melody as verses. The Em9 is E ||——-o————| B ||—-3—3——-3—| G ||—o——-o—o–o-| D ||–4———–4—–| A ||——————–| E ||o——————-| Em9 Do do do dee do do, do dah di do. Em9 Do do do dee do do, do di dah Em9 Do do do dee do do, do dah di do. Em9 Bm7 […]

I Sold My Heart To The Junkman chords – Dee Dee Sharp


I Sold My Heart To The Junkman:Dee Dee Sharp. Album – It's Mashed Potato Time – #44 on BB Hot 200 on CAMEO Records in 1962. INTRO: Eb I sold my heart to the junkman, now. (Oh, yes.) Cm I sold my heart to the junkman, now. (Oh, whoaa.) Ab Yes, I did, yes, I […]

Heart Like Stone chords – Greyson Chance


Greyson Chance Heart Like Stone Hold On Til The Night 2011 Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 There is THE KILLERS vibe in this song especially the Chorus haha Key: C Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Am – x02210 F – 133211 C – x32010 G – 320003 Dm – xx0231 Intro: Piano Am–F-G- x2 Verse 1: Am […]

Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine chords – Kentucky Headhunters


Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine The Kentucky Headhunters Intro: A x4 A You say your sorry once again dear E A You want me to take you back once more D A You say you need a helping hand dear D E A But that's what you told me once before Chorus A […]

Heart Like Mine chords – Kimberly Caldwell


Heart Like Mine by Kimberly Caldwell Without Regret Track 2 2011 Standard Tuning Capo on the 4th fret Chords: Am : x02210 F : x33211 or 133211 C : x32010 G : 320003 or 320033 Dm : xx0231 (To play without a capo replace the chords above by C#m, A, E, B & F#m) Am […]

Wild Heart chords – Vamps V3


((I've only just listened to this for the first time yesterday, but I was finding the chords on here weren't working for me… so this is how I play it. I'm sure a few adjustments can be made, but I find that the chords work a bit better. Chords don't line up perfectly with where […]

I Cross My Heart chords V5 - George Strait

Heart Of Worship chords – Daniel Thomas


1st Verse G D Am C Light of the world, You stepped down into darkness G D C Opened my eyes, Let me see G D Am C Beauty that makes, This heart adore you G D C Hope of a life spent with you Chorus G D Here I am to worship, Here I […]

In My Heart chords – Bill Withers


SONG: IN MY HEART ARTIST: BILL WITHERS TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM IN MY HEART BILL WITHERS INTRO: G G7 Cm Cm * Cm ** Cm VERSE: Cm G When I need some affection Bbm You're not there, I close my eyes Ab G And uuuuuuse my recollection, Cm And in one moment Bm […]

Kill For My Heart chords – July Days


intro C Am x2 C Am Kill my heart, you kill for my heart C Am kill my heart, you kill for my heart F +7 C and i hope you don't mind F +7 C i'll find you more time Verse Am F +7 watch you walk across the room C fixing eyes that […]

Come Into My Heart chords – Lloyd Price


Come Into My Heart:Lloyd Price. #2 R&B and #20 on BB Hot 100 on ABC-PARAMOUNT Records in 1959. INTRO: Ab Db Ab Da-doot-doo..come on into my heart.. Ab Db Ab Da-doot-doo..come on into my heart. #1. Ab Eb I've never heard a name, as quite as sweet as yours. Eb Ab I never saw eyes, […]

Heart Upon My Sleeve Tabs by Avicii


Heart Upon My Sleeve by Avicii Hey Guys I learned the most of the intro to this song from the other tabs but I wanted to make my own because something was a little off. I'm not saying this will be 100% correct but I think it sounds pretty good. Tuning: Standard *Credit to Mattias […]

Saltwater Heart chords V4 - Switchfoot

Light Your Heart Up Tabs by Aimee B


"Light Your Heart Up" from Kill la Kill Original Soundtrack Hiroyuki Sawano vocals: Aimee Blackschleger tab by: Grue3 Main riff (Intro / Verse A / Bridge) G Bb Eb F G Bb C F E|———————————————————-| B|———————————————————-| G|—-3–3——–3–5————————————–| D|-5–3–1–3–5–3–5–3———————————–| A|-5–1–1–3–5–1–3–3———————————–| E|-3——–1–3——–1———————————–| Verse B Bb Eb F C G Bb F G Bb Eb F G Ab […]

Whats Within My Heart Tabs by Uriah Heep


Artist – Uriah Heep ********************* Song – What's Within My Heart ******************************* Album – Look At Yourself ************************** – Ayreon77 ********************** INTRO D [——-2—————3—————3—————2———| [—–3—3———–3—3———–3—3———–3—3——-| [—2——-2—2—2——-2—2—2——-2—2—2——-2—2-| [-0———–0—0———–0—0———–0—0———–0—| [—————————————————————–| [—————————————————————–|X2 00:22 D [——-2—————–3—————–3—————–2———-| [—–3—3————-3—3————-3—3————-3—3——–| [—2——-2—-2—-2——-2—-2—-2——-2—-2—-2——-2—-2-| [-0———–0—–0———–0—–0———–0—–0———–0—-| [————————————————————————| [————————————————————————| | | |SOLO | [———————-b————————————————-| [—————-3—–5—-5—-3——-h——————————-| [————2————————–2-4—2———–h————–| [–0—-4————————————————2-4—0———| [————————————————————————| [————————————————————————| ———————————————————————— VERSE ****** 1 – Will I never […]

Saving Glass Heart chords – Drive Me To Juliet V3


Drive Me To Juliet Saving Glass Heart USE THIS CHORDS C# A B E e|–0–|–0–|–0–|–0–| B|–0–|–0–|–0–|–0–| G|–6–|–2–|–4–|–1–| D|–6–|–2–|–4–|–2–| A|–4–|–0–|–2–|–2–| E|–x–|–x–|–x–|–0–| Intro: C# – A – B (2x) Verse 1: C# A B I thought I was alone before C# And I never thought that I A B Could ever find someone like you C# This […]

My Heart Lies chords – Barbara Dickson


My heart lies (Alan Tarney) Sung by Barbara Dickson (chord extract by aatvza) Intro: C G7/G G/C C I don`t know why you call me C G7/G G/C C It makes no sense to call me Am A11 `Cos every time you do G7/G G I listen to you G/C C G/C C And my […]

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