Kris Allen – Live Like We’re Dying lyrics


Sometimes we fall down and can’t get back up We’re hiding behind skin that’s too tough How come we don’t say I love you enough Till it’s too late, it’s not too late Our hearts are hungry for a food that won’t come We could make a feast from these crumbs And we’re all staring […]

Demi Lovato – Remember December lyrics


I feel a separation coming on Cause I know that you want to be moving on I wish it would snow tonight You pull me in avoid a fight Cause I feel A separation coming on Just prove that there is nothing left to try It’s the truth I’d rather we just walk tonight You […]

Lonely Road Chords – Mason Jennings


First off, tune your guitar a half step down (E flat, A flat, etc..) Note* all of the chords here are how you should position your hand on a tuned down not the actual notes, G=G flat, C=C flat etc.. intro: G (hammering on and off of the 2nd fret of the high e string […]

Several Ways To Die Trying Chords - Dashboard Confessional

Down On You Chords - Tokio Hotel

Tainted Love Chords – Soft Cell


Capo 2 Em G Am Sometimes I feel I’ve got to Em G Am Run away I’ve got to Em G Am Get away from the pain you drive into the heart of me Em G Am The love we share Em G Am Seems to go nowhere Em G Am And I’ve lost my […]

Just Say Yes Chords - Snow Patrol

SKELETONWITCH – …and Into The Flame Lyrics


Intense burning hatred Overwhelming pure disgust Hear my oath of vengeance You shall pay the price, the cost of blood Useless, now forgotten Leave you twisting in the wind No love, only hatred Pray I never see your face again Out of my shadow, and into the flame Gone are the comforts you once knew […]

SKELETONWITCH – Crushed Beyond Dust Lyrics


No more shall you share the air that I breathe I am to suffocate, to break, and to beat My heart beats the fire of blood freezing cold Hands with no weapons tear through your soul Only your death, complete defeat I need your blood, upon my hands Hold your fucking tears Your life is […]

Slayer – Snuff Lyrics


[Lead: Hanneman] [Lead: King] Start with vanity Arrogance and greed Panic is my obsession No one can escape The thrill is much too great Despair is my creation Everything obscene Emanates from me Homicide is on the rise It all begins now Take your final bow The camera never lies Action, torture, misery Endless suffering […]

Stay Beside Me Chords - Future Of Forestry

Sheepskin Tearaway Chords – Pete Doherty


A C# D B She opened her heart to a tearaway, sheepskin tearaway. A C# D B All covered in scars and full off herion. A C# D B Everyone said from the start not one single thing could ever be okay, ** E C# ** She didnt listen anyway And its basically the same […]

Release Chords - Pearl Jam

Belphegor – Reichswehr In Blood Lyrics


The mouth of hell opens Obey the call Crucifixes to impale Shoved in the ass and mouth Shrines of worship Dedicated to the ultimate The bringer of light Lucifer decides my fate Reichswehr in blood In Praise of the devil Reichswehr in blood Totus Sanctus Occumbat [Lead: Helmuth] Artifacts of blood and bone Disemboweled on […]

Sing Your Heart Out Tab by The Trews


Hey Guys! Shout out to Nick who requested this song… This is one of the Trews newest song off they’re acoustic album. Pretty easy once you get the rhythm. I tried showing it but its too intense to notate but listen to the tune and its easy to figure out. The whole song is basically […]

Superman Tonight Chords - Bon Jovi

Airstream Song Chords - Miranda Lambert

Shes Gone Chords – Steelheart


Verse 1: C She’s gone, G# Out of my life. A# I was wrong, G I’m to blame, G# I was so untrue. F G I can’t live without her love. C In my life G# There’s just an empty space. A# G All my dreams are lost, G# I’m wasting away. G Forgive me, […]

Hell On The Heart Chords - Eric Church

First And The Last Chords - Hillsongs

LEAVES EYES – Nine Wave Maidens Lyrics


Nine wave maidens Giant beauties Soundly asleep on Midgard sands Someone is walking Hungry eyes gazing The guard of the sky beholding their pride Calling the waves Playing in the shallows What will they want A seafarer’s heart Come rain, come shine The patience never breaking Oh how they blind a traveler’s heart Atla, Sindur, […]

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye Chords - John Mayer

Dustbowl Dance Chords - Mumford And Sons

Word Forward Chords - Foo Fighters

Half Of My Heart Chords feat Taylor Swift - John Mayer

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