God You Gave Me Chords – Ryan Hudak


Verse : 1 E C G D Give you the praise E C G D Give you the hour E C G Every step i am tacking D More and more E C G D I fell it inside E C G Every move i am making F You are the one Chorus : 1 […]

Mackenzie Bourg – Everyones Got A Story chords


Hey guys(: That's my first tab and it was made by ear so there might be some mistakes in the song. I hope you enjoy it(: G D My heart is mine C Your heart is yours. G C All that I'm seeing is open doors. G D Just close your eyes Em And know […]

Every Word Chords – Belly


Belly, Every Word D C F G D C F E So you go D C F G To leave D C F E More room for me E Eb Uh uh oh, you gave me too much room E Eb So I filled it up with chairs E Eb You can't sit on, E […]

Ordinary Girl – Clueless Theme intro Chords – China Forbes


Capo on 1st D A G A She is literally the Polaroid of perfection D A G A She has everything and she'll give it to you in a second G Looks can deceive A D She wears her heart on her sleeve A G She'll Steal you away A G Not just one day […]

Accidentally Like A Martyr Chords – Warren Zevon V2


#——————————-PLEASE NOTE————————————-# # This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # # song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #——————————————————————————-# Accidentally Like A Martyr Warren Zevon 1978 F F Dm F The phone don't ring, no no Dm And the sun refused […]

Tim The Lion Tamer – Whistleblower chords


Capo on 3rd Am C G Am ; Am F C I came down here to sell the drugs you left beneath your bed G Em F I came down here to bend my crooked soul Am F C And I wish you'd have the decency to tell me what they said G Em F […]

I Can Be Friends With You Chords - MxPx

I’m the Bad Guy Chords - MxPx

Letting Go Chords - MxPx

Sometimes By Step Chords - Rich Mullins

Can’t See Not Saying Chords - MxPx

Let Mercy Lead Chords - Rich Mullins

Maker of Noses Chords - Rich Mullins

Nothing Is Beyond You Chords - Rich Mullins

Promenade Chords - Rich Mullins

RiverThe Chords - Rich Mullins

Sing Your Praise To The Lord Chords - Rich Mullins

Buildings Tumble Chords - MxPx

Six Billion People Chords – Paul Gilbert


Chords for "Six Billion People" by Paul Gilbert. FM7 Em7 Am7 There are six billion people on this planet Bm7b5 E7 Am7 Abm7 Gm7 C9 But I'll only ever fall in love with two FM7 Em7 A7 One is a black and white photo of Grace Kelly Dm7 G7 CM7 And the other you might […]

Lights Chords – It Bites


E E E E E E E A C#m B A Getting myself into this was never easy C#m B A Giving myself up to you is no reward E F# Does it all begin with something new? E F# C Falling into something you can't see Chorus: E B A The lights go out […]

Saint Valentine Chords – Gregory Alan Isakov


SAINT VALENTINE – Gregory Alan Isakov capo on third fret C F C G (x2) F C G C Well Grace she is gone she's a half written poem F C G Am G She went out for cigarettes and never came home F C G Am And I swallowed the sun and screamed and […]

Strong Love Chords – Jon Thurlow


The End of the Story Jon Thurlow C# G# I know the end of the story F# G# I come up from the wilderness, leaning on my Beloved C# G# Your love is so high, Your love is so wide F# G# Your love is so deep, Your love is so long C# F# G# […]

Graffiti On The Train Chords V2 - Stereophonics

There Is One God Chords – Ryan Hudak


Verse : 1 EM Lift you hands C Lift your heart G Lift tour soul D To him EM C G D I will give him all of the praise Chorus : 1 C G There is one God he is holy AM D He is one lord over everything C He is jesus C […]

Believe You Me Chords – Jaime Preciado


Believe You Me Chords Capo 5 Note: Hey guys, this is my first tab, so be gracious. Constructive criticism is welcome 🙂 Em C F G Em Once I wish I could be on the other side of this conversation C Dm Em G I'd pay so much more attention to the details I forgot […]

Real Love Cant Pretend Chords – Griffin House


Real Love Can't Pretend by Griffin House Interpreted by dewis Standard/Capo on 3rd [the Riff] ————————————-| ——1—1-1-1-1-1—-1-1-1-1——-| ——0—0-0-0-0-0—-0-0-0-0——-| ——2h3-3-3-3-3-3p2–2-2-2-2——-| –3-3-3—3-3-3-3-3–3-3-3-3-3——-| ————————————-| Riff x 2 Verse 1 C riff Well I guess I fell right in love with you C riff There was nothing else for me to do Gsus4 I guess you had a right […]

Respire Chords – Jonas And The Massive Attraction


Voilà la chanson entière. Assez facile à jouer si on écoute un peu la chanson avant. Pas de Capo, Normal Tuning. Enjoy! 😉 Verse* D – G Ouvre La fenêtre, Lèves un peu la tête regardes autour, tout cet amour… Calmes la tempête, au fond de ton être.. dans ce monde, pour moi tu comptes! […]

Walks Like Rihanna Chords V3 - The Wanted

The World Is Gonna End Tonight Chords – School Is Cool


F I think you need a little helping hand Am to get you back in line, Am C don't think I don't know you're stranded. F I don't believe in a personal God: Am C how come, when he says he loves me, he makes me ugly? F Am I got it from good source, […]

A Million Lives Chords – Jake Miller


Hi guys! I hope you enjoy this, it's my first btw :p. But here it goes: It repeats C – G – Am – F over and over again. Intro C G Am F x2 Verse 1 C G The other day I got an email, I almost didn't read it Am F But something […]

Outside The Lines Chords - Hawk Nelson

Mirrors Chords – Justin Timberlake V6


Tabber-Bella Capo-3 Intro- C G Dm (2x) [Verse 1] Am G Dm F Aren't you somethin' to admire, cause your shine is somethin' like a mirror Am G Dm F And I can't help but notice, you reflect in this heart of mine Am G Dm F If you ever feel alone and the glare […]

Listen Listen Listen Chords – Wintersleep


Beautiful song. The original is in Dm, but I usually play it in Em as the melody is very low, and the chords are easier a tone up. Enjoy! Em And even if the words don't sound right, G D I will love you till the day my heart dies, Am till the day my […]

Till I Was A Daddy Too Chords – Tracy Lawrence V2


I noticed that the chords to the only version sounded off when I played and a Google search turned up a version that was missing chunks of the lyrics but contained the correct-sounding chords. Til I was a Daddy Too By Tracy Lawrence Standard Tuning – Capo 4 G C Do you recall when I […]

Impossible Chords V9 - James Arthur

Icarus Halfway Across The Sky Chords – Hopes Die Last


Icarus (Halfway across the sky) guitar chords. I learned by ear and this is my first post for a tablature so Gimme some slack c: Hope this helps you! \m/(^-^)\m/ Intro: Single strumming; Am Your standing out there, G The wind caresses the air, Am It's all grey around, C I can't hear no sound… […]

Chameleon Comedian Chords V2 - Kathleen Edwards

Song For The Righteous Chords – Yfl


By YFL musicmin for 2011 National Conference Just tried to find the chords by ear. "Song for the Righteous" B G#m Lord, holy and righteous, F# True to Your promise, E Father of all B G#m Lord, love You have spoken F# Chosen and broken E F# Lifted on higher, higher Chorus: B I was […]

Boston Rose Chords – Wolfe Tones


G D G C D G Now the Autumn leaves are falling and the tourists have all gone C D And the children they have all gone back to school G D G And my life is as it was before C D G C D I work eight hours a day but the company's […]

Stay Chords – Jamestown Story V2


Okay so this is not entirely correct because I could not figure out the intro, but this should be in tune with the rest of the song. If you have a suggestion please comment and let me know. Capo on 1st fret G I've got my mind on you, G And I don't know what […]

When I Think Of You Chords – Leif Garrett


When I Think Of You By: Leif Garrett Intro: A – Bm7 – A – Bm7 – (Too roo roo) Verse 1: A When I think of you Bm7 I think of sunny days in June Warm nights in tune A Bm7 And the sun in your heart Verse 2: A When I think of […]

The Harold Song Chords V4 - Kesha

Things That Stop You Dreaming Chords - Passenger

Half A Smidge Chords – Calexico


In the interest of honesty, these chords have been provided by the Chordify service. They *should* be correct. This song is an excellent example of Calexico's lighter side. Enjoy it! Note: Please pay attention to the strumming style in the original– I can't really transcribe it here, but it makes the fairly simple chord progression […]

Invisible Chords – Jason Chen


Invisible Jason Chen Am F Ever felt so close, and yet you're so far away C G Ever went down the wrong, road Am F Well if i got to go back, there's only one way C Is if you're coming with me, F I'm waiting for you Am F C I've been standing here […]

Lie A Little More Chords – Max Milner


Four simple chords throughout the whole song and where it says Em keep the 3rd and 4th finger on the 1st and 2nd string on the 3rd fret. PLEASE DON'T GO MENTAL FIRST TAB + JUST STARTED PLAYING GUITAR Capo 3 Em Cadd9 Every time I loose the plot in your house, G D/F# I […]

La La La Chords – Naughty Boy V3


I felt that the other version on here wasn't accurate, this is my first tab so i hope it's ok, enjoy guys. Capo 2nd Fret Chords used: Em : 022000 Bm : x24432 Am : x02210 Em Bm Hush, don't speak Am When you spit your venom, keep it shut I hate it Em Bm […]

Your Love Is Like A River Chords V3 - Third Day

Eyes On Me Chords – Faye Wong V4


"Eyes on Me" by Faye Wong Chords for acoustic guitar by Ian Bitts, Based on entry by Angelino Cayabyab Estandian Jr. [Verse I] C Am Whenever sang my songs F G on the stage, on my own. C Em Whenever said my words, F G wishing they would be heard. Am Em I saw you […]

Casualty Of Love Chords V2 - Jessie J

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