If We Ever Chords – Stan Bush


Stan Bush – If We Ever G G A Bm G G A A G G A D G G A A G G A Bm Six in the mornin' I'm lyin' in bed G G A A I got yesterday's dirt on my hands G G A D I hear the clock ringin' inside […]

Be Still Chords – Bethel Music


Intro: D Verse 1: D G Bm Be still my heart and know, You are God alone A G Stop thinking so much, And just let go D G Bm Be still my soul and rest, Humbly I confess A G In my weakness, Your strength is perfect Chorus: G Bm A For You alone […]

Restoration Chords – Phillips Craig And Dean


INTRO: C# C#/B C#/A# C#/G# C# C#/B Looking at this falling race, standing in the light of grace, C#/A# C#/G# We can see the shadow of the past. C# C#/B Building our security, true love's it's identity, C#/A# C#/G# There's still time for us to get it back. C# B F# C# Hey now, hey […]

One Last Dance Chords – R5


Intro: D Am Em C D E A C G Tear drops in your hazel eyes A E G Em E I can't believe I made you cry D Am Em D E It feels so long since we went wrong C G A Em But you're still on my mind A C G Em […]

Acid Rain Chords V3 - Avenged Sevenfold

Tambourine-n-thyme Chords – Nana Grizol


C Jump in to that water, is it cold or is it hot, Am or is it nothing quite worth mentioning at all. F Hearts they will awaken, to remember fears of breaking G but all animals must answer to their call C It's like how when I try to write a song, sometimes the […]

Trust Chords – Matt Hammitt


Found this awesome song but couldn't find the chords for it so decided to make this! The original key that Matt Hammitt plays in is the key of G but I dropped it to E with a capo on 2 so I could sing it easier. Matt also does fingerpick but I just strummed the […]

Blinded By Love Chords - Lenka

Say You Love Me Chords – Naturally 7


Hi! Everybody! I give you the chords of this beautiful song played by Naturally 7. This version was played at the Madison Square Garden. If you want to play the original song like the recording at the studio, you must transpose up +1. This is how I play it with my piano. Hope you like […]

Diana Chords V3 - One Direction


C There's a ghost in my bedroom C/B it haunts me at night Am G F I've asked him to leave but he keeps stopping by Dm G Just when I think that I'm alone C C/B it shows up again Am but with a friend this time F G and now this is getting […]

I Cant Make You Love Me Chords – Nina


I Can't Make You Love Me Nina Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: E – C#m – G#m – C#m – B/D# – E – E G#m7 C#m Turn down the lights, turn down the bed B/D# G#m7 C#m Turn down these voices inside my head E G#m7 EM7 Lay down with me, tell me no […]

Lights Out Words Gone Acousitc Chords - Bombay Bicycle Club

Diana Chords V2 - One Direction

Ghosts Chords V4 - Mayday Parade

I Didnt Mean To Make You Mine Chords – Nina


I Didn't Mean To Make You Mine Nina Chords By: naguenyong vinx Intro: C – Em -; (2x) Gsus G Don't give me a second chance Em It'll be the same C You will be the consequence G And I will have the pain C You are something else I have Bm7 I have to […]

Everybodys Somebodys Fool Chords – Connie Francis V2


#——————————-PLEASE NOTE————————————-# # This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # # song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #——————————————————————————-# Everybodys Somebodys Fool chords Connie Francis 1960 (Jack Keller / Howard Greenfield) Capo II E B7 E E7 A B7 B E […]

Diana Chords V6 - One Direction

Ghosts Chords V3 - Mayday Parade

Atticus Chords – Noisettes V2


I submitted my own chords before, but I realize that for some, playing with the capo on 7 is odd. So, I bring you another version… Easier. Enjoy. Intro: Em G C D C G D (space out the notes like this is the chorus) C G To kill a mockingbird is to silence the […]

Dublin Sky Chords – Darren Hayes


here goes: G I´ve been down a lonely street tonight C And I don´t know what´s wrong with me I don´t know what´s wrong with me G The clouds cover up the Dublin sky C I don´t know what´s left of me I don´t know what´s right with me D And I´ve tried to keep […]

Diana Chords V4 - One Direction

Ghosts Chords V5 - Mayday Parade

Here And Now Chords – North Point


C We want to be a church where freedom reigns We want to be a people full of grace Am F We want to be a shelter where the broken find their place C We want to be a refuge for the weak We want to be a light for the world to see Am […]

Satellites Chords - James Blunt

Diana Chords V5 - One Direction

Ghosts Chords V2 - Mayday Parade

Traveling Alone Chords – Jason Isbell V2


TRAVELING ALONE – Jason Isbell Capo 2 Intro: Am Am7 Fmaj7 Mountain's rough this time of year C They close the highway down G They don't warn the town Am Am7 Fmaj7 C I've been fighting second gear for fifteen miles or so, G Trying to beat the angry snow Em Dm I know every […]

Diana Chords - One Direction

Oh Well Oh Well Chords V5 - Mayday Parade

Take Me To Heart Chords – Jon Allen


CAPO 1 INTRO: D , C (4x) D Em Out of place like a paper moon A D – Dsus4 – D Dsus2 In the dead of the afternoon Bm Bm/F# E/G# All that I can do is dream D/A That all that sky above me A7 is not as empty as it seems D […]

Summer Forever Chords – Megan Nicole V2


Capo: You can play this song with capo on the first fret or no capo. Intro: Cadd9 , G , D , Em7 Cadd9 G Phone rings, you're parked outside D Em7 Hair's up, my chucks are tied Cadd9 You got a place in mind D Em7 But I say let's improvise Cadd9 Oh oh […]

Heart Broke Every Day Chords – Lonestar


INTRO: D C G D Am G Why do I do this to myself D Am G Why do I want the one who wants somebody else F Don't you know Am G D I'd get my heartbroke every day if I could D C G D Am G Why do I always take the […]

Fireside Chords V4 - Arctic Monkeys

Burn Chords – Melanie C V3


Drown Ė Melanie C Am F Don't miss you G When I'm alone D Am F G Don't see your face in places we used to go oh oh D Am Thought that I would feel nothing G D F If I ever saw you standing in front of me G Don't know I feel […]

This Sullen Welsh Heart Feat Lucy Rose Chords – Manic Street Preachers


This is simple to play, plucking is consistent throughout with occasional hammer-ons. Just play the bass string of each chord and the two higher strings alternately. I got this from watching James performing it live. CAPO ON 2nd C (can add the occasional hammer on to most of these chords) I don't want my children […]

Fireside Chords V5 - Arctic Monkeys

What Dont Kill You Chords – Michelle Branch


Capo on 1st Fret Chorus: Em D Halle-lujah A Bm That itís ov-er Em D What went through you A Bm Broke the spell Em D But un-til it A Bm makes you stronger Em D What donít kill you A Bm hurts like he – ll (Same progression through verse) Verse 1: See him […]

Guardian Angel Chords – Masquerade


Chorus: D G A D G – A I feel I'm fallin' apart 'cos I know I've lost my guardian angel. D G A Bm A fleetin' glimpse of your heart losin' right from the start – no return G A D G – A – D And things will never be the same (Repeat) […]

Proud Of You Chords – Fiona Fung V3


Intro : B F# G#m D#m E B C#m F# B F# Love in your eyes G#m D#m Sitting silent by my side E B Going on, holding hands C#m F# Walking through the nights B F# Hold me up, hold me tight G#m D#m Lift me up to touch the sky E B Teaching […]

Eternity Chords – Imelda May


#———————————-PLEASE NOTE——————————–# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the# #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.# #—————————————————————————–# #—————————————————————————–# # If you like this tab, please rate it above. Thank you. #—————————————————————————–# John Shaw (jashaw@shaw-web.net) Artist: Imelda May Song: Eternity Intro: D D C […]

Something Bout Love Chords – David Archuleta


CAPO 1 Into: C#m , A , E , B (2x) Verse one: C#m A E B Every night it's all the same C#m A E You're frozen by the phone, you wait B Something's changed C#m A E B You blame yourself every day, you'd do it again C#m A (stop) every night Chorus: […]

Come Back Chords V2 - Depeche Mode

Peace Of Mind Chords – Desmond Dekker


Intro: D# A# G# D# x2 D# A# G# D# Everywhere I go there is always troubles and misery. D# A# G# D# Everywhere I go there is always troubles and misery. D# A# G# D# Everywhere I roam there is always troubles and misery. D# A# G# D# Everywhere, anywhere I go there is […]

Life Is Hard Chords - Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros

Girls Dont Care Chords – Eef Barzelay


The Girls Don't Care – Eef Barzelay : Brett email: no thanks tuning: standard This is in E. Live, he sometimes plays this in D. If you're playing along and this sounds awful, drop everything by a full step. If it still sounds bad, I've probably made a mistake somewhere. This does NOT include the […]

Wonderful Glorious Chords – Eels


——————————————————————————- Eels – Wonderful, Glorious ——————————————————————————- Album : Wonderful Glorious (2012) Tempo : 116 gwendal.mollo@orange.fr : newg Chords for the intro : F#m : x9. Bm : 799777 Just one strum for the verses. Intro F#m Bm x4 F#m Bm The sum of all your experiences F#m Bm A living breathing result of the fight […]

In The End Theres Only Love Chords – Ewert And The Two Dragons V2


These are the basic chords. The bass line passing notes work with these chords. The guitar also adds solo notes on top of these chords. The xylophone stays on E for 5 full bars. Bar 6: E, D#. Bar 7: D#, C#. Bar 8 all E Posted by the fan club at en2d.com E C#m […]

Illusions Chords - Faith Hill

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody All We Got Chords – Fergie


Standard tuning No capo needed Verse 1 Fergie: Cm A# I ainít got time for you baby Fm D# A# Either youíre mine, or youíre not Cm A# Make up your mind sweet baby Fm D# A# Right here, right nowís all we got Cm A# A little party never killed nobody Fm D# A# […]

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