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I Spoke Too Soon chords – Venus

Song: I spoke too soon Venus the Red Room Year: 2006 Tabber: beranger80@hotmail.com Intro (0:00) Bm G e—–2-0-2-3-2-0-2–|———————| b——————–|——3-1-3-4-3-1-3–| g——————–|———————| d——————–|———————| a–2—————–|———————| e——————–|–3——————| x2 x2 Verse (0:15) Bm I spoke too soon Bm I spoke too soon Bm What wrong advice Bm Nothing to do G I failed, I got trapped G I chose too […]

What I Wouldnt Give chords – Glen Campbell

What I Wouldn't Give Glen Campbell Intro G# C G# C Verse 1 G# C What I wouldn't give to make you stronger G# C What I wouldn't give to see you smile again G# C What I wouldn't give to erase that fear in your eyes G# C F Dm What I wouldn't give […]

Till I Fall Asleep chords – Jayme Dee Vsion 3

Capo 1 C F Am If you would just slow down you would see F We were meant for something C F Am Lay your armor down and stay with me F Aren't you tired of running? G F G Can we go back before the storm came raging? F And everything we built was […]

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You chords – Heart Vsion 2

Intro: G C G C G Bm 1. It was a rainy night when he came into sight, C G standing by the road, no umbrella, no coat. Bm So I pulled up along side and I offered him a ride, C D he accepted with a smile, so we drove for a while. G […]

All I Know chords – Art Garfunkel Vsion 3

I play it with capo @ 6 intro % G C D G G C D G D C D Cmaj7 G C Bm D G G C I bruise you D G You bruise me G C D G We both bruise too easily D C D Cmaj7 % G Too easily to let […]

I Love My Truck chords – Glen Campbell Vsion 2

I Love My Truck Glen Campbell A side single 1981 Intro D Verse 1 D Well, it'll just get you down G If you let life get to you D Cause everybody's saying something A None of it's true D Well, I just don't care G When them times get hard D Cause I got […]

By The Time I Get To Phoneix chords – Glen Campbell

By The Time I get to Phoenix Glen Travis Campbell Intro: F Gm F Bb Verse 1 Gm F Gm By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising. She'll find the note I left F Bb C hanging on her door. She'll laugh, when she reads the part, that says I'm Am Gm […]

I Can Hear My Savior Calling – Where He Lead Me chords – Hillsongs

Verse 1 C F G7 I can hear my Savior calling C I can hear my Savior calling C7 F I can hear my Savior calling C G7 C Take thy cross and follow follow Me Chorus F G7 Where He leads me I will follow C Where He leads me I will follow C7 […]

I Dont Want To Know Your Name chords – Glen Campbell

I Don't Want To Know Your Name Glen Campbell Intro A (arpeggio) Verse 1 A I see you just like the movies A7 D I see your face across a crowded room F#m And I have learned through A F#m Bm Simple trial and error E E7 Not to speak too soon Verse 2 A […]

I Wanna Live chords – Glen Campbell

I Wanna' Live Glen Campbell Capo 1st Fret Intro C Em Am C Em Am Verse 1 C Em Am Flowers have blooms C Dm F G The ocean has waves Dm F G The sky has clouds C Em Am People have babes C Em Am I want to live C Dm F G […]

I Honestly Love You chords – Glen Campbell

I Honestly Love You Glen Campbell Grammy Award Winning Song 1974 best song Live perfomance Tokyo Intro D Verse 1 D A D A Now maybe I hang around you a little more than I should C E7sus4 C G We both know I got somewhere else to go D Dmaj7 E7 But I got […]

I Remember You chords – Glen Campbell

I Remember You Glen Campbell album Still Within The Sound Of My Voice Intro A E7 E A E7 E Verse 1 A Ab I remember you, A A7 You're the one who said D I Love you true Dm A E7 E a few kisses ago Verse 2 A Ab I remember you, A […]

If I Move To Mars Tabs – Thomas Oliver

If I Move To Mars – Thomas Oliver Tuning of recording: A = 432Hz (Standard tuning but all strings tuned down slightly) Intro/verse/chorus: [Fmin7] [Eb/G] [Eb] e||—————————————————————–| B||————–9–x——————————-x—————| G||————–8–x——-8————8———-x—-8———-| D||———6——-x——-8————8———-x—-10p8——-| A||-8—————x—-/10————————x———–h11-| E||—————————————–10—10—————–| ˅ ˄ [Cmin7] [Dbmaj7] [Bbmin7] e||—————————————————————–| B||-8——-9——-x——-6———————–x—————| G||-8——-10——x——-6———————–x—————| D||-8——-10——x——-6———————–x—-x———-| A||—————–x——————————-x——-6——-| E||-8——-9—————6————6–6—-6——————| ˄ ˅ ˄ [Fmin7] [Eb/G] e||—————————————————————–| B||————–9–x——————————-x—————| G||————–8–x——-8————8———-x—————| D||———6——-x——-8————10p8——-x—-x———-| A||-8—————x—-/10——————–h11-x—————| E||———————————————————10——| [Bbmin7][Dbmaj7] […]

All I Need Is You chords – Carl Belew

C F C Find the loneliest girl in a thousand G7 C Find the saddest eyes you've ever seen F C Find someone who's always longing for you G7 C Find that man and you found me G7 And all I need is you C All I want is you G7 To give my lovin' […]

I O U A Heartache chords – Dean Ray

Capo 1 D Dsus2 G A D G D G Don't say you're ready A Bm A G To love me when you're not D A Cause people get hurt D G Maybe you don't know A Bm A G That I gave all I got D A And watched it … burn Bm G […]

I Only Want You For Christmas chords – Alan Jackson

I Only Want You For Christmas Alan Jackson Key: C F The snow is falling C It's Christmas Eve Dm Presents are wrapped C Under the tree Dm G Is there one for me? CHORUS: C I only want you for Christmas, baby C G I don't need nothing else C F I only want […]

The Last Time I Saw Her Face chords – Glen Campbell

The Last Time I Saw Her Face Recorded by Glen Campbell Written by Gordon Lightfoot Intro C Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 F Dm F Dm G G7 G G7 C Verse 1 G C Dm F The last time I saw her face G G7 G G7 C Her eyes were bathed in starlight and her […]

Last Night I Dreamed Of Loving You chords – Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea – Last Night I Dreamed Of Loving You CAPO: 1st Fret INTRO: Am Last night I dreamed of loving you G Am Your skin so soft, your eyes so blue Then when I woke you were not there G Am And I was left alone to care And I was left alone to […]

I Will Follow You Into The Dark Acoustic chords – Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark Acoustic From The World Famous KROQ (2015) Comment for any corrections and please rate Capo 5 Intro: Am C F C G/B Am C G Am C E Am G F Fm C/G C/G Am/E Love of mine, someday you will die F […]

Closest I Get chords – Katie Herzig Vsion 2

C Em Am What if I wait and you don't show F C F G If I left you half just to keep me whole C Em Am What if I held my breath so long F C F G Would you notice the silence had lasted so long G G7 C What if the […]