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When We Were Still In Love chords – Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood – When We Were Still In Love CAPO: 5th fret INTRO: G Gadd9 G D Em C G Gadd9 G D When we were still in love Em Em7 C I knew just what to do, for G D My heart was like a child at play Em C D G When all […]

No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross Tabs – Sufjan Stevens V3

————————————————————————— Sufjan Stevens – No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross ————————————————————————— Based on a live performance Standard tuning, capo on 4 Picking pattern is quite basic. In order of string thickness (low to high): 1 3 2 4. There are some variations though, but this is a starting point. [fade-in intro] e|———————-| B|———————-| […]

Standing Out In A Crowd chords – Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood – Standing Out In A Crowd INTRO: C G C G F C G C F C G F C Mother said stand up straight G C Don't let your classmates make F C G You feel like you don't belong F C So, you're not like the rest of them G Am […]

Dream In My Head chords – yael naim

Bm I’ve got a dream in my head Bm Just waiting for the day D F#m Just waiting for the day Bm To be born Bm I’ve got a seed in my hand Bm Just looking for a way C G Just looking for a way Bm To grow strong C G Bm I cross […]

Urlaub In Deutschland chords – Rainald Grebe

Rainald Grebe Urlaub in Deutschland Klavier/Gitarren Chords Dm Finanzkrise, Finanzkrise, Finanzkrise Dm Erderwärmung, Erderwärmung, Erderwärmung Dm Terrorismus, Terrorismus, Terrorismus Dm Piraten, Piraten, Piraten A Da vergeht der Spaß, A7 was soll man da machen? A Ja was, ja was, ja was? BREAK D A Urlaub in Deutschland, D A Urlaub in Deutschland, Hm G Urlaub […]

In Front Of Me Tabs – Three Days Grace

——————————————————————————- Three Days Grace – In Front of Me ——————————————————————————- : Diesel daughtryfan497 Tuning: Drop C ( C – G – C – F – A – D) Artist: Three Days Grace Three Days Grace EP Year: 2000 Intro and Verse e|——————————————————————————| B|——————3———————————————————–| G|——————0———————————————————–| D|-2–2–0———-x———————————————————–| A|-2–2–0–x3-0-0–3———————————————————–| E|-2–2–0—–0-0————————————————————–| * * * * Verse e|——————————————————————————| B|——————————————————————————| G|——————————————————————————| […]

Spiritualized – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space Chords

capo 2nd fret – repeat chord pattern throughout. C Em Am C All I want in life’s a little bit of love to take the pain away F C F G Getting strong today, a giant step each day I’ve been told only fools rush in, only fools rush in But I don’t believe, I […]

A Moment In A Million Years chords – Scorpions

Intro: F Dm |————————–8—7—5—8—7—5———————-| |——————5—6—————————9——————| |—–4————————————————7————–| |—–3—————————————————————| |—–3—————————————————————| |—–1—————————————————————| Dm Am The lights are slowly fading down F There's no one else, just you and me E Nothing ever changed Dm Am I see your faces in the crowd F It seems I know each one of you E For all my life F I […]

Are You Swimming In Her Pools chords – Swan Lake

This song was "insterstellarburst" over on indieguitartabs.com . All credit goes to the original tabber. I just wanted to put it in a format that was easier for me to read! Intro e————————————————– b————————————————– g–2-2—2-2—2-2—2-2—2-2—2-2—2-2—2-2— d–3—-3–3—-3–3—-3–3—-3–3—-3–3—-3–3—-3–3—-3– a————————————————– E————————————————– e————————————————— b————————————————— g–2-2—2-2—2-2—2-2—————————- d–3–3–1–1–0–0——–5-5—5-5—5-5/–3-3—- a——–—–—–—–—–—-3—-3—-1—-1–1—-1–1—-1–1—-1—– E————————————————— Will you be swimming in her pools? Are you swimming in […]

Somewhere In Between chords – Endah N Rhesa

Somewhere in between by Endah n Rhesa I was looking for this chord but couldn't find it, so i tried to do something for anyone who looking for this chords. Still learn to play guitar instrument so if you find any mistakes feel free put a comment. Cheers !! Intro Bm D G 2x Bm […]

Riding In The Country chords – Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf – Riding In The Country INTRO: F C G C F C G C F C Going riding in the country in a Model A Ford G C Past the cows and the chickens, through the fields of corn F C Out across the flat lands and the rolling hills G C Feel […]

Legend In His Time chords – Kate Wolf

Kate Wolf – Legend In His Time INTRO: G C G C G Some folks say that this life ain't worth living D A D Some folks say that life is just a lie C You can take so much from a man G C He'll give you all he can G C D G […]

Somewhere In My Car Tabs – Keith Urban V2

Song: “Somewhere in My Car” Artist: Keith Urban Fuse (2013) Note: There are parts of this song where three different layers of guitar are used, and in the outro there are four different layers of guitar. You will have to listen closely to thesong to decipher which guitar is which because I did not feel […]

Im In Love With The Coco Acoustic chords – Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran I'm In Love With The CoCo (OT Genesis cover) This is a performance from BBC Radio 1Xtra and can be seen in the following video: It's pretty easy to play this acoustic version. You just have to find the right rhythm. 3 Chords are used throughout the whole song ( Em C D […]

3 Bells In A Row chords – Tenpole Tudor

Tenpole Tudor 3 Bells In A Row 1981 INTRO G D G D G Pull me away from the fruit machine D (Taking a gamble taking a gamble) G Winning the jackpot is my dream D (Taking a gamble taking a gamble) G (Taking a gamble taking a gamble) D G I wanna see three […]

Evil In The Night chords – Adam Lambert

transpose – 1 for easier chords [INTRO] [CHORUS] Bbm C# My life flashed before my eyes Fm Ebsus4 Razor blade lips and daggers up in your eyes Bbm C# Baby, your love is a crime Fm Ebsus4 Danger by day, but you're evil in the night Bbm C# My life flashed before my eyes Fm […]

Suspended In Whiteness chords – Lunatic Soul

intro: [Capo 7] e|———-0—0—0—0—————————————————-| B|———————————-3—3—3—-3—————————| G|——2—–2—2—-2-2——2—–2—2—–2-2————————–| D|—-0–0——————————————————————-| A|—————————0—0——————————————-| E|—————————————————————————| [part a) This Heaven] Dsus2 Asus2 Soon after the awakening, I flew up in the air Dsus2 Asus2 I was a snowflake floating, Through my heavenland Dsus2 Asus2 As light as a feather..An ash, Like a grain of sand Dsus2 Asus2 From the white desert… And […]

Hole In Your Heart chords – Allison Weiss

: JimBlenderBR ** Capo 4th Enjoy! – Intro: Cadd9 Cadd9 G G Cadd9 Cadd9 G G – Verse 1: Cadd9 G Summer heat soaked through the sheets and kept me up all night. Cadd9 G You stayed so quiet there next to me, I held myself and tried C G to get a grip and […]

Land In Sicht chords – Von Eden V2

CAPO 3 Intro: Am C e|:—————-0————-0—-:| B|:—————-1————-1—-:| G|:—————-2————-0—-:| D|:—————-2————-2—-:| A|:———2-3-0–0——3-2-0–3—-:| E|:—0h3—————————–:| Strophe 1: Am G C Und der Klügere gibt nach, F C/E G Und die Sintflut meinetwegen, Am G C Und der Dümmere sitzt nach, F C/E G Hat sein letztes Hemd gegeben. Chorus: Am/F# F Das Beste an mir, Am G sind wir, […]

Full Circle chords – Life In Film

Life In Film Song: Full Circle Here It Comes CHORDS: G#m: 444664 E: 799977 or 001220 B: 778997 C#m: 456644 Go between bar and standard chords – ear. Transpose this down 4 steps and play with capo on 2 if you prefer. INTRO G#m E B E VERSE 1 G#m E B E I spend […]