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Let It Be guitar chords by The Beatles

[Verse 1] C G Am Fmaj7 F6 When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me C G F C/E Dm C Speaking words of wisdom, let it be C G Am Fmaj7 F6 And in my hour of darkness, She is standing right in front of me C G F […]

Let Her Go guitar chords by Passenger

Capo 7th fret [Intro] G F G Am G F G Am e|—–0——————-0—–0—————-0——-0——————-3p0——-0—| B|–3—–3–1——-1——–3—–3–1——1—–3–3—-3–1——-1—-1——1h3–1—| G|————–0h2–2–2—————-0h2—-0—————–0h2–2–2—————–| D|——————-3————————————————-3——————–| A|——————————————–0—————————————–0—| E|—————————-3———————3–3—————————3——–| G F G Am G F G Am e|—–0——————-0—–0—————-0——–0——————-3p0——-0–| B|–3—–3–1——-1——–3—–3–1——1——3–3—-3–1——-1—-1——1h3–1–| G|————–0h2–2–2—————-0h2—-0——————0h2–2–2—————-| D|——————-3————————————————–3——————-| A|——————————————–0——————————————0–| E|–3————————-3———————-3–3—————————3——-| [Chorus] F C Well you only need the light when it’s burning low G Am Only miss the sun when it starts to […]

Say You Wont Let Go chords by James Arthur

[Intro] G D Em C [Verse 1] G I met you in the dark D You lit me up Em You made me feel as though C I was enough G We danced the night away D We drank too much Em I held your hair back when C You were throwing up [Pre-Chorus] G […]

Say You Wont Let Go chords by James Arthur

[Intro] G D Em C [Verse 1] G I met you in the dark D You lit me up Em You made me feel as though C I was enough G We danced the night away D We drank too much Em I held your hair back when C You were throwing up [Pre-Chorus] G […]

Let The Love Back In chords – The Orange Lights

Gm Dm Sometimes, it just don't make no sense at all F C I'm still trying to find a reason for it all Gm Dm My life I thought it would be something beautiful F C Dm But now it feels like there's nothing there at all anymore C A# Give me the sunshine instead […]

Dont Let Go The Coat chords – The Who

Don't Let Go The Coat by The Who Duke Chords: G D C Em Bm Intro: G D C D (x4) G D C D G I can't be held responsible for blown behaviour D C D G I lost all contact with my only saviour D C D G No-one locked me out because […]

Less Of Me Let Me Be A Little Kinder chords – Glen Campbell

Less Of Me (Let Me Be A Little Kinder) Glen Campbell Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Intro: G C G C G D C D G Verse 1 G C G D Let me be a little kinder let me be a little blinder C D To the faults of those around me let me praise […]

Dont Let Me Go chords – Bernhoft Vsion 2

The Moving Bass is towards the end of each phrase Ex: The D, E, F# is the bass line Bm D E F# I feel like a worker bee Verse: Bm D E F# I feel like a worker bee F#m/C# C# D E Sittin' all alone in here Em/B B F# B E In […]

You Let A Good Man Go Tabs – Peer Günt

Main Riff: e:—————————————————————————| B:—–8–7—-5~————————————————————| G:—–7–7—-5~————————————————————| D:——————7–5—————————————————–| A:–0———————-7–5———————————————-| E:——————————-8–5—————————————-| Bridge1: e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:-5–5–5–5–5—-5–5–5–5———————————————–| D:-4–4–4–4–4—-4–4–4–4———————————————–| A:-5–5–5–5–5—-5–5–5–5———————————————–| E:—————————————————————————| Bridge2: e:————————————————————–| B:————————————————————–| G:–7–7–7–7–7—-7–7–7–7——5–5–5–5–5—-5–5–5–5| D:–6–6–6–6–6—-6–6–6–6——4–4–4–4–4—-4–4–4–4| A:–7–7–7–7–7—-7–7–7–7——5–5–5–5–5—-5–5–5–5| E:————————————————————–| Alternate version: Main Riff: e:—————————————————————————| B:—–8–7—-5~————————————————————| G:—–9–7—-5~————————————————————| D:——————7–5—————————————————–| A:–0———————-7–6–5——————————————-| E:———————————-5—————————————-|

Let Her In Tabs – Peer Günt

Intro: e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:–2—————————–2–2–2—————————–2–2—| D:–2——–4p-2—————–2–2–2——–4p-0—————–2–2—| A:–0–3p-0——–3p-0–3p-0—–0–0–0–3p-0——–3p-0–3p-0—–0–0—| E:—————————–3———————————–3———| e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————————————————————| D:–2————————————————————————| A:–2————————————————————————| E:–0————————————————————————| Verse1(With partial drums): e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:–2—————————–2–2—————————————| D:–2——–4p-2—————–2–2—————————————| A:–0–3p-0——–3p-0–3p-0—–0–0—————————————| E:—————————–3———————————————| Bridge: e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:———————————————————5—————–| D:———2————2————2————-2——-5–5–7———–| A:———2————2————2————-2——-3–5–7———–| E:—3–3~-0——3–3~-0——3–3~-0——-3–3~-0———-3–5———–| Verse2(With full drums): e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—-2—————————–2–2————————————-| D:—-2——–4p-2—————–2–2————————————-| A:—-0–3p-0——–3p-0–3p-0—–0–0————————————-| E:——————————-3——————————————-| Bridge: e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:———————————————————5—————–| D:———2————2————2————-2——-5–5–7———–| A:———2————2————2————-2——-3–5–7———–| E:—3–3~-0——3–3~-0——3–3~-0——-3–3~-0———-3–5———–| Chorus: e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—–2–5–7——–5–5—-7–7——2—————————–2–2–2| D:—–2–5–7——–5–5—-7–7——2——–4p-2—————–2–2–2| A:—–0–3–5——–5–5—-5–5——0–3p-0——–3p-0–3p-0—–0–0–0| E:—————————————————————–3———| e:—————————————————————————| B:—————————————————————————| G:—————————–2–5–7——-5–5—–7–7—–9–9———-| […]

Let It All Go chords – Rhodes

RHODES + BIRDY Let It All Go // CAPO 3 E XTRA INTRO ************************************************************************************* (you can hear the piano bit that plays. Just use where appropriate where you like šŸ™‚ ) e|-x–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–0–2–x–0–0–0–0–0–0———–| B|-0–1–3–3–3–3–3–3–1–1–3–3–3–3–3–0–3–0–1–3–3–3–3–3———–| G|-0–0——————–2–0—————–0–2–0–0————————–| D|-0–2——————–2–2—————–2–0–0–2————————–| A|-2–3——————–0–3—————–2–0–2–3————————–| E|-3–x——————–0–x—————–0–x–3–x————————–| ************************************************************************************* CHORDS (intro) G C Am C Em D G C (verse 1) G C I've been sleepless […]

Let It Go Tabs – James Bay V4

——————————————————————————- Let It go – James Bay ——————————————————————————- : Trond Marius Sørensen Trond_Marius_96@hotmail.com Tuning: It's tuned a half-step down, but the F# string should be tuned a whole step down to F. D# A# F C# G# D# Intro |————————————————————| |—–7—–7—–7—-/12——12—–12—–12—–12——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| |—–5—————-/10———————————–| |————————————————————| |————————5——5——5———————| |—–7—–7—–7—————————8——-7——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| |————————————————————| |—–7——————5———————————–| |————————————————————| |—–7—–7—–7—-/12——12—–12—–12—–12——| |——–0—–0—–0——-0——0——0——0——0—| |————————————————————| […]

Let The Sound Of Heaven chords – Bryan And Katie Torwalt

Verse 1: Em G Am7 C/G Let the sound of heaven ring out Em G Am7 C/G Join the songs of angels sung loud Em G Am7 C/G Let all heaven and earth praise Em G Am7 C/G Your name Lord Jesus Verse 2: Em G Am7 C/G Let the signs and wonders break out, […]

Dont Let The Sun Steal You Away chords – Bears Den V2

Don't Let the Sun Steal You Away By Bear's Den Capo 6 standard tuning Intro Am C G Am F Am G Verse Am C The bird's start their screaming G Am As you let go of my hand F Am Old words lose all meaning G F G As morning descends Am C Fickle […]

Let The Magic Fill Your Soul chords by Woodlore

F#m A F#m A F#m A I know you're busy here A F#m A But would it hurt to take a break, my dear? F#m A You're working yourself mindless D E You'll drive yourself insane F#m A You're pent up all alone F#m A You're going down a lonely road F#m A There's no […]

Let Your Hair Down solo Tabs – Magic

——————————————————————————- Let Your Hair Down – Magic ——————————————————————————- : Eric Fung Ericfung1998@hotmail.com Tuning: Standard e|——-10——–11——-13——–15—17——-18v| B|-13b15—–14b16—–16b18—-18b20———-15——| G|—————————————————–| D|—————————————————–| A|—————————————————–| E|—————————————————–| e|———10————-10—————————| B|-13/15——–13-11-13——————————-| G|——————————10v\——————-| D|—————————————————–| A|—————————————————–| E|—————————————————–| e|—————————————————–| B|—————————————————–| G|———-12———–14\12————————-| D|—-13-15——-13-15——–15———————-| A|-15———-15—————–15\13–15/17–15v—-| E|—————————————————–| e|—————————————————–| B|—————————————————–| G|—————————————————–| D|——————–15\——————————| A|–15————————————————-| E|—–15/17-15-13————————————-| e|———————————————18/20-18| B|—————————–18b20-18-15-18———-| G|————–17b19-17-15-17————————-| D|—–15—17—————————————–| A|-17————————————————–| E|—————————————————–| e|——————————18b20——————| B|-18-15—————-15v\———-18-15————| G|——-17-15—-15h17———————15h17-15—| D|————-17————————————–| A|—————————————————–| E|—————————————————–| e|————————–15————-15———-| B|-16r15—————-15———–18b20————-| G|——-15——17b19———————————| D|———-17—————————————–| A|—————————————————–| […]

Let Go Of You Girl chords – Left Banke

The Left Banke – Let Go Of You Girl song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POdiO1xOg-E INTRO G \ 2x F#m / VERSE 1 G I've got to make you see F#m You're not the girl for me G And I will prove it to you F#m So that you will see Bm F#m I will let go of you […]

Let Me Finish chords – Drowners V2

Intro: Play a G on the E string then E|-3-3-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-5-5-5-5-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0 G Am Em G Am Em Iā€™d cough along the avenue G Am Retracing steps that we once took Em G Am And here I am hooking arms with someone else Em G Am Who must remind me of you to some extent Em C […]

I Will Never Let You Down chords – Rita Ora V7

Standard Tuning Capo on 2nd Fret [Intro] D A Bm Bm F#m G x2 [Verse 1] D A Bm Tell me baby what we gonna do Bm F#m G I'll make it easy, got a lot to lose D A Bm Watch the sunlight coming through Bm F#m G Open the window, let it shine […]

Time Wont Let Me Go chords – Bravery V3

The Bravery – Time Wont Let Me Go (band in) Intro F C | G Am ||x2 F C | G Am | ————————–|—————–| ————————–|—————–| —–12/14\12————-|—————–| ————–10-12p10/14-|12~————–| ————————–|—————–| ————————–|—————–| F C | G Am | F C | G Am || ————————–|————-|————————|——| ————————–|————-|————————|——| —–12/14\12————-|————-|—12/14\12————-|——| ————–10-12p10/14-|12~———-|————10-12p10/14-|12~—| ————————–|—-14\12p10-|————————|——| ————————–|————-|————————|——| Verse 1 F C G Am Whenever I […]