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The Last Letter chords – Glen Campbell

 The Last Letter
Glen Campbell

Intro   D F#m Bm A 

Verse 1

 D F#m D D7 Em A 
Why do you treat me as if I were only a friend
 Em A Em A7 D 
What have I done that's made you so distant and cold
             A D F#m G 
Sometimes I wonder if you'll be contented again
 A Em A A7 D F#m Bm Bb7 
Will you be happy when you are withered and old

Verse 2

 D# D#7 Fm Bb 
I cannot offer you diamonds and mansions so fine
 Fm Bb Fm Bb D# 
I cannot offer you clothes that your young body craves
               Bb D# Fm Gm G# 
But if you'll say that you just love me and always be mine
 Fm Bb Bb7 D# Gm G# B 
Just think of the tears the heartaches and sorrow you'll save

Verse 3

 E G#m E E7 F#m B 
While I am writing this letter I think of the past
 F#m B7 A B E    
And of the promises that you have broken so free
             G#m E E7 A 
But to this old world I'll soon say my farewell at last
       B B7 F#m B E G#m F#m B E   
Cause I will be gone when you read this last letter from me

 G#m E G#m B E  (fade)

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell

Love Always Letter To Home chords – Glen Campbell

 Letter to Home ( Love Always )
Glen Travis Campbell
written by Carl Jackson

Intro  Eb 

Verse 1

You might think there's some big reason
                 Bb Eb 
Why I took this time to write
The cards and letters there been too few of those
         Ab Bb Eb G Ab 
 I just stopped to realize, how long did I been home
      Eb Bb Eb 
and There's a few small things I need to know

Chorus 1

       Bb Ab Bb Eb 
Dear Daddy, do the Whippoorwill still echo through the night?
           Ab Bb Eb 
Does the sound of silence squeeze the morning light?
     Ab Bb Eb Ab Eb Fm 
And have you caught the big one in the pond just down the road
I miss you so

Riff   Eb Bb Eb Gm Ab Eb Bb Eb 

Verse 2

Well, the years keeps slipping by me
                    Bb Eb 
Like the miles out on the road
But I don't guess I'll change my way of life
             Ab Eb 
There's no harm in holdin' memories
           Gm Ab 
So please tell me if you can
I need to bring them old times inside

Chorus 2

      Bb Ab Bb Eb 
Dear Momma, can you still find the dipper in stars?
        Ab Bb Eb 
do the roads still go for hours without cars?
              Ab Bb 
And does the frost still shine, cold morning
         Eb Gm Ab Gm Fm        
On the grass outside the door
            Eb Bb 
Just like before, tell me more

Verse 3

     Ab Bb Eb 
And I'll be back to see you sometime soon
         Ab Bb Eb 
Can you still reach out and almost touch the moon?
            Ab Bb 
And do the old songs still ring out
             Eb Ab Fm Bb 
Through the hills for days and days
Love always

God Bless Glen Travis Campbell

My Disease solo Tabs by The Letter Black

 So this tab, its a little different but I thing it sounds good ^.^

contact me on Xbox ^.^ XxLoneWolf541xX

use loads of wah, lol but sounds good without it.



I don't really know the end, so I made one up that sounds pretty good.

hammer on and pull off these


Made by Steven

b= bend
r= return bend
*= Artificial/Pinch Harmonic (let thumb hit string right after pick to squeal)

An Open Letter To Myself intro Tabs by Architects

 Architects - An Open Letter to Myself

Nice song, how there hasn't been a tab of this yet escapes me. C# tuning.

(This is just the intro, the rest will hopefully come later - any contributions to the 
final tab are appreciated :))

E |--------5------------5------------5---------------5----------------|
B |----7------7-----5------5-----5------5-----5-----------------------|
F |----7------------5------------3------------7-----------------------|

C&C welcome as always.

Love Letter chords – Stan Rogers


Now here's a picture of me

        G Em 

Writing you a love letter,

 D B E A 

To make me feel better, 'cause I'm so far from home.


Now it seems like forever

       G Em 

Since the last time I saw you,

 D B E A D 

And I'd sure like to call you, 'cause I feel so alone.

Each Verse follows this format.


 Bm F# 

Now every telephone says "Hold the line,"

 G A D 

Like the preachers did, when I was just a kid.

 Bm F# 
And it's strange how it still touches me after all this time,

 Em A                  

They said "Keep your light shining brightly," And I just can't take it lightly,


 I'm still trying to find it.

Hopefully, from this, you can figure the rest out.