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Come Back To Earth piano chords by Mac Miller

[Chorus] Cmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 Em7 My regrets look just like texts I shouldn’t send A7 Bb7 And I got neighbors, they’re more like strangers Dm7 E7 We could be friends Am7 Bb Dm I just need a way out of my head E Am7 C7 I’ll do anything for a way out F E Of […]

Come Back To Earth chords by Mac Miller

[Chorus] Cmaj7 C7 Fmaj7 Em7 My regrets look just like texts I shouldn’t send A7 Bb7 And I got neighbors, they’re more like strangers Dm7 E7 We could be friends Am7 Bb Dm I just need a way out of my head E Am7 C7 I’ll do anything for a way out F E Of […]

One Another Chords by Mac DeMarco

[Intro] F Bb C (x3) (Mac throws in F7 and F6 also for the four beats of the F chord) [Verse 1] F Bb C F Hey kid, everybody’s prone to some mistakes Bb C F If you’d always kept it straight, you’d never learn Bb C F Bb C You’d run the risk of […]

Watching Him Fade Away Chords by Mac DeMarco

Tuning 1st fret Capo D A D G B E Drop D tuning: DADGBE Song is in key of Eflat, so capo on first fret to be in same key. (tabs for chords written below written relative to no capo) D : 0X423X G/D (Gsus2/D): 0X523X Em : 2XX030 B7 : X2424X Bm7: X2423X A7 : […]

For The First Time Chords by Mac DeMarco

Artist:Mac DeMarco Song :For the First Time Chords arranged for guitar from synths. The suggested chord shapes below sound good on guitar. Also the Eb6 can also be played as a Ebmaj7. e|———|———|—-3—-|—(6)—|—-3—-|—-3—-| B|—-9—-|—(4)—|—-5—-|—-6—-|—-3—-|—-5—-| G|—-8—-|—-5—-|—-3—-|—-8—-|—-3—-|—-3—-| D|—-10—|—-5—-|—-5—-|—-8—-|—-3—-|—-5—-| A|—-8—-|—-6—-|—-x—-|—-x—-|—-5—-|—-3—-| E|———|———|—-3—-|—-6—-|—-3—-|———| Fm7 Eb6 C7/G Bbsus4 Gm7 C7 [Verse 1] Fm7 While she’s been away Eb6 Living day-to-day has […]

Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me chords – Mac Davis Vsion 2

C F Girl you're getting that look in your eyes C And it's starting to worry me F I ain't ready for no family ties C Nobody's gonna hurry me Em Just keep it friendly girl cause Am I don't wanna leave Dm Don't start clinging to me girl G7 Cause I can't breathe C […]

Dreams Smm chords – Fleetwood Mac

Key: C BPM: 120bpm Intro F G 4x Verse 1 F G F G Now here you go again, you say you want your freedom; F G F G Well, who am I to keep you down? F G F G It's only right that you should play the way you feel it; F G […]

Because We Are Young chords – Mac Wiseman

C G7 Because we are young they say I’ll forget you C They say I’ll forget that I ever met you C7 F And maybe they’re right but just for tonight C G7 C Don’t say we’re not right because we are young F C Though our love is young we still have control D7 […]

Bestest Friend chords – Mac Davis

G Who wipes me off when I spill gravy on my shirt A7 D7 Who knows exactly where to kiss me when I hurt G C And who'll make love to me in satin sheets or in the dirt G D7 G You Babe you're my bestest friend Who takes me home when I get […]

Dont Stop chords – Fleetwood Mac V3

Don't Stop – Fleetwood Mac (Christine McVie, 1976) Chorded By: Skidaddy, Esq., G.Q. 4/4 TIME @ 118 BPM (3 Min. 20 Sec.) in 'E'. Chords Used: ———– GUITAR KEYBOARD E A D G B e Bass| Chord —————— —————- E – 0 2 2 1 0 0 E B-E-G# A/E – 0 0 2 2 […]

Say You Will chords – Fleetwood Mac V2

SONG: SAY YOU WILL ARTIST: FLEETWOOD MAC TAB BY: DON CZARSKI EMAIL: GUITARZAN7@HOTMAIL.COM SAY YOU WILL FLEETWOOD MAC INTRO: Bb C F Bb C F Bb C F Bb VERSE: Bb C F Somethin' in you brought out somethin' in me, Bb C F That I've never been since Bb C F That part of […]

The Stars Keep On Calling My Name solo Tabs – Mac Demarco

This is the solo at the end of the album version song: From 1:45 to the end (2:23) Note: the solo in the live version is 100% different, so make sure you listen the album/studio version. Tuning: Standard (EADGBe) e ———————– B –/15-15-15-15—-15— G ———————– D ———————– A ———————– E ———————– e ——————15— B –/15-15-15-15——— […]

In The Back Of My Mind chords – Fleetwood Mac

————————————————————————— In the Back of My Mind – Fleetwood Mac ————————————————————————— : maguri Tuning: Standard Fleetwood Mac In the Back of My Mind (1990) (Billy Burnette, David Malloy) From: "Behind the Mask" ————————————————————————— CHORDS E-A-D-G-B-e G(5) 3-x-0-0-3-3 D/F# 2-x-0-2-3-2 C/Bb x-1-2-0-1-0 ————————————————————————— INTRO percussion and sound collage (0:00-2:13) starting 2:14 | no chord | % […]

Go Easy chords – Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco Go Easy Salad Days (2014) Captured Tracks Here is my version of Go Easy, I think you can play along with the album if you tune your guitar to 452Hz. I've posted my version below aswell if anyone wants to listen to that for the way i've played it. I've also posted the […]

Annie Tabs – Mac Demarco

——————————————————————————- Annie – Mac Demarco ——————————————————————————- : originally by weino523, breakdown by DrWangerBanger Tuning: Standard, capo on 4 E G A F e|—–3–5–1——–| B|—–3–5–1——–| G|–1–4–6–2——–| D|–2–5–7–3——–| A|–2–5–7–3——–| E|—–3–5–1——–| "I'm going down" breakdown: Here are the 4 basic chords: e|———–0—–| B|–5–0–0–0—–| G|–5–3–2–1—–| D|–4–2–1–2—–| A|———–2—–| E|–5–3–2–0—–| Intro: A G E 4x A G Annie E A G […]

Desperado intro Tabs – Mac Miller

——————————————————————————- Desperado (Intro) – Mac Miller ——————————————————————————- Tabbed by: Zach P Tuning: Drop D (DADGBe) e|———————————————————————–| B|—-9-11/14–12h14h16–16p14p12-11—11h12-14-12-12p11p9–7-7h9p7\6—-| G|–8—————————————————————–8–| D|———————————————————————–| A|———————————————————————–| D|———————————————————————–| e|———————————————————————–| B|———————————————————————–| G|———————————————————————–| D|–4h6——————————————————————| A|——-4h6–2h4–1h2p1————————————————-| D|————————6–4–0—————————————-| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend […]

Ode To Viceroy chords – Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco – Ode To Viceroy Please note that this isn't mean't to be exactly the same as the original song, It's how I play it on acoustic guitar. It doesn't fit the melody, it does fit the lyrics. Capo 2 is the best way to go if you want it to sound like the […]

Sad Angel Tabs by Fleetwood Mac

——————————————————————————- SAD ANGEL (live) – Fleetwood Mac ——————————————————————————- : Sauter_Do — Tuning: Standard This is an approach to the live-version they played on the REUNION TOUR 2013. The intro is separated into eighth notes and is a real rhythmic thing. The first seven notes are played palm muted, the last one is accented and played […]

Need Your Love So Bad Tabs by Fleetwood Mac V2

—————————————————————– Need Your Love So Bad-Fleetwood Mac —————————————————————– : Aeonoptic 12/8 Tuning:EADGBe Intro: E|——————-|——————–|————————–| B|—-10-12b14b13b14~|—-10h12—10——|———10-12—-10~—–| G|-11—————-|-11——-11—-11–|—-9/11——-11———| D|——————-|——————–|-12———————–| A|——————-|——————–|————————–| E|——————-|——————–|————————–| E|————————-|——————–|——12b14———| B|—-10—-12b14-12b14-10~|—-10-12br14p10~—|12b14———14pb12| >B|-10-12-|—–10h12—10—-12b14-10~—|—7-10-12-13-14\——–| G|——-|–11——-11—11————-|————————-| D|——-|——————————-|————————-| A|——-|——————————-|————————-| E|——-|——————————-|————————-| End: E|—————————-|—–13b15-12—–|—————————| B|—-12b14-12p10-12b14-12b14-|–10———-10~-|-10—-10-13b15-13-10-10—| G|-11————————-|——————|—-11——————-11| D|—————————-|——————|—————————| A|—————————-|——————|—————————| E|—————————-|——————|—————————| E|-13b15-12-10——————| B|————-10—————| G|——————-Fade out—| D|——————————| A|——————————| E|——————————| | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | […]

Dreams Tabs by Fleetwood Mac V3

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac I was utterly disappointed in the tabs for this song, so I thought I'd do it myself: Chords throughout song: F – G E-|—1—–3—| B-|—1—–3—| I like to follow the rhythm of the G-|—2—–4—| rock organ throughout the song D-|—3—–5—| A-|—3—–5—| E-|—1—–3—| Intro E-|——–|—————|—————|———-| B-|—10—|—————|—————|———-| G-|——–|—7b9b7p5—–|—————|———-| D-|——–|———–7—|—7b9b7p5—–|—5–7—| A-|——–|—————|———–7—|———-| E-|——–|—————|—————|———-| Enter Nix: […]