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I Like You So Much Youll Know It piano chords by Ysabelle Cuevas

[Intro] G A F#m Bm Em A D [Verse 1] D Bm I like your eyes, you look away when you pretend not to care Em A I like the dimples on the corners of the smile that you wear F#m Bm I like you more, the world may know but don’t be scared Em […]

How Much I Feel chords – Ambrosia

How Much I Feel Written by David Pack Performed by Ambrosia A:x02220 A#dim:x1232 Bm:x24432 Bm/A:0443x C#m7:4x645x Dmaj7:xx0333 Em:022000 E7:020100 F#:244322 F#m:244222 F#m7:2x222x F#sus:244422 G:320003 Gmaj7:320002 G/D:xx0003 G#dim:4x565x Capo 2 Intro: Gmaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 A Dmaj7 Verse 1: Gmaj7 I don't know how this Gmaj7 Whole business started Gmaj7 Of you thinkin' that Em A Dmaj7 […]

So Much Love To Give chords – Together

———————————————————————- TOGETHER – SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE ———————————————————————- Note: The original song is in a key that is halfway between F# and G. I put this one in the key of G to make it easier Chords: G, D, Bm, Asus4 THERE IS ONLY ONE LINE IN THE SONG. It repeats for 11 minutes […]

How Much Does Your Love Cost Tabs – Thelma Plum

how much does your love cost, strumming pattern is pretty straight forward, you may want to use alternative picking though.. standard tuning based on chords: E F#maj G A e|———————————————–| B|———————————————–| G|———————————————–| D|———————————————–| A|———————————————–| E|-0-0-0-0-2-3-3-3-3-5-5-5-5-3-0-0-0-0———–| and that pretty much just repeats the whole song.

A Little Too Much chords – Shawn Mendes

Capo at 3 Sorry if there is anything wrong this is my first Intro: G C G C She would not show she was afraid G Bm G C But being and feeling alone was too much to face G C Though everyone said that she was strong C G C What they didn't know […]

Too Much chords – Magic Man

Ab Db Life is a painting on the wall Ab Just a picture in my mind Db A photograph that's slowly fading Fm Eb And now, that all the colors are bleeding out Db Ab Eb I'd run away but I don't how, I'd run away but I don't know how Db So take my […]

Too Much chords – Cheap Trick

—————————————————————————– Too Much – Cheap Trick —————————————————————————– :Nick V. BlindTerry333 Tuning:EADGBE Second track from 2003's "Special One". A E D Don't wanna see you again A You're takin' a little too much A E D Maybe it's my fault…okay A You've taken away too much A E D Swimmin' in sorrow all day A Well, […]

Aint Much Left Of Me chords – Blackberry Smoke

Ain't Much Left of Me Blackberry Smoke Intro Chords: F C G G F C F C Well my fall from grace was a sight to see G F C F C Good turned to bad and bad turned to misery G F C F C I found out what it is and what it's […]

Much Too Young chords – Garth Brooks V2

G Am This old highway’s getting longer D C G D Seems there ain’t no end in sight G Am To sleep would be best, but I can’t afford the rest D C G D I’ve got to ride in Denver tomorrow night – – – G Am I called the house but on-one answered […]

Too Much Too Soon chords – Green Day V2

Artist : Green Day Song : Too Much Too Soon Album : American Idiot (CD Single) Standard Tuning (eBGDAE) [INTRO] : G C D x2 [VERSE] G C D She's always living like she's running out of time G C D Too much just ain't enough to keep her satisfied G C D And her […]

Is It Too Much chords – Ra Ra Riot V2

Great track from 'Beta Love' and a pretty easy song. Intro: C – Em7 (on that Em Wes adds that high D, making it a Em7 . I like that) C Elevator down Em7 C I'm rushing in a suit Em7 C A vision of the soul in the wind Am F You'll see it […]

I Love You So Much Its Killing Us Both chords – Jawbreaker

Jawbreaker I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both Dear You 1995 Jade Tree Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: E, C# Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: C#m – x46654 or C# – x46664 A – x02220 B – x24442 F#m – 244222 G – 320003 F# – 244322 Fm – 133111 G# – 466544 […]