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Patty Dont You Put Me Down chords – Richard Thompson

Patty Don't You Put Me Down Gm Patty don't tell me one thing and change your mind Cm Gm We might be in bed together but the deal's not signed Cm Gm They say you collect shrunken heads, would you like to have mine? A# Eb/G Patty don't you put me down A# Eb/G Patty […]

Girl Put Your Records On chords – Corinne Bailey Rae

This song has some weird chords in it so I have tabbed them out for you. The rhythm for this song is plucked. These occur on the 1st beat and the 1st and 2nd off beat: (The Xs are where the plucks are) X X X 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 Standard Tuning […]

You Put The Flame On It chords – Charles Bradley

Throughout the verse E and F#m Verse: E F#m My life is cold E F#m You put the flame on it E F#m This heart of mine E F#m You wrote your name on it E F#m With such style E F#m I couldn't look away from it E F#m Two thousand miles E F#m […]

Put It On The Altar chords – Jessica Reedy

Key: E VERSE 1 E G#m C#m G#m B E It’s been a real hard couple of months, you had enough (mm hmm) E G#m C#m G#m B E But it’s been hard for everyone, you’re not alone, (uh uh) E G#m C#m G#m B E You’ve been hurting way too long, let it go […]

Put Your Mind At Ease chords – Every Mothers Son

Put Your Mind At Ease:Every Mother's Son. #8 on Canadian RPM and #46 on BB Hot 100 on MGM Records in 1967. INTRO: B A (x3) E #1. E Walking with care as I climb every step of A the stairway. E Knowing that she's thinking only of me while A D her parents are […]

Put Your Head On My Shoulder chords – Paul Anka V5

Please note that the 2nd half of the chorus is DIFFERENT than previously posted versions by Rick in Macon Emadd9=022002 verse 1 N.C. Emadd9 Em Put your head on my shoulder, Am D G Em hold me in your arms, ba..by. Am D G Em Squeeze me, oh, so tight, show me, Am D G […]

Put A Light On chords – Generationals

G C Am This one wicked road, C G You gonna make it right G C Am You found your way to go C G You gonna take that right! G C Am You gonna wait too long, C G The stars are way too bright! G C Am You gonna wait too long, C […]

I Put A Spell On You Tabs by Arthur Brown

Artist – Arthur Brown *********************** Song – I Put A Spell On You ***************************** Album – Chisholm In My Bosom ****************************** – Ayreon77 ********************** Because there is not really a solo in this track. Just little solos in between words, i,m putting the times next to them so they may not be in order were […]