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Sky Stays This Blue chords by Dallas Smith

[Intro] G D Bm G [Verse] D Right now in this moment G D It looks like you’ll never stop smiling G D You don’t even know it but I’m living off of G The wild in your eyes and it’s like D G Your posin’ for pictures I’ll frame in my mind D Bm […]

Dark Sky Island Tabs – Enya

——————————————————————————- Dark Sky Island – Enya ——————————————————————————- :majorseventh cwarner3000 Song is in key of C# so use a capo on first fret Chords above are in relation to the capo Tuning:Standard EADGBe Capo on first fret Intro C e|—————————————————————————| B|——–1———–1———–1———–1——————————| G|——0—0——-0—0——-0—0——-0—0—————————-| D|—-2——-2—2——-2—2——-2—2——-2————————–| A|–3———–3———–3———–3————————————| E|—————————————————————————| (0:08) and (0:39)Verse C G C e|—————————————————————————| B|——–1———–1———–3———–1——————————| G|——0—0——-0—0——-0—0——-0—0—————————-| D|—-2——-2—2——-2—0——-0—2——-2————————–| A|–3———–3———————–3————————————| […]

Sky Spills Over chords – Michael W Smith

Sky Spills Over Michael W. Smith C:x32010 Em:022000 G:320003 Capo 2 Intro: Em C G x 2 Verse 1: Em There's a rose in the desert C G Blooming red in the drought Em There's a quenching rain C G In the wings of the ga-thering clouds Em Lift your eyes C G Look to […]

Ghost Riders In The Sky chords – Stan Jones V2

Ghost Riders In The Sky chords Stan Jones (as performed by Vaughn Monroe) Capo IV Am C Am Am C An old cowpoke went riding out one dark and windy day Am C Upon a ridge he rested as he went along his way Am C Am When all at once a mighty herd of […]

Pure Mountain Angel chords – Truth And Salvage Co

standart tunning C F C C The boy he was a drifter F C A pure mountain angel C And the life he was living Am G Was harder than hell C And the song that he was singing F C Made you feel like a stranger C Way back in the holler G Am […]

Log Cabin Home In The Sky chords – Incredible String Band

**Same chords in instrumental parts** Intro (Same tempo as in the lines) A D A || A E7 || A D A || A D A E7 A || A D A All around this wide country the winter it has now begun A E7 Now is the time to slip away from the California […]

Harbor Drive Hookup – Velvet Blue Sky chords

Velvet Blue Sky, Written by Harbor Drive Hookup 10.7.14 3/4 Time, Country Style Strum. The same pattern repeats throughout. Capo 5 G C D G No Capo C F G C CHORUS 01 Remember that night a long time ago alone, just you and I If there were ever a time When my heart felt […]

Icarus Halfway Across The Sky chords – Hopes Die Last V2

. I hope you like it and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. F#m E D You're standing out there F#m A E The wind caresses the air F#m E It's all grey around D I can't hear no sound F#m E While you take away the leaves from your shoulder C#m D […]

A Sky Full Of Stars Tabs – Boyce Avenue

———————————————————————————— Boyce Avenue – A Sky Full Of Stars ———————————————————————————— Intro: d|-0—0—0—–0-0—0—0—0—–0—0-0—0—0—–0—0-0—0—0—–0-0—| A|-0—0—0—–0-0—0—0—0—–0—0-0—0—0—–0—0-0—0—0—–0-0—| F|-0—0—0—–0-0—4—4—4—–4—4-4—4—4—–4—4-2—2—2—–2-2—| C|-9—9—9—–9-9—5—5—5—–5—5-5—5—5—–5—5-4—4—4—–4-4—| G|-7—7—7—–7-7—3—3—3—–3—3-x—x—x—–x—x-2—2—2—–2-2—| D|-0—0—0—–0-0———————–3—3—3—–3—3———————| | | d|———————————————————————————| A|———————————————————————————| F|———————————————————————————| C|-9—————10–12——————————-10\9-7———————| G|———————————————————————————| D|———————————————————————————| d|-0—0—0—–0-0—0—0—0—–0—0-0—0—0—–0—0-0——————-| A|-0—0—0—–0-0—0—0—0—–0—0-0—0—0—–0—0-0——————-| F|-0—0—0—–0-0—4—4—4—–4—4-4—4—4—–4—4-2——————-| C|-9—9—9—–9-9—5—5—5—–5—5-5—5—5—–5—5-4——————-| G|-7—7—7—–7-7—3—3—3—–3—3-x—x—x—–x—x-2——————-| D|-0—0—0—–0-0———————–3—3—3—–3—3———————| | | d|———————————————————————————| A|———————————————————————————| F|———————————————————————————| C|-9—————10–12——————————-10\9-7———————| G|———————————————————————————| D|———————————————————————————| Verse 1: d|———————————————————————————| A|———3——————-3—————————————————| F|—–0——————-0———————–4——————-2———–| x4 C|———————————————5——————-4—————| G|———————3—————————————2——————-| D|-0—————————————3—————————————| Chorus 1: d|———————————————————————————| A|———3——————-3—————————————————| F|—–0———0———0———————–4——————-2———–| C|———————————————5———5———4—————| G|———————3—————————————2——————-| […]

Gravel Interlude Tabs by Mixtapes

Mixtapes Gravel (Interlude) Ordinary Silence E———————————|-3~ B———————————|-3~ G—–0——-0——-0——-0—|-0~ D—0—0—0—0—0——-0—0-|— A-2——-3——-0—————|— E———————–3———|— we used to ride our bikes through that old subdivision when it wasn't yet built we would waste our days now it's all built up and the houses look the same but honestly i think that's ok and if the rain comes down i […]

Ill Tell Me Ma chords – Traditional Irish V2

CAPO 2 [Intro] C G C G C F C C I'll tell me ma, when I get home G C The boys won't leave the girls alone C Pulled me hair, stolen me comb G C But that's alright, till I go home [Chorus 1] C F She is handsome, she is pretty C […]

Lucca chords – Jaymay

C D You should know I could never hold your photo G C it trembled in my hand and I had to let it go Am D And the people came and the people went G C And the cards and the flowers and the food was sent Am I saw your mom D I […]

The Blowers Daughter chords – Megan Hilty

The Blower's Daughter by Megan Hilty (originally by Damien Rice) It Happens All The Time Track 5 2013 Standard Tuning No Capo Chords: D : xx0232 G : 320003 or 320033 A : x02220 Bm : x24432 F#m : 244222 Em : x22000 E : 022100 B : x24442 C#m : x46654 G#m : 466444 […]

Stormy Days chords – Jacob Whitesides

Intro: Gm7 C F Am5+ Gm7 C F F7 Gm7 C A side is getting gray F Am5+ But baby, that don't mean anything Gm7 C So why don't you come over And I'll show you F Am5+ What a lazy day means Gm7 Am5+ In my arms, holding your heart Gm7 Beat to the […]

Bombs And Bruises chords – Black Pistol Fire

——————————————————————————- Bombs and Bruises – Black Pistol Fire ——————————————————————————- I might have misheard some of the lyrics but I did my best so please correct me if I made any mistakes. Tuning: Standard Capo: 4th Intro e|———————————| B|———————————| G|———————————|x4 D|———————————| A|—–3-2—2—2—2—2—2—–| E|———5—3—3—3—3——-| G It's second to none G When the killing's done G C D […]

Delete chords – Dmas

DMA's Delete Capo 4 Intro —————-| -0-0-0———-| ——-2——–| ———4-2-0–| —————-| —————-| G D C G D C Verse 1 G Don't forget about the stars the sky D C G Lucid as the air that blows and light that shines D C G Just a way to figure out her when the night is long […]

Cloud Factory chords – Sonata Arctica

CLOUD FACTORY – Sonata Arctica Acoustic version by sinForge xJp Standard Tuning (EADGBe) This is NOT based on an acoustic performance/recording!! Recommended hord positions V E R S E & C H O R U S | K E Y C H A N G E e|–4——–2-7—2—0—4–|–3—1-6—4—1—1—6———| B|–4——–4-7—2—0—5–|–4—3-6—4—1—1—8—5—–| G|–4—6—-4-8—3—1—6–|–5—3-7—5—1—2—8—7—–| D|–6—8—-4-9—4—2—6–|–5—3-8—6—3—3—8—8—–| A|–6—9—-2-9—4—2—4–|–3—1-8—6—3—3—6—5—–| E|–4—6——7—2—0——|——6—–4—1—1————-| G#m F#/A# B […]

U chords – Austin Mahone

All the song goes like A B E A , like that: " A B E Cus I know that all my dreams A Are coming true yeah A B And I know-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow E A I'll never feel the way I feel girl " So, enjoy the song and any doubts,email me: lilicescalf Chords: | […]

Bright Eyes chords – Art Garfunkel V5

Urbanturban Capo on 2nd fret Intro: C F C Am F G C F C Is it a kind of dream, Am F C Floating out on the tide, G C F Following the river of death downstream? Dm7 G G7 Oh, is it a dream? C F C There's a fog along the horizon, […]

Island Of The Honest Man chords – Hot Hot Heat

Great song, thanks chordify.net that helped a lot. Enjoy! I was picked up and then dropped off in a B F#m culture counter-clockwise turned around C#m Dug a hole in Southern Carolina, E B F#m took me straight to China safe and sound A E B F#m Donated my map to the lost and found […]