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Miette Tabs by Promise Ring

t**le: Miette The Horse latitudes : Kris Johansen – krisjohansen@usa.net Only 1 chord/riff which makes my task easy! But at the very end you make this startling change. e————0—|———–0——————————————-| B———-1—–|————-1—————————————–| G——2p0——-|——-2p0———————————————| D—-3———–|—–3————————————————-| A—————-|——————————————————-| E—————-|——————————————————-| Dang, that looks pathetic. Don't forget to drop your drumstick at around the 3 minute mark ūüôā

American Girl Tabs by Promise Ring V2

t**le: American Girl (V.01) Electric Pink EP : Kris Johansen – krisjohansen@guitarsrule.com Verse Progression D A Bm7 D A e–2——-2—-2——————————————————-| B–3—2—3—-3—2—————————————————| G–2—2—2—-2—2—————————————————| D–0—2—4—-0—2—————————————————| A——0—2——–0—————————————————| E———-2————————————————————| D A Bm D American Girl, Your young country world, sleeps like promising A D etc etc and sleep is promising. A G D A e—–3—2————————————————————| B–2–3—3—2——————————————————–| G–2–0—2—2——————————————————–| D–2–0—0—2——————————————————–| A–0–2——-0——————————————————–| […]

Strawberry Tabs by b***hole Surfers

STRAWBERRY By the b***hole Surfers chris lawrence (mustang@islandnet.com) pick scrapes during bass intro… verse: (rhythm gtr palm mutes G => F#) leads over F# E———————————————————| B———————————————————| G——-0-2-3-5-3-2-3-2-0-2————–5~-5-3-2-3-3~-0–| D–4~~~———————4~——4~~~——————| A———————————————————| E———————————————————| pre-chorus: E————————————————————-| B————————————————————-| G–8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8\7-7-7-7-7-7-7—————-| D–8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8\7-7-7-7-7-7-7-8\5-5-5-5-5-8–| A–6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6\5-5-5-5-5-5-5-8\5-5-5-5-5-8–| E———————————————-6\3-3-3-3-3-6–| play 3 times, then: E————————————————————–| B————————————————————–| G–8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8\7-7-7-7-7-7-7/10-10-10-10-10–| D–8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8\7-7-7-7-7-7-7/10-10-10-10-10–| A–6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6\5-5-5-5-5-5-5/-8–8–8–8–8–| E————————————————————–| next: (w/ wah) E————————————————————————| B–8~~~–7-8-8\10~–10-8-7-7^8^7^8^7^8^7~~—7—-7-8-10-8-10-10~-10~-8–| G——————————————7—7————————-| D————————————————————————| A————————————————————————| […]

Living Around Tabs by Promise Ring

t**le: Living Around Very Emergency : Kris Johansen – krisjohansen@guitarsrule.com Intro x3 e————————|———————————————| B————————|———————————————| G—7–7–7–7———–|—4–4–4–4——————————–| D—7–7–7–7–7-7-7-7–|—5–5–5–5——————————–| A—5–5–5–5–7-7-7-7–|—5–5–5–5——————————–| E—————5-5-5-5–|—3–3–3–3——————————–| Verse e——————–0——3–2–0————————————| B–3~———3-2h3—-3————3———————————-| G–2~——-2————————–2——————————-| D–0——0——————————-0—————————-| A———————————————————————-| E———————————————————————-| Pre-chorus "I guess this just fits…" e———————————————————————-| B———————————————————————-| G—7-7-7-7–6–6–6–6————–6–6–6–6–7–7–7–7–6–6–6–6| D—7-7-7-7–7–7–7–7–9–9–9–9–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7| A—5-5-5-5–7–7–7–7–9–9–9–9–7–7–7–7–5–5–5–5–7–7–7–7| E————5–5–5–5–7–7–7–7–5–5–5–5————–5–5–5–5| e———————————————————————-| B———————————————————————-| G—4–4–4–4–4–4–4–4———————————————| D—5–5–5–5–5–5–5–5———————————————| A—5–5–5–5–5–5–5–5———————————————| E—3–3–3–3–3–3–3–3———————————————| lead e———————————————————————-| B———————————————————————-| G–7-6–7/9–7–7-6-7/9–7—7–6-7-9-9/11–9————————–| D———————————————————————-| A———————————————————————-| E———————————————————————-| e———————————————————————-| B———————————————————————-| G–7-6–7/9–7–7-6-7/9–7—7–6————9————————-| D———————————-7-7/9–7—————————-| A———————————————————————-| […]

12 Sweaters Red Tabs by Promise Ring

t**le: 12 Sweaters Red Ground Rule Double Compilation : Kris Johansen – krisjohansen@guitarsrule.com Ok, I would just like to make it clear that I'm not going to tab every single note in this song, that would take ages and while I always enjoy tabbing stuff out, that would be just plain tedious. And now on […]

Oh Well Thats What You Get Falling In Love With A Cowboy Tabs by Lanie Lane

Oh Well That‚Äôs What You Get Falling In Love With A Cowboy Lanie Lane Electric tremolo guitar (R for Rake) Intro Verse R e|-2——————-0—–7—————-|——–|-7—————-| B|-0——————-0—–8—————-|——–|-8—————-| G|-2——————-0—–9—————-|-4 bars-|-9—————-| D|-1—2/4-4-4-5-4-2-0-2—–9—————-|-tacet–|-9—-0-2-0——-| A|-2——————-2—–7———–2—-|——–|-7———-2-0—| E|———————0—–0—-0-/3-5—0–|——–|-0————–3-| Chorus R R e|—3-|–0———————————–3—5—7–7—-7–|——–| B|—3-|–0———————————————-7—-8–|——–| G|—0-|–0——————————–/4—/5–/7—8—-9–|——–| D|—0-|–2————-2-2–0-2-0———————–7—-9–|–0-1-2-| A|—2-|–2———2————–2-0——————-9—-7–|-2——| E|—3-|–0–0-/3-5—0—————3——————7——-|——–| Oh well‚Ķ cowboy Verse 2 Verse 3 e|-0—-7—————|————|–0—–0–| B|-0—-8—————|-Chorus—–|–0—–0–| G|-0—-9—————|-as per—–|–0—–0–| D|-2—-9—0-2-0——-|-1st chorus-|–2—–2–| A|-2—-7———2-0—|————|–2—–2–| E|-0——————3-|————|–0—–0–| Final […]

Pure Evil Tabs by Baby Strange

Intro e|————————————————————————-| B|————————————————————————-| G|————————————————————————-| D|-5-7–(13-12-10-7-5-7)x 4————————————————| A|————————————————————————-| E|————————————————————————-| Verse and Chorus follow same pattern with slightly different rhythm: A C B G A e|————————————————————————-| B|————————————————————————-| G|——-5—————————————————————–| D|—7—5—4—5—7—————————————————–| A|—7—3—4—5—7—————————————————–| E|—5——-2—3—5—————————————————–| Riff at 02:17 e|————————————————————————-| B|————————————————————————-| G|————————————————————————-| D|————————————————————————-| A|——3-3—–3-3—-3-2————————————————-| E|–5-5—–5-5—-5-5—–3-3———————————————|

Te Vas intro Tabs by Americo

Bueno, les dejo un riff de esa intro de Te Vas E—–13-13-13-13-12-10-/13—–|—–13-13-13-13-12-10-/13—–| B——————————-|——————————-| G——————————-|——————————-| D——————————-|——————————-| A——————————-|——————————-| E——————————-|——————————-| E—–13-13-13-13-12-10-/12—–|—–12-12-12-12-10–9———| B——————————-|——————————-| G——————————-|——————————-| D——————————-|——————————-| A——————————-|——————————-| E——————————-|——————————-| E—–12-12-12-12-10–9———|—–13-13-13-13-12-10-/13—–| B——————————-|——————————-| G——————————-|——————————-| D——————————-|——————————-| A——————————-|——————————-| E——————————-|——————————-| Saludos a toda la barra

Dead American Tabs by Anberlin

—————————————————————————– Dead American – Anberlin —————————————————————————– Artist: Anberlin Song: Dead American Devotion : Matthew Florio; http://www.facebook.com/smeeplayscheap Shempashland Tuning: Drop D ( Standard ) Intro / Verse *Add a very bouncy delay* e|————————————————————————————| B|————————————————————————————| G|————————————————————————————| D|—3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4–3h4—| A|-66—66—66—66—66—66—66—66—44—44—44—44—44—44—44—44——| D|————————————————————————————| Guitar 2 *there isnt really another guitar part but you can just hold these chords out* e|———————————————| B|—-0~—-0~—-0~—-0~———————| […]

Remedy Tabs by William Clark Green

William Clark Green Remedy From "Rose Queen" thatChadMiller (Twitter) Intro/Chorus (tab below) A – Em – G – D A – Em – D Verse 1 A I‚Äôm all strung out, got nothing left Em I gotta get something off my chest A Em That I miss you, Oh God I miss you A I‚Äôm […]

Is This Thing On Tabs by Promise Ring

t**le: Is This Thing on? Nothing Feels Good : Kris Johansen – krisjohansen@guitarsrule.com Note: Quite a tough one to transcribe, but I'm generally happy with it. Im a bit confused as exactly how to define a verse. Ok let's say a verse is this: "Delaware are you aware of the air supply and television, delaware […]

Dog Inside Your Body Tabs by b***hole Surfers

DOG INSIDE YOUR BODY by the b***hole surfers chris lawrence (mustang@islandnet.com) This song is in drop D. DADGBE (could be DGCFAD too, but drop D is easier) I'll be the first to admit that this tab is not very good. Intro: E——————–| B——————–| X 4 G——————–| D——————–| A–0-0-0-0———–| D–0-0-0-0-0-8-12-11-| The verse is just a palm-muted […]

Someday Some Morning Sometime Tabs by Billy Bragg And Wilco

——————————————————————————- SOMEDAY SOME MORNING SOMETIME – Billy Bragg And Wilco ——————————————————————————- : jvwald Tuning: DADADe (the 4th and 5th strings get pretty tight) intro e|—————–5———-3-0—–5-5——5–0-0—5————| D|–7–7–5–5—4-4-4-5-4–2———5-5——5–0—0-5—-5—–0-| A|–9–9–7–7—5-5-5-5-5–2—–2—5-5–7-5-5–0—–5–7—7/9—| D|————————–2—–2—5-5——5–0—–5————| A|————————–x—–x—5-5——5–0—–5————| D|————————–2—–2—5-5——5–0—–5————| D5 000xxx E5 222xxx F#5 444XXX G5 555xxx A5 777xxx E5 / G5 F5 E5 A5 D5 Someday, some morning, sometime, sometime. E5 / G5 […]

Hatshepsut intro Tabs by Oh No Yoko

Tuning: Standard : Nathan Chan Riff 1 Guitar 1 E|————————————–| B|————————————–| G|————————————–| D|—–7—–7/9\7——-4h5—–5\4—-| A|–5—–5———5–4—————-| E|—————————–5——–| Guitar 2 E|———————————–| B|———————————–| G|———–7/9\7——————-| D|—–7—————————–| A|–5—–5———5–4h5h7–0h2/5–| E|———————————–| Verse E|———————| B|—–7—–7———| G|–7—–7————| D|————–repeat-| A|———————| E|———————| Riff 2 This may be wrong… E|—————————————-| B|—————————————-| G|————–9*———-7/9———–| D|–7-7—7-7——7-7—7-7—–7—–2x-| A|–5-5—5-5——5-5—5-5————–| E|—————————————-|

Edgar Tabs by b***hole Surfers

EDGAR by the b***hole surfers chris lawrence (mustang@islandnet.com) ~ = finger vibrato b = bend br = bend and return (#b) = the note has been bent and is played again while bent if you're unsure how high to bend the note, check the record. INTRO SOLO: *** (listen to song to see how long […]

Fade Away Tabs by Best Coast

Capo 2nd fret Intro e|————|————|————|————| B|————|————|————|————| G|————|————|————|————| D|–7———|—–12—–|–7———|–12——–| A|–7———|—–12—–|–7———|–12——–| E|–5———|—–10—–|–5———|–10——–| x1 Verses e|————|————|————|————| B|————|————|————|————| G|————|————|————|————| D|–7———|—–12—–|–7———|–12——–| A|–7———|—–12—–|–7———|–12——–| E|–5———|—–10—–|–5———|–10——–| People they change And love, it fades My brain is gray from all the things I take I want to sleep But all I do is dream Sick of you being mean I didn't do anything chords […]

Its About Time Tabs by William Clark Green

William Clark Green It's About Time From "Rose Queen" thatChadMiller (Twitter) Verse 1 G D/F# Em7 G It's about time, I see it in your eyes Dsus C9 I don't believe you when you start to cry D/F# Em7 G It's about time, that everybody knows Dsus C9 We ain't together, baby, anymore G D/F# […]

Happiness Is All The Rage Tabs by Promise Ring V2

t**le: Happiness Is All the Rage Very Emergency : Kris Johansen – krisjohansen@guitarsrule.com Intro/Chorus e———————————————————————-| B———————————————————————-| G———————————————————————-| D–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–7–4–4–4–4–2–2–2–2–7–7–7–7———-| A–4–4–4–4–5–5–5–5–2–2–2–2–0–0–0–0–4–4–4–4———-| E———————————————————————-| e————-|—————| B————-|—————| G————-|—————| D–7–7–7–7-|-9-9-xx-9-9-9–| A–5–5–5–5-|-7-7-xx-7-7-7–| E————-|—————| For the intro, play the whole thing twice, on the second time hold the D chord. In the chorus it goes to the E. Get me? Little bit before […]

Down The Road Technical Parts Tabs by C2c

I LOVE this song, unfortunately there isnt a tab for the parts I was looking for. So I have been learning by ear, it's a long and tedious process, but i plan to tab out the whole song (if im able to). I'll keep updating the tab as i go, but heres what i got […]

Goldie Tabs by Asap Rocky

A$AP Rocky, Goldie First tab found this by ear cause I found it on piano by ear One string version : 1-1-4-1-1-4-1-1-4-1-4-8-11-13-15-16-15-13-11-8 repeat. Pretty much the whole song Other Version : e———————————-| b———————————-| g———————————-| d———————3-5-6-5-3—-| a——————3-6———6-3-| E–1-1-4—————————| repeat ^ (3 times) These are what I play, you may find the Other version too deep but […]