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Murdera Tabs – Sublime With Rome V2

Chords: Cm Bb e|——————————————————————————–| B|——————————————————————————–| G|——————————————————————————–| D|-10–10-10-10———-8—–10-10-10-10———-8—–10–10-10-10———-8-| A|————–8–8–10——————-8–8–10——————–8–8–10—| E|——————————————————————————–| e|——————————————————————————–| B|——————————————————————————–| G|–10-10-10–8-8-8–7-7-7—————————————————–7–| D|————————-8-10—8–8—–8——————-8—8–10–8–10—| A|————————————-10—–10-10-8—-8-8-10——————-| E|——————————————————————————–| e|——————————————————————————–| B|——————————————————————————–| G|——————————————————————————–| D|———-8———————————————————————| A|-8-8-8-10—10-8-10————————————————————-| E|——————————————————————————–| : BrownSquad

Hold Heart chords – Emilíana Torrini V2

Emiliana Torrini "Hold heart" Am G F E Dm Dm/C C B7 e:—5—-3—-1—-0—-1—-1—-0—-0–| B:—5—-3—-1—-0—-3—-3—-1—-0–| G:—5—-4—-2—-1—-2—-2—-0—-2–| D:—7—-5—-3—-2—-0—-x—-2—-x–| A:—7—-5—-3—-2———3—-3—-2–| E:—5—-3—-1—-0———————-| Am e:—————————————–: B:——-5———–5———–5—–5-5-: G:——-5———–5———–5—–5-5-: D:—————————————–: A:—————————————–: E:-5——–5–5——–5–5——–5–5-5-: Am G Hold heart don't beat so loud F E For me keep your calm as he walks out on you Am G No tears don't you come out F […]

Edge Of A Broken Heart chords – Vixen V2

Name: Mike M Artist: Vixen Title: Edge of a Broken Heart Vixen Year: 1988 Capo on First Fret (All chords relative to capo) Intro x4 F#5 B5 A5 E-|-x———-x-x–x—–| B-|-x———-x-x–x—–| G-|-x———-6-6–2—–| D-|-4———-6-6–2—–| A-|-4———-4-4–x—–| E-|-2–0–2-2–x-x–0—–| VERSE 1 F#5 I can't believe I could have been so blind Dsus2 But love is strange F#5 I thought about […]

On Distant Shores chords – Five Iron Frenzy V2

Intro: Em D G A C D G B Em D G A C D G B Verse 1: Em D G A C D G B I have been scarred so deep by life and cold despair, Em D G A C D G and brittle bones were broken far beyond repair. Prechorus 1: […]

Blank Space chords – Our Last Night V2

E Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things C#m7 Magic, madness, heaven, sin Saw you there and I thought A Oh my God, look at that face You look like my next mistake B Love's a game, wanna play? E New money, suit and tie I can read you […]

Scared chords – Thomas Giles V2

Thomas Giles – Scared This is the capo version of the song I kinda just taught myself. I think he plays it the un-capoed version but I kinda like playing this very better because it's a lot more simpler. standard tuning Chords are relative to capo on the 3rd fret C – x32010 Dm – […]

Lovte Dæ chords – Sondre Justad V2

CAPO 2 G – 32xx33 Dsus2 – 2xx233 Em7 – x22x33 Cadd9 – x32x33 Intro: G Dsus2 Cadd9 åååå aaa åå ååa Verse 1: G Dsus2 Cadd9 æ strekk mæ etter dæ av gammal vane G Dsus2 Cadd9 men ka e det æ trur at æ gjør G Dsus2 Cadd9 tenk alle bildan av mæ […]

Losin My Mind Tabs – Peer Günt V2

Verse: distortion guitar E—————–|———-|———-|——–| B—————–|———-|———-|——–| G—————–|———-|———-|——–| D—————–|———-|—–7—-|——–| A-0–2–3—–2—|—–5—-|—–5—-|——–| E———-3–0—|-0-0-3—-|-0-0——|——–| acoustic guitar E-0——0—0–0—|-3——3—3–3—|-2——2—2–2—|-3–2–2–0—0–3–2—| B-0——0—0–0—|-0——0—0–0—|-3——3—3–3—|-3–3–3–3—3–3–3—| G-4——4—4–4—|-0——0—0–0—|-2——2—2–2—|-2–2–2–2—2–2–2—| D-2——2—2–2—|-0——0—0–0—|-0——0—0–0—|-0–0–0–0—0–0–0—| A-2——2—2–2—|-2——2—2–2—|-0——0—0–0—|-0–0–0–0—0–0–0—| E-0——0—0–0—|-3——3—3–3—|——————-|————————| Chorus: distortion guitar E——————|——————–| B——————|——————–| G——————|——————–| D—–5——-7—-|—–5——7——-| A-7—3—5—5—-|-7—3—-5-5——-| E-5——-3——–|-5——–3———|

Everything Counts chords – Depeche Mode V2

Everything Counts – Depeche Mode Del Bradley NO CAPO —————————————— If you like this tab how about being a good sport and hitting the 5 star b***on, ta ­čÖé —————————————— TIP : F can be played as Fmaj7 for easier quick chord changes. —————————————— ! = Emphasised single downstrums __________________________________________ PRE INTRO (Industrial clanging): C […]

I Know A Heartache When I See One chords – Jennifer Warnes V2

I Know a Heartache When I See One Jennifer Warnes This is a complete song with added chords and correct lyrics Tuning standard Intro: E B C#m B E B F# Verse 1 B E Look at who the wind's blowing up the road B F# F#7 Shining like the northern star B E Acting […]

Dont Make Me Go chords – Johnny Cash V2

G C You take my hand and smile at me G D7 But I can tell you'd rather be C D7 G Alone or with somebody else you know C And when your eyes look into mine G D7 That old time love light doesn't shine C D7 G But let me try again don't […]

Round Here Buzz chords – Eric Church V2

D Another Friday night D There's a line of cars leaving D Home team's got an out-of-towner D Me, I'm sitting on the hood of mine drinking D G I'm just a parking lot down-and-outer D Under that high school bleacher D I drove that preacher's daughter crazy D Her mama was my homeroom teacher […]

Training Wheels chords – Melanie Martinez V2

Chords used are A , Amaj7 (You can use C#m instead of Amaj7 , if you would like), F#m , E , and D . No Capo, Standard Tuning. Intro: A [x4] [Verse 1] A Riding down, riding down Amaj7 My hand on your seat The whole way round A I carry band-aids on me […]

Voi Pluti chords – Direc╚Ťia 5 V2

music: Marian Ionescu/Drago╚Ö B─âdoi lyrics: Drago╚Ö B─âdoi Cântece noi cu Direc╚Ťia 5(2000) I: Em G Printre ╚Öoapte te z─âresc Em G Pagini moarte reg─âsesc Am D Em Printre oameni singur m─â trezesc Am D Em Printre stele, singur, hoin─âresc Em G Printre ╚Öoapte te z─âresc Em G Pagini moarte reg─âsesc Am D Em Printre oameni […]

Cry Baby chords – Melanie Martinez V2

Please correct me if I'm wrong! xxx Track: Cry Baby Artist: Melanie Martinez Cry Baby (2015) xxx TUNING: Standard CAPO ON 1ST CHORDS USED: Em B B7 Am C D ———————————————————- INTRO: Em Am (x3) C B7 VERSE I: Em B7 You seem to replace B Em Your brain with your heart Em B7 You […]

De Ce Iubim chords – Direc╚Ťia 5 V2

music: Marian Ionescu lyrics: Cristi Enache Octombrie(2001) I: E C#m Nu vreau sa-nteleg nimic din ce-mi spui A E B7 Iar orele trec, este noapte acum. II: E C#m Nu ma ascund, ma stii prea bine A nu vreau sa fug E B Mi-ar fi mult prea prea greu fara tine. Refren: A E B7 […]

Rebellion Lies Acoustic chords – Arcade Fire V2

Standard Tuning EADGBe Intro: A# D# A# Gm Verse 1: A# D# A# Gm Sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is A# D# A# Gm Sleeping is giving in, so lift those heavy eyelids. A# D# A# Gm People say that you'll die, faster than without water. A# D# A# Gm But […]

Blasphemy solo Tabs – Bring Me The Horizon V2

——————————————————————————- BLASPHEMY – Bring Me The Horizon ——————————————————————————- :Maddy S Instagram:maddybvb Tuning:A# (B flat) C |———————————————————————————————-| G |————13——-13/15—-17(b)18(r)17—————————————————-| D#|—12/14———14——————————————12——————————-| A#|———————————————————————————————-| F |———————————————————————————————-| A#|———————————————————————————————-| e|—10——————————————10/————————————————–| B|——–10–13———————————10/————————————————–| G|——————12-10h12-12/14-12-10————————————————————–| D|—————————————————————————————————-| A|—————————————————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————————————————-| e|—10———————————————————————————————–| B|——-13p10——–13p10——————————————-13——————————| G|—————12———-12—————-10———-12/14———–12————————-| D|——————————-12—–10h12——-12————————————————| A|—————————————————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————————————————-| e|——————————————-13-15-15(b)17—17(b)20—-15–17–13——————–| B|–15/17–13-13——————13h15———————————————–15————–| G|—————-12p10——————————————————————————-| D|—————————————————————————————————-| A|—————————————————————————————————-| E|—————————————————————————————————-| ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p […]

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate chords – Captain Tractor V2

THE LAST SASKATCHEWAN PIRATE Captain Tractor ACOUSTIC VERSE 1 C F G C Well I used to be a farmer, and I made a living fine. F C G I had a little stretch of land along the CP line. C F G C But times went by and though I tried , the money […]

Volatile Times chords – Iamx V2

CAPO ON 1 (intro) Em G D C Em D C x2 Am Em Look at me, what have I become B C I am lost I was once a gentleman Am Em But the thief came out in my London town G So I must leave you now C But I will remember the […]