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8 Letters piano chords by Why Don’t We

[Intro] A B C#m x2 [Verse 1] A B C#m You know me the best, you know my worst, see me hurt, but you don’t judge A B C#m That, right there, is the scariest feeling A B C#m Opening and closing up again I’ve been hurt so I don’t trust A B C#m Now […]

8 Letters chords by Why Don’t We

It looks like the piano is playing an almost constant “E” in the back so I would recommend to leave the B and e string free an play it through the whole song. The rest are pretty easy power chords, who got fancy names in real life, due to those always ringing free strings. In […]

Why chords by Sabrina Carpenter

[Verse 1] G D You like New York City in the daytime Bm A I like New York City in the nighttime G D You say you like sleeping with the air off Bm A I don’t, I need it on G D You like the light coming through the windows Bm A I sleep […]

Sanddollars chords – Why?

1,2,3 Your- E A -illegal name in watercolor On a piss stained Frisco truck E Dbm Abm Hoping some camera'd catch your face E And the rain came down A And the fat worms showed up like seared shut E Half clotted blood vein sections A Fast fossil dried up E A You've got no […]

Why Am I Still Here chords – The Journeymen

D C G G C I bought you some flowers, and you just looked at me D C G I bought you some earrings, you just went to sleep. G C I said let's go to vegas, but you don't gamble or drink. D C G With all this passion whirling around, it kinda made […]

The Reason Why chords – Lorenzo Fragola V2

This is the same tab Lorenzo uses, I think it's the most accurate. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ INTRO: F#m D A Asus2 F#m D A Asus2 You say, you say that all is going great F#m D A Asus2 but i just canโ€™t get away F#m D A Asus2 and i know, i know, itโ€™s not enough […]

Dont Ask Me Why chords – Billy Joel V3

——————————————————————————- DON'T ASK ME WHY – Billy Joel ——————————————————————————- : Joel Bezaire joelbzr Tuning: Standard (EADGBE) Capo III Chord Diagrams: G/B G/C G/Bb G A7 D7 C B7 e|——-3——-3——-3——-3——-0——-2——-0——-2———–| B|——-3——-3——-3——-3——-2——-1——-1——-0———–| G|——-0——-0——-0——-0——-0——-2——-0——-2———–| D |——-X——-X——-X——-0——-2——-0——-2——-1———–| A|——-2——-3——-1——-2——-0—————3——-2———–| E|——————————-3——————————————-| Em G7 D E7 e|——-0——-1——-2——-0——————————————-| B|——-0——-0——-3——-0——————————————-| G|——-0——-0——-2——-1——————————————-| D|——-2——-0——-0——-0——————————————-| A|——-2——-2—————2——————————————-| E|——-0——-3—————0——————————————-| Intro: G/B – G/C – G/Bb – x 6 G […]

Why Mona Lisa Smiled chords – Chris De Burgh

Chris de Burgh – Why Mona Lisa Smiled From his Moonfleet & Other Stories (2010) Comment for any corrections and please rate Capo 2 Intro: C F C F Am Verse 1: Am E From candles burning, shadows in the night, Am E People praying for eternal life, Dm But my mind just keeps on […]

Why Lady Why chords – Alabama V2

(Intro) C , Bm , C , Em , G Em G Why lady why, can't I leave you alone Em G I try lady try, but the feeling's too strong C , Cadd9B, Am Em You stay on my mind, feel just like a fool Am G Why lady why, can't I get over […]

Why Cant You Love Me Again chords – Beatles

Tony Sheridan & The Beatles Why A Doo-n' doo-n' dooo G Doo-n' doo-n' doo A Doo-n' doo-n' doo G Doo-n' doo-n' doo A Doo-n' doo-n' doo G E Doo-n' doo-n' doo doo ooh A C#m Bm E Why, why can't you love me again? A C#m Bm E Why, why are you shy of love? […]

Please Tell Me Why chords – Dave Clark Five

Please Tell Me Why:Dave Clark Five. #18 CASH BOX and # 28 on BB Hot 100 on EPIC Records in 1966. INTRO: C D C .. G C G #1. C G C F C G I don't know why she won't love me, Lord, please tell C G me why. C G C F […]

Why chords – Jamie Walters

Jamie Walters – Why, Jamie Walters Verse 1: D A G A Would have sold my soul for you D A G A Would have lived my whole life through for you D A B A Oh, blood, sweat tears for you Cadd9 G Cadd9 D But you're running away from me Verse 2: D […]

Why Dont We Go There chords – One Direction V2

Capo 3 [Harry] C I know you wanna, I know you F Am wanna take it slo-o-ow C But think about all the F Am places we could go-o-o F If you give in tonight, just Am let me set you free F We'll touch the other side, Am . G just give me the […]

Just Tell Me Why Tabs by The Treatment

The Treatment – Just Tell Me Why Michael Lewis – Twitter: @MyCool_Lewis YouTube cover of this song: Notes: – Rhythms for Gtr.1 and 2 will not always be aligned – Tune down one half step Main Riff eb|——————–3——3—————–| Bb|———————————————| Gb|-7—–5/7–5/7——————————| Db|-7—–5/7–5/7–5-(5)–5-(5)—————-| Ab|-5—0-3/5–3/5–3-(3)–2-(2)–2-3p2———| Eb|————————————-3——-| | . eb|——————–3——3—————–| Bb|———————————————| Gb|-7—–5-7–5-7–5——4——4-5p4———| Db|—-/7——————————5——–| Ab|———————————————| Eb|———————————————| Pre-Chorus (Do you even […]

Why Am I Always Right chords – Nightmare Of You

—————————————————————————– Nightmare of you โ€“ Why am I always right —————————————————————————– : brotherBvideos brotherBvideos WATCH MY VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB50cwQBawE Tuning: Standard Capo on 2nd fret Am G Dm C F Cmaj9 0 3 1 0 1 0 1 3 3 1 1 1 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 0 2 3 0 0 […]

I Dont Know Why chords – Showaddywaddy

www.showaddywaddy.net/โ€Ž I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this song … Garry Smythe Please e mail me with any corrections or suggestions to:- g.smythe@sky.com THIS SONG HAS BEEN TRANSPOSED INTO MANY KEYS AS LISTED BELOW ______________________________________________________________________________ I Donโ€™t Know Why Showaddywaddy ______________________________________________________________________________ Showaddywaddy Play This In The Key of โ€œ Bb โ€œ Play with capo […]

Why Dont We Go There chords – One Direction

Tuning: Standard Capo: 1 Difficulty: Easy D : xx0232 A : x02220 G : 320003 Bm : x24432 -OR- xx4432 if you can't bar chords D A D A D A D A D I know you want, I know you want to take it slow A D But think about all the places we […]

Thats Why We Sing chords – Josh Boling

Verse 1 C#m7 B A2 When I think about Your mercy C#m7 B A2 And I'm overwhelmed by Your grace C#m7 B A2 That's when I come into Your presence Lord C#m7 B A2 I lift my arms for Your embrace Chorus E B That's why we sing, that's why we praise A2 That's why […]

Why Cant I Be A Disney Princess chords – Carrie Hope Fletcher V4

HI, Tis is my first tab so please tell me if anythings wrong, Capo 3 (also i have a question, how do i get the chords to turn blue and do the thing where they show the chord if you hover on them?) Ok, so carrie uses a chord im not sure what its called […]