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As If Its Your Last 마지막처럼 chords by BLACKPINK

[Intro] E|——————————————| B|——————————————| E|——————————————| D|——————————————|(4x) A|–7-3—7-3—7-3—7-8-10—————-| E|——3—–3—–3———————–| [Verse 1] E Em E neo mwonde jakku saenggakna Em jajonsim sanghae aega ta E Em E eolguli tteugeobgo gaseumeun gyesok ttwieo Em E nae momi mamdaero an dwae eojireowo [Verse 2] E Em E neon han jumui morae gata Em jabhil deut jabhiji anha E Em E […]

Dark Side Of Your Room chords by All Time Low

[Intro] F Bb [Verse 1] F This moment feels like an echo Bb We’ve done this dance a thousand times F You say that I need a refill Bb And twist me up ’til we blur the lines [Pre-Chorus 1] F Oh-oh-oh Bb Girl you make a fool of my heart F Oh-oh-oh Bb You […]

Run Towards Your Fears chords by Cigarettes After s**

INTRO: C Em Dm G GUITAR 2: (Starts at the Dm chord) Dm E -1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0-1-0- B ——————————— G ——————————— D ——————————— A ——————————— E ——————————— VERSE: C Here, Em Right here Dm When it’s too much G For me to take C They Em Can’t see straight Dm When it’s too much G For you […]

Still Feel Like Your Man Piano Chords by John Mayer

[Intro] GM7 I still feel like your man (Ohhh oh oh) GM7 I still feel like your man (Eww ew ew) GM7 I still feel (I still feel) A I still feel like your man DM7 A7sus4 DM7 A7sus4 [Verse] DM7 A7sus4 The prettiest girl in the room she wants me DM7 A7sus4 I know […]

When I Was Your Man chords by Bruno Mars

[Intro] D7  Dm  C  D7  Dm  C  G/B [Verse 1] Am               C                       Dm Same bed, but it feels just a little bit bigger now G               G7          […]

Love With Your Heart chords – The Everly Brothers

Love With Your Heart:The Everly Brothers. Album – Susie Q – on WARNER Records in 1968. INTRO: E #1. E I can't believe it's true, to love me you're the fool. A E If you really think about it, you don't know me. E A E A E I'll never understand, how one touch of […]

You Cant Run Away From Your Heart chords – Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless – You Can't Run Away From Your Heart INTRO: D When you said you love me A G F I believed it was true D It was true And now you say you're leaving A G F Now you got me needing you D You go and say we're through PRE-CHORUS: G Bb […]

Im Gonna Knock On Your Door chords – Billy Crash Craddock

G I'm gonna knock on your door ring on your bell D7 Tap on your window too G C If you don't come out tonight when the moon is bright G D7 G I'm gonna knock and ring and tap until you do I'm gonna knock on your door call out your name D7 Wake […]

I Dont Want To Know Your Name chords – Glen Campbell

I Don't Want To Know Your Name Glen Campbell Intro A (arpeggio) Verse 1 A I see you just like the movies A7 D I see your face across a crowded room F#m And I have learned through A F#m Bm Simple trial and error E E7 Not to speak too soon Verse 2 A […]

Time Of Your Life chords – Glen Campbell

Time of your life Glen Campbell INTRO G C D G C D Verse 1 G C D Another turning point a fork stuck in the road, G C D Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go Em D C G So make the best of this test and don't ask […]

Show Me Your Way Oh Lord chords – Glen Campbell

Show Me Your Way Oh Lord Glen Campbell and Ann Murray album Show me your way Intro B F# B F# B Verse 1 (Glen) B E B When I find myself in sadness E B F# And fear of all to which I drift E B I climb the stairs of gladness E B […]

Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow chords – Glen Campbell

Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow Glen Campbell Theme from the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour Capo 2nd fret Intro C Dm7 Em Dm7 C Dm7 Em Dm7 Verse 1 C Dm7 Em Dm7 Livin' for today is part of living for tomorrow C Dm7 Em Dm7 For tomorrows something we all have to find C Dm7 […]

The Streets Of Your Town chords – Kathy Mattea

Kathy Mattea – The Streets Of Your Town ## NOTE: ~ ~ = Walk-Down from C to D ## CAPO: 1st Fret INTRO: Em There's a red Ford pickup following me G C Headlights off, too close to see G I feel you all around C D Taking me down Em The streets of your […]

Give Me Your Love Uku chords – Afro Brothers

## Versión adaptada para Uku en La menor 🙂 ## Mas abajo esta la versión original pero es mas difícil tocarla en uku Am C F Give me your love one day G Pa’ llenarte de besos Am C F Listen the song I wrote For you G Pa’ que nunca me olvides Am C […]

Use Your Voice chords – H2O

H2O Use Your Voice USe Your Voice 2015 Bridge 9 Records Submitted by: jeremyunderground41 Key: F, G# Tuning: Standard EADGBe Chords used: Dm – xx0231 C – x32010 Bb – x13331 Gm – 355333 F – 133211 Fm – 133111 G# – 466544 G – 320033 D – xx0232 Eb – x68886 Chorus 1: Dm […]

I Take Your Money And Honey Tabs – Peer Günt

notation legend: / – slide up \ – slide down ~ – vibrato Intro: E |—————————|———————————-| B |—————————|———————————-| G#|—————————|———————————-| E |—————————|———————————-| B |—-/5–3–5—5-5-5–/8—|————–6 / 11\—/3-/3-0—| E |-0————————-|-7–5–3–0———————–| E |—————————|———————12~————| B |—————————|———————12~————| G#|—————————|————–11/12–12~————| E |—————————|————————————| B |—-/5–3–5—5-5-5–/8—|————————–/3-/3-0—| E |-0————————-|-7–5–3–0————————-| E |———————|———————–| B |———————|———————–| G#|–/5—-3–0—/12—|–/5—-3–0—/12 \–| E |–/5—-3–0—/12—|–/5—-3–0—/12 \–| B |———————|———————–| E |———————|———————–| Verse: E |——————————|——————————| B […]

The Cautious – Pages Of Your Name Tabs

——————————————————————————- PAGES OF YOUR NAME – The Cautious ——————————————————————————- : Ritwik Krishnan Intro: Form (4 bars guitar, 8 bars guitar/vocals, 24 bars guitar/vocals/bass/drums) Guitar 1: e|-5——-9——-12—————| B|-7——-9——-12—————| G|-6——-11——14—————| D|-7——-11——14—————| A|-5——-9——-12—————| E|———————————-| (Dmaj7, F#sus2, Asus2) Guitar 2: e|-5——-9——-12—————| B|-7——-9——-12—————| G|-6——-11——14—————| D|-7——-11——14—————| A|-5——-9——-12—————| E|———————————-| (Dmaj7, F#sus2, Asus2) Bass: G|——————————————————————| D|——————————————————————| A|-5—–5-5-5—5————————————————–| E|—————–2—–2-2-2—0-5—–5-5-5—5–7—9—7—5—| Verse 1: Form (8 bars […]

Hold Your Hand chords – Family Force 5

Family Force 5 – Hold Your Hand Standard Intro G D A Bm Verse G Playground summer time D Chalky hands mid-July A Bm First crush 1989 G Swing sets carousels D You're dressed in pink pastels A Bm Another day in paradise G Till I heard you scream D Cause you skinned your knee […]

Dont Take Your Guns To Town chords – Johnny Cash V3

G A young cowboy named Billy Joe D7 G Grew restless on the farm A boy filled with wanderlust D7 G Who really meant no harm C He changed his clothes and shined his boots And combed his dark hair down G And his mother cried as he walked out C G Don't Take Your […]

Rest Your Love chords – The Vamps V3

Standard Tuning No capo Verse 1: (Am G C)x4 Am G C I see you move, and I do understand Am G C Why you get attention Am G C And I hear you talk, but I don't comprehend Am G C Why I get no mention Pre-Chorus: Am G C And you know, you […]