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Dry Your Eyes chords – Texas

Original key Ab use a capo at fret 1 to play with the CD Verse 1 G C D It's been so long It's been a year since you've been here G C D You're looking good let's snatch a tune and have a beer C D G C We'll have a heart to heart […]

The Palm Of Your Wave Tabs by Bibio

Bibio – The Palm of Your wave (from Ambivalence Avenue). Standart tuning. a) e||–3——–1——–3——–1——–|–10—–10–6——–10—–10–6——–| B||—–3–3—–3–3—–3–3—–3–3–|——————————————| G||—–3–0—–3–0—–3–0—–3–0–|—————-7–7—————-7–7–| D||————————————–|——8———8–8——8———8–8–| A||————————————–|—6———6———6———6——–| E||–3——–3——–3——–3——–|——————————————| b) |——6———-6———-6———-6——|–5—————–5—————–| |–8———-8———-8———-8———-|———–6—————–6——–| |———————————————-|————————————–| |———10———10———10———10–|——–8——–8——–8——–8–| |—–10———10———10———10——|—–8——–8——–8——–8—–| |–8———-8———-8———-8———-|–6——–6——–6——–6——–| |————————————–|————————————–| |—–4——–4——–4——–4—–|—–4——–4——–4——–4—–| |–7——–7——–7——–7——–|–7——–7——–7——–7——–| |——–8——–8——–8——–8–|——–0——–0——–0——–0–| |–6——–6——–6——–6——–|—–8——–8——–8——–8—–| |————————————–|–6——–6——–6——–6——–| c) |–3———-| |–3———-| |–3———-| |–5———-| |————-| |————-| Intro. a) – x1 (Humble) Verse 1. [Play a) 3 times] Hoping this train gets lost […]

Stop Your Sobbing chords – The Pretenders

Artist: The Pretenders Song: Stop Your Sobbing : Colin M Roberts Note: In brackets = Vocal Echo VERSE: F It is time for you to stop all of your sobbing C G Yes it's time for you to stop all of your sobbing oh oh F G There’s one thing that you gotta do F […]

Wanna See Your p**** chords – Tolsgaard Og Pretzmann

Wanna see your p**** Tolsgaard og Pretzmann Capo 1 fret C F C F C F G Hej med dig det er mig der er jane, hvor er det hyggeligt at møde dig C F C F C F G Jeg har lavet mad og købt god rødvin, Så nu skal vi rigtigt hygge og […]

Beat Of Your Heart chords – Cory Morrow

Beat of Your Heart Written by Cory Morrow and Patrick Davis Intro: D – Bm – A – D (2x) First Verse: Bm A D Bm A D I hear that you're doing unwell. Bm A D Bm A D From your smile I could never tell. Bm A D You open up the door […]

I Need Your Love chords – Calvin Harris V6

Easier version for those who can't nail the Bm yet CAPO 3 Chorus: Am I need your love F I need your time C When everything's wrong G You make it right Am I feel so high F I come alive C G I need to be free with you tonight Am I need your […]

I Lift Your Name chords – Maranatha Music

A Bm E A Lord, my heart can grow, so far away and cold; A Bm E And yet for me Your love is still the same A Bm E A Lord, I bend my knee in awe and fear of Thee A Bm E My head bowed down in rev'rence to Your name. A […]

Open up your heart – Gromee chords

Nie wiem jak nazwac niektore chwyty wiec je rozrysuje;) c D#sus2 b F E |3 | 6 | 6 | 1 | H |4 | 6 | 6 | 1 | G |5 | 8 | 6 | 2 | D |5 | 8 | 8 | 3 | A |3 | 6 | 8 […]