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Perfect Ukulele by Ed Sheeran

Capo 1st fret [Verse] G Em I found a love for me C D Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead G Em Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet C D I never knew you were the someone waiting for me [Pre-Chorus] G Cause we were just kids when we fell […]

Thats What I Like Ukulele by Bruno Mars

Capo 1st fret [Intro] Dm G Em Am [Verse 1] Dm I got a condo in Manhattan baby girl, what’s hatnin’? G You and your a** invited so gon’ and get to clappin’ Em So pop it for me a pimp, pop it for me Am Turn around and drop it for a pop drop, […]

Adele – Chasing Pavements

Intro: Cm Gm Cm I’ve xxxx xx xx xxxx, Gm Don’t xxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxx, G# If xxx xxxxx x xx xxxxx, Gm Don’t xxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx, G# This xxxxx xxxx, A# D# Cm Gm x xxxx this xx love xxx, D# If x xxxx xxx xxxxx, Gm I’ll xxxxx xxx xxxxxx, […]

Tim McGraw – Taylor Swift

Intro: C Am F G C Am You said the way my blue eyes shined, F Put those Georgia stars to shame that night G I said: "That's a lie" C Am Just a boy in a Chevy truck, F That had a tendency of gettin' stuck, G On backroads at night F C An' […]

I Want It That Way – The BackStreet Boys

F#m D A You are, my fi-re, F#m D A The one, desi-re, F#m D A Believe, when I say, F#m D E A I want it that way F#m D A But we, are two worlds… F#m D A …apart, Can't reach to… F#m D A …your heart, when you say, F#m D E […]

Lovefool – The Cardigans

Am Dm Dear I feel we're facing a problem G Cmaj7 You love me no longer I know and Am Dm G Maybe there is nothing that I can do Cmaj7 To make you do Am Dm Mama tells me I shouldn't bother G Cmaj7 Am Said I ought to stick to another man Dm […]

Down In The Valley – The Head And The Heart

Requested by Larisa! The Cmaj9 can be replaced with a regular C if you find that it doesn't sound well. Not sure about this Intro but it works: —–3——-3——-5——————3——-3——–3——–3- -3——-0—————0—————————————— -0–0-0–0–0-0–0–0-0–0–0–0—-0–0-0–0–0-0—0–0-0—0–0-0 —————–7———-7——-2——-0——–2——–0—– —–3——-3——-5——————3——-3——————- -3——-0—————0———————————–0–0— -0–0-0–0–0-0–0–0-0–0–0–0—-0–0-0–0–0-0—0—0———- —————–7———-7——-2——-2——–0–0-0—-0-0– ———————————————– ————-0–0———–0—————— —0—0————0—0———————- ——0-0——0-0—–0-0——————— Csus4 C Csus4 F C I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade […]

Summer In The City – The Lovin' Spoonful

Verse 1: Cm Cm F G# G Hot town, summer in the city; back of my neck getting dirty and gritty Cm Cm F G# G Been down, isn't it a pity; doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city G G7 All around, people looking half dead Cm C Walking on the sidewalk, […]

Lemonworld – The National

A#m7 A#m7 F# C# F# C# D A#m7 F# C# So happy I was invited, give me a reason to get out of the city F# C# See you inside watching swarms on TV D Livin' or dyin' in New York it means nothing to me A#m7 F# C# Gave my heart to the Army, […]

Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones

Riff (slow hammer-on and pull-off): xA|——-0————————–| xE|-0-2-3—3-2-0-0—0h2p0———-| xC|—————–3——–0/3\0/3-| xG|———————————-| Verse: Em B I see a red door and I want it painted black. Em B No colours anymore I want them to turn black. Em D G D Em I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes. Em D G D A […]

You And Me Song – The Wannadies

Intro: Dmaj7 Dmaj7 G Dmaj7 Always will we find, try to make you love G Dmaj7 (ring) To everything's forgotten, I know you hate that (no chords) bop-ba-la-lap, bop-bop-bop-baaaa bop-ba-la-lap, bop-bop-bop-baaaa Dmaj7 G Dmaj7 Always will we fight, kiss you once or twice G Dmaj7 And everything's forgotten, I know you hate that G Dmaj7 […]

Drowned – Tim Minchin

Intro: D D A D G Your love is like finger nails on a chalkboard D A D G Your love is like throwing myself overboard D A A breakdown on a motorway Bm G A heart attack on Christmas day E Like scaling a cliff then falling off G Like trying not to cough […]

Billionaire – Travie McCoy

Intro: A, C#7, F#m, E, C# Verse A C#7 I wanna be a billionaire so ******* bad F#m E buy all of the things I never had A C#7 I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine F#m E smiling next to Oprah and the Queen Chorus: D E F#m Every time I close […]

Into The Mystic – Van Morrison

Verse 1: D# We were born before the wind D# Also younger than the sun A# 'Ere the bonny boat was won A# D# As we sailed into the mystic Verse 2: D# Hark, now, hear the sailor's cry D# Smell the sea and feel the sky A# Let your soul and spirit fly A# […]

Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

Intro: E B E A E B E A Verse 1: E B Her name is Loelle, E A I have a dream about her. E B She rings my bell. E A I got gym class in half an hour. E B Oh, how she rocks, E A In kids and tuve socks, C#m […]

Knee Deep – Zac Brown Band

Intro: You can play these chords over the Intro part: D# G# D# A# D# D# G# D# A# Cm A# D# Or you can try this tab (transposed from the guitar tabs, at the bottom you can find the capo version): -6-6-6—6–6-6——–6-6—–8-6——–6-6——55———-x–x—–3-5-[-] –6-6—6–6-6–3—4-4-4—-33———-3—-3—6—–3—-33x33x3–6——– —————————————-3——————-3-3x33x3———3- 3—–3—3—-3—–5—-5x——5-3——3-3-3—–5-3-3—-3x33x3———– -6-6-6—6–6-6——–6-6—–8-6—–6-6-5-5—6-5-556——————3-5– –6-6—6–6-6–3—4-4-4—-33—————————3-4-6-3-6—3-6—— ——————————————————–5———–5———3 3—–3—3—-3—–5—-5x——5-3—3-3-3-3x–3-3————–5———– D# Gonna put the the […]

All Signs Point To Lauderdale – A Day To Remember

A# D# I hate this town, it's so washed up Gm A#sus4 And all my friends don't give a **** A# D# They'll tell me that it's just bad luck Gm A#sus4 When will I find where I fit in 2,3,4! A# D# Gm A#sus4 A# D# Remember when I tried Gm A#sus4 I'd never […]

Crazy For You – Adele

Intro: pick around: G Em G Em C C D G Em found myself today singin' out loud your name C D C G you said i'm crazy, if i am i'm crazy for you G Em C sometimes sittin' in the dark wishin' you were here turns me crazy D C G but it's […]

Shooting Star – Air Traffic

Verse Am G F G Pretty, if the sun won't shine Dm C Am G I'll be coming up to meet you, I'll be there to make you mine Am G F G Pretty, if the rain will pour Dm C Am G I'll be knocking at your window I'll be begging you for more […]

I Need A Dollar – Aloe Blacc

Intro (down strums): G#m F# C#m Chorus G#m F# C#m I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need, hey hey G#m F# C#m Well I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need, hey hey G#m F# C#m And I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar is what I […]