Intro:Dm, Dm, A#, G#, Gm, Gm  

  Verse 1:
               Dm    Dm             Bm   
All is fair in love; love's a crazy game.
    A#            Am       A7                G  
Two people vow to stay, in love as one, they say.
    Gm                  Dm        Dm              Bm   
But all is changed with time; the future none can see.
    A#                Am      D7              Gm  G  
The road you leave be-hind; a-head lies myste-ry.

  Verse 2:
    A7             Dm      Dm          Bm   
But all is fair in love, I had to go a-way.
  A#m              F     A7                G  
a writer takes his pen, to write the words a-gain;
     Gm             F
That all in love is fair.

  Verse 3:
A7               Dm           Dm             Bm   
 All of fate's a chance; it's either good or bad,
  A#                Am      A7                 G  
I tossed my coin to say; in love with me you'd stay.

  Verse 4:
    Gm               Dm  
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