Intro: G  C  Em  D

  Verse 1:
G                 C                      
All the birds are singing in the whisper winds
            Em    D
Everybody's listening
     G          C                       
And the sun is shining like today won't end
          Em      D
Nothing here is missing
G       C            Em            D
Looking over looking under looking through
G       C          Em               D
What we find every time we do what we do

       G   C
And we laugh
   Em  D
And we cry
       G        C
And we live our lives
       D -->
And we love and we love and we love
                     G  C Em D
And it comes back to us

  Verse 2:
         G                      C
we carve into the tree our history of love
        Em           D
with dreams of ever after
        G                        C
we can sit beneath the bows and trace the lines
      Em            D
that add another chapter

     G           C        Em          D
looking outside looking inside
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