Verse 1:
      Em                                Am
Sheís got that kind of look that defies gravity
          C                          D
Sheís the greatest cook and sheís fat-free
      Em                                    Am
Sheís been to private school and she speaks perfect French
Sheís got the perfect friends
Oh isnít she cool?
    Em                             Am
She practises Tai-Chi, sheíd never lose her nerve
Sheís more than you deserve
Sheís just far better than me, hey hey

G         D              Am        C
 So donít bother I wonít die of deception
G                 D            Am              C
 Promise you will never see me cry, donít feel sorry
G          D               Am             C
 And donít bother, Iíll be fine but sheís waiting
G                     D                 Am
 The ring you gave to her will lose its shine
         Cm            Am
So donít bother, be unkind.

 Interlude: G D Am C

  Verse 2:
    Em                                     Am
Iím sure she doesnít know who to touch you like I would
              C                        D
I beat her at that one good, donít you think so?
      Em                                   Am<
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