Intro (x2): Am       E        C       G

             Am                                             Dm
I'll tell it like it happened, it was Darius and Noland and me,
        E                                          Am         
Just a few po' boys trying to get up out of Missouri.
         Am                                            Dm
Took 55 to Louisiana, stopped down by the highway to eat.
          E                                 Am                      
They both had crawfish. Strictly chicken for me.
           Am                                        Dm
Back out under thunderheads, the radio was Southern soul.
           Am                                            C
They interrupted Clarence Carter with a strange-*** local show.
They were sayin'...

       Am             E
"Come down to Lake Pontchartrain.
       C                  G
Rest your soul and feed your brain.
       Am               E               
That's where you will get to see
       C           G    Am
Everything the water can be."

            Am                                                  Dm
The rain was comin' down, the wind was howlin' outside of Slidell.
            E                                                        Am
It was the kind of night that makes you think the whole world's goin' to hell. 
          Am                                                  Dm
We got off on an exit 'cause we couldn't read the map so great.
          E                                   Am
Near the Choctaw Motel, we parked to deliberate,
          Am                                             Dm
When out of the bayo
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