Intro: Em (x6)
       Em Em | Am B  (x4)

Em      G    C                    B
Oh, hey-hey, baby, love me back today,
C                  B                   B
Never ever sink my ship and sail away.
Em      G   C                   B
Oh, ah, ah, baby, donít shut me down,
C                      B                      B
Give me all the love I need and Iíll be gone.

C       B             C            B
Iím a lonely sailor drinking the night away,
C          B
My ship is made from hope,
C               B
Sheís searching for your bay,
   C   D C   B
But you donít careÖ

Em           Em               Am       B
Hop on to my ship, baby, Iíll make you fly,
    Em              Em               Am        B
You love me and you know that, baby, donít you lie,
Em               Em  
Like me, like I, like you and say:
Am                       B
Na, na-ni, na-ni, na-ni, na.

 Interlude: Em Em | Am    By
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