Intro: E, C#m, B slide to C# (played trough the  Verse)

 Verse I: (Dave)
E                    C#m       B
 Can't get the words out of my mouth
E                             C#m      B
 That little feeling everyone talks about
E                         C#m          B
 The things you say like, "I miss your face" I
E                    C#m                 B
 wanna let you know, but I can't get the words to go
 Chorus: (Dave)
    A B   C#m
 So olive you
 And everything you do
A            B        C#m
 What two words can mean
 Afraid to say the other three
 A B   C#m
 Olive you
     E                A
 The words are coming true
         E            B     C#m B
 I don't know what to say

 But olive you..

 Verse II: (Kimmi)
E                          C#m    B
 Can't fight the feeling I feel inside
E                         C#m     B
 I try to tell you, but I always hide
E                         C#m          B         E
 The things you say like, "Want you to stay right here by my side"
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