Dm  F  Am  Gsus2  
Dm  F  Am  Gsus2  Dm

 Verse I
Dm                 F
Down by the river, by the boats
      Am                 Gsus2
Where everybody goes to be alone
Dm                      F
Where you won't see any rising sun
Am                 Gsus2     Dm
Down to the river we will run

 Verse II
Dm                   F
When by the water we drink to the dregs
Am                        Gsus2
Look at the stones on the river bed
Dm         F
I can tell from your eyes
Am                      Gsus2  Dm
You've never been by the riverside

 Verse III
Dm                    F
Down by the water the riverbed
Am                      Gsus2
Somebody calls you, somebody says
Dm                       F
Swim with the current and float away
Am                 Gsus2
Down by the river everyday

Dm    Am     C       Gsus2          Dm         Am    C
Oh my God, I see how everything is torn in the river deep
  A#maj7            Dm</S