Intro (play these chords over the picking  Intro):
     A#    F    Cm     G
     Cm    D#   A#     F                 

A#				   F
There was decorated general with a heart of gold
Cm			Gm
That likened him to all the stories he told
  D#				A#
Of past battles won and lost and legends of old
A seasoned veteran in his own time
A#			     F
On the battlefield he gained respect for fame
Cm				Gm
With many medals of bravery and stripes to his name
  D#				   A#
He grew a beard as soon as a he could to cover the scars on his face
And always urged his men on
 A#				F
But on the eve of great battle with the infantry in dream
   Cm				    Gm
The old general tossed in his sleep a lesson with its meaning
 D#			  A#
He awoke from the night to tell what he had seen
And walked slowly out his tent
A#			     F
All the men held tall with their chests in the air
Cm				     Gm
With the courage in their blood and the fire in their stare
   D#				  A#
And it was a grey morning and they all wondered how they would fare
Till the old general told them to go home

He said...

 Pre- Chorus
 A#     F         Cm     Gm          D#
I have se
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