Intro: C Em D F

Wild thing
             Em                D     F
I'll eat you up into something new
C               Em
You'll say last night in my room
         D   F
a forest grew and grew

Until the walls were green
    Em                    D       F
And from the ceiling fell vines
C                 Em                     D       F
And you lay there wishing your world was mine

C                          Em              D       F
You jumped into a boat and sailed out very far
C                             Em                            D      F
For weeks and years until you came to where the wild things are

         G                             F                        C     Cmaj7
And they roar, and they roll, and they claw with their terrible eyes
   G                           F  
Be still you will say and they'll fall

Cause you're the wildest of all

 Interlude: C   Em    D    F

C              Em                  D        F
There's a wild thing 
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