Allison Dozer chords – Every Mothers Son

 Allison Dozer:Every Mother's Son.
Album - Every Mother's Son - DNC
on MGM Records in 1967.

 B Ab B Db Ab F# B .. Abm F# B Db 
I ain't afraid of Allison Dozer..

 Ab B F# B F# 
I ain't afraid of Allison Dozer.
   Abm B Abm F# B Db 
A point of conversation..we've only got to know her.
 Db B Db 
A double take and softly brake when she walks by.
 Db B Db Bbm 
She's getting ready for the kill..the look that's 
         Ab Bb Fm E 
saying, come on up, you groovy guy..I think she knows 
I will.


   Abm F# Abm F# B F# 
I ain't afraid of Allison Dozer..
   Abm F# B 
I want her arms to open wide..I'm really gonna 
          Abm F# B Db 
hold her.
 Db B Dbm 
She's run around and then put down the guys, I know,

but I'll get my chance, today.
 Dbm Bb Ab Bb 
They say that she's too hot to handle, I'm not hip enough..
       E Ab 
but I know things will go my way.

INTERLUDE:  E Cm F# Eb .. Abm Abm E Dbm F# 
(I ain't afraid of Allison Dozer..I ain't afraid..afraid..)
  Ab Abm F# B Ab .. Ab F# B 
   Abm F# B Abm Ab F# B Db 
I ain't afraid of Allison Dozer..
   Ab Abm F# B 
I might have been scared once before, but now I'm 
         Abm F# B Db 
getting bolder.
 Db B Db Dbm 
I never saw a place like hers in all my carpet
was on the floor..the blue light nearly lit the room..
             Bbm Db E F# 
she took my hand and smiled..'come in', then she locked 
 Ab B Db Abm F# B Db 
the door.

 Abm E Dbm 
I ain't afraid of..(I ain't afraid of..I ain't
                              F# Gm Eb C Eb 
afraid of..I ain't afraid of thissss.......)..Woooooooooooow!!!
 Ebm Eb                             
Allison Dozer..(I ain't afraid..)..of Allison Dozer..(I ain't 


A sixties smash from KRaziekhat.

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