Ballad Chords – Molly Drake

 Molly Drake-

This is a half step down from the album version, because the day i figured it out youtube
was being weird and playing a half step down. maybe someday i will change it. 
Figured out on a piano. 

if you can see the strong and wearied starlight
 Eb G# Bb 

riding on mountains of the night astride
 Cm G# Bb 

and as you stand alone within the breathing darkness 
 Cm D Gm Cm 

ill be at your side
        Bb F  

if you can look
on this unchanging sunlight
       G# Bb 

one second fully when the day is new
 Cm G# Bb 

and as the burning coin dazzles beneath your eyelids
 Cm D Gm Cm 

i shall look at you
          Bb F 


and if you can run
 Eb Cm 

where wind may beat about you
        Gm Bb 

out on the hill where shadows race
 Cm F G 

touching grass, touching trees
 Gm Eb Dm Cm 

and the edge of water

i shall touch 

your face

though all the lands of heaven and earth divide us
 Eb G# Bb 

though distance is a dark unbroken terror (?)
 Cm G# Bb 

if you can walk within the same remembered music
 Cm Gm Cm Gm 

we can walk, we can walk
         Cm F   

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