Burning Bridges chords – Chris Pureka V2

 Bruning Bridges by Chris Pureka

A friend of mine has been trying to learn this song, however I realized that 
nothing out there is really very close to accurate. She has a birthday coming up 
so I decided that this would be a simple thing to do for her. If you see this 
before your birthday... Happy Birthday Kendra!

Capo 4 leave the low E string open

A few things you should know about the song:

On C chords, play open low E string.

The timing varies in a few places, there is a "x" on the next beat to note that 
the chord does not change, typically this also means that the final chord of the 
measure is shortened. 
GM9 is played without a 3rd.

On Em, the index finger plays E on 4th fret next to capo, ring & pinky fingers 
play the actual Em chord. On the second beat of the Em chords, she also hammers on 
the pinky (D string).

With regards to the final verse: In the studio version, she repeats the first 
verse for the last verse with the last line of the second to last verse playing 
repeated in the background for the first two lines, however what is shown here is 
how she plays it live by her self. 

Lastly, this is not perfect, but it is closer than anything I have seen.

Here are what the Chords look like:

    C/E Cm/E CM9/E Em G GM9 G (bar 3)  D D (modified)
E|-open--open--open---0---3---2---3--------x---2nd fret(played below the capo)

Standard Timing: | 1   2   3   4   | 1   2   3   4   |
Verse:           |  Em C/E      |  G GM9 C/E      |
Chorus:          |  G D        |  C/E Em D    |

Intro:  Em G (bar 3)  C/E 


 |  Em C/E  |  G GM9 C/E  |

           Em C/E G GM9 C/E 
This is a story of burning bridges and allowing time to pass
           Em C/E G GM9 C/E 
This is a story of forgiveness and breaking things in my hands
           Em C/E G GM9 C/E 
This is a story of understanding you can't choose who you love
               Em C/E G GM9 C/E C/E 
And this is a story of soft skin and rats in the walls
 G D 
Well you can't just pass along the pain that comes around
 C/E Em D 
 You'll go dizzy until you fall
      G D 
And I know you didn't mean to let me down
 C/E Em D 
 But you let me down so hard

|  Em C/E  |  G GM9 C/E  |

            Em C/E G GM9 C/E 
This is a story of loaded glances and leaning in too far
            Em C/E G GM9 C/E 
This is a story of vague advances a
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