Church And The State Chords – Gentleman V2

 Repeat:  Gm | F .

devilstation they intensify 
church and state they can't statify 
while the children still a multiply 
I see babymothers cry 
while the babyfathers die 

break my backbone while you sit down on your throne 
you must living ina twylight zone 
it's a good thing I man tuff like a rock stone 
never gonna hear me weap you'll never gonna hear me mone 
creating all the circumstance 
still you're claiming that a you the one who nuh reponse 
when the revolutionary man a take his stand 
you Mr. jacket and tie it nuh make sense you run 

promises and lies is what a gwaan 
these are the things righteous people a scorn 
prophet a ring the alarm 
tell the heads of government fi cool and fi calm 
and if you live by what you should 
and you're doing what you could 
there'll be no bad but good 
living out in hollywood 
nuh care about no flesh and blood 
you think ina the mod 

you only govern with your weapon 
but dem ya things seh we nuh deh pon 
man a no stool fi you and fi step pon 
we ago trample duppy and the demon 
nuh join dem gang and me nuh ku-klux dem clan 
listen to the words of a living man 
this oppression me don't understand 
are you a creature, beast are you human ?
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